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    [–] Bad Boys 3 Official Title Is 'Bad Boys For Lif3', Filming Set To Being In January, Wrap Details bigboxman8 -1 points ago in movies

    That was not a cash grab. John Lasseter put a lot of hard work and thought that the movie was good. It was his passion project. Sad that final film, wasn't as good as it could have been.

    Quotes from John:

    "I reached deep into myself and saw what this film was about," he says," and I think it’s clear that audiences have responded. It’s is a very, very special film to me."

    [–] Anyone Else Feel Like It's Time bigboxman8 3 points ago in gaming

    Diablo 4 might still be in development and they don’t want to announce it too early.

    [–] My Cousin has been playing Skyrim since it’s release. This is his current level: bigboxman8 3 points ago in gaming

    I didn’t know “Blizzard And Wow,” was a game company.

    What games have Blizzard And Wow made?

    [–] A new image form ‘Captain Marvel,’ provides evidence that that the film is likely set around 1992! bigboxman8 1 points ago in MarvelStudiosSpoilers

    A quote from the article. Everything else is useless.

    In it, you can see Larson In Captain Marvel attire, hacking a phone in a public phone booth that’s surrounded by “Rock The Vote” ads. There’s also a “Thursday, August 29th” date seen promoting some show (in the right bottom corner of the picture). These details were enough for MCU Cosmic to conclude that the film is likely set around 1992, a period that happens to be crucial for the events in the MCU all the way up to Avengers 4.

    MCU Cosmic explains that August 29th landed on a Thursday only twice in the 90s, in 1991 and 1996. But the “Rock the Vote” posters that surround the booth are part of an MTV campaign that preceded the 1992 elections.

    [–] Sudoku variant that combines a maze and sudoku together! bigboxman8 1 points ago in sudoku

    This puzzle could work with less than 17 clues. Multiple ways to solve the sudoku, but only one way that leads to a complete maze, with a path from beginning to end!