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    [–] *sigh...reaching a break point with my region, store, dl, rl, etc... big_yarr 0 points ago in GameStop

    Executive management is just soaking up the dividend until bankruptcy. They don't care about talent because they just want enough cash flow to cover the dividend for a few more seasons before the end.

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    Great work buying the balloons to celebrate your new sight

    [–] If you were starting again, as a complete beginner, what would you do differently? big_yarr 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in wallstreetbets

    obviously, i am a moron and know nothing, therefore none of this should be construed as anything even remotely approaching financial advice.

    that said -

    things i wish i had known from day one:

    only trade quality

    follow big money buying on dips

    dont chase, but know the difference between trend days and normal days

    use etfs to diversify holdings and distribute risk. never go 'all in' or have very overweight positions in a single company. try not to hold through earnings or other binary events, im a trader not an investor - risk management is foundational and position sizing/portfolio structure was critical for me.

    trim high-beta and leveraged positions into strength, always use stoploss. if position is too much risk but still running hard then sell/trim into close to protect from gap down - beware of big money distributing on green days

    cut losers, hold winners

    trade well, not often

    dont trade options. or penny stocks.

    you can always buy it back

    above comments are just what ended up working for me. everyone is different.

    strongly suggest paper trading to know what it's like to actuality have a PLAN and then FOLLOW it without emotion, otherwise its's just gambling like all the degenerates in this sub.

    also, unsub from WSB

    honestly the best advice is probably just don't trade

    [–] Why I Wouldn’t Change Being a Minnesota Sports Fan for Anything big_yarr 2 points ago in minnesota

    How hopped up on redbull, hopeium and self pity do you have to be to write something like this?


    [–] Millionaire’s Club big_yarr 1 points ago in FireWallZeroHour

    idgaf what you do with ur crypto. with piles this big its useless, i just wanna stack it

    [–] Millionaire’s Club big_yarr 1 points ago in FireWallZeroHour

    We need wager matches