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    [–] Hard, quick almost electronic sound? big_yarr 2 points ago in Sleepparalysis

    Could be exploding head syndrome. Reminds me of getting hit in the face with a dodgeball.

    [–] Chemistry tattoo big_yarr 1 points ago in chemistry


    [–] Our oceans broke heat records in 2018 and the consequences are catastrophic big_yarr 0 points ago in science

    3d print everything from cars to medicine to the printers themselves using as much locally produced and processed biomass feedstock as possible. Reclaim obsolete infrastructure components for the rest

    [–] Don’t drink and drive! big_yarr -9 points ago in minnesota

    im not your buddy, pal

    [–] Don’t drink and drive! big_yarr 0 points ago in minnesota

    how about don't play on your phone while you're driving

    [–] PSA M Lok hand guard/rail loose big_yarr 2 points ago in ar15

    Try opening a ticket with PSA. This is a known issue and they should make it right.

    [–] I think its time to admit.. big_yarr 2 points ago in FireWallZeroHour

    The day the p90 launched it was so op I died laughing. They nerfed it 48 hours out of the gate. It was by far the best gun in the game for like I've day lol.

    I miss that qt3.14