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    [–] How many up votes can my beautiful Trebuchet get? Direct hit on first shot of the day! bigbrownbeaver1221 2 points ago in trebuchetmemes

    Im going to be the party pooper and say no to the flaming ammo unless you go to a different location that cant have a massive fire start.

    [–] road rage bigbrownbeaver1221 -2 points ago in instant_regret

    A pellet gun is still considered a firearm by law so most likely yes it is still the same

    [–] Isaa Me, Mario! bigbrownbeaver1221 2 points ago in memes

    Its still limited to yearly

    [–] Question about RIF ads with the changes to Reddit Gold bigbrownbeaver1221 3 points ago in redditisfun

    Thank you so much. This made me just spend the best $2.99 on an app ever

    [–] 3 .... 2 ..... 1 ..... bigbrownbeaver1221 4 points ago in PerfectTiming

    No he said cubed not squared you square

    [–] Laptop battery discharges while plugged in and gaming bigbrownbeaver1221 2 points ago in pcgamingtechsupport

    Im not sure what setting but im pretty sure this is to keep the battery healthy and you can change it to only discharge down to 90% then recharge

    [–] Shrimp stress bigbrownbeaver1221 22 points ago in memes

    Probably from a buffet

    [–] High potential format! BUYBUYBUY bigbrownbeaver1221 0 points ago in MemeEconomy

    How is this a format? Just because it doesnt have meme text already on it doesnt make it a format

    [–] How flexible are retail jobs with your schedule? bigbrownbeaver1221 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    This is great if you live in a state without right to work laws but if you do then they can fire you for any reason

    [–] GPU idle tempature 60 degrees bigbrownbeaver1221 1 points ago in pcgamingtechsupport

    Those are great temps keep it like it is man

    [–] A subreddit where everyone pretends they’re from the past? bigbrownbeaver1221 3 points ago in findareddit

    No matter what your from the past because you arent from the exact present time to the minute