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    [–] Billions in Profits, No Taxes: How the Trump Tax Code Let 26 Companies Off the Hook bigbrownbeaver1221 -2 points ago in politics

    People like you are the fucking reason behind why dems and reps cant work together to get anything done at all. The reason there is so much political divide between the 2 parties is because of shit like this. Instead of acting like a god damn adult and trying to work together on the betterment of this country shitty people like you just throw out insults when the other party does wrong(even though most of the time both parties are guilty of the same shit just at different times) instead of just some constructive criticism or letting people realise on their own what went wrong. This is exactly why we have shitty ass candidates come up from both parties because its not about ideals its about who can throw the best insults.

    [–] Op is u/lionleo but we need psyonix to see this bigbrownbeaver1221 30 points ago in RocketLeague

    So basically dropzone but with no walls and cant go over to the other side

    [–] Wholesome man bigbrownbeaver1221 5 points ago in wholesomememes

    Someone might not have had to dig very much they could actually be friends with both people and see both post

    [–] Taxis in Japan line up in an orderly fashion to pick up passengers bigbrownbeaver1221 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    As someone that doesnt live in an area with those could you please explain more because that seems really cool and i wish my city had those

    [–] “I did what I had to do to survive” bigbrownbeaver1221 -3 points ago in memes

    Oh come on you think that she drugged them and they were out so quick that she didnt have to fuck them at all even just for a bit to be able to rob them?

    [–] Not all heros wear capes bigbrownbeaver1221 5 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    When has it ever been someone rushing to a hospital? Also if you need to rush to a hospital that badly to ignore traffic laws then call for an ambulance

    [–] Find A Better Way...... bigbrownbeaver1221 49 points ago in wholesomememes

    Here is a better solution get a doggy door

    [–] LPT: If most of the people you surround yourself with (family, friends) aren’t a fan of your partner, don’t immediately go on the defensive, hear them out! Odds are they have your best interests at heart, and rose colored glasses can be a bitch. bigbrownbeaver1221 776 points ago in LifeProTips

    Seriously this right here unfortunately my wife has to deal with my shitty redneck family and they dont like her just because they wouldnt like anyone im with i know this because it has happened to everyone of my siblings with every one of their SOs this is why i have stopped most communication with them and have distanced myself from them

    [–] This bitch’s response to drugging and robbing men during her stripper career, like she can get off by saying she had to “survive” or something. bigbrownbeaver1221 3 points ago in trashy

    Do you really think any guy is going to come forward about cardi b drugging them? Most likely they all have a SO that they dont want to know that they were drugged by a stripper/hooker or just dont want the backlash from idiots like you that think just because it was a tweet that makes it okay

    [–] Me_irl bigbrownbeaver1221 1 points ago in me_irl

    That made me think of liquid bandage and made me cringe from the thought of trying to take it off

    [–] One in ten thousand. bigbrownbeaver1221 4 points ago in nevertellmetheodds

    Your not supposed to tell us the odds

    [–] Wave touching the cloud. bigbrownbeaver1221 3 points ago in BeAmazed

    Can you really call it a cloud its so low it should be considered fog

    [–] Cop had sex with supervisor while her child was dying from heat exposure in her patrol car. bigbrownbeaver1221 2 points ago in news

    You must not live in an area where it gets hot at any point during the year or you are just stupid because if you live somewhere that gets close to or past 100°f then it can get crazy hot in a house or car if you dont have an ac running so if the lady left the ac off in her house and it got so hot that the kid died in the house would you still blame the manufacturer or the parent that was stupid enough to not turn the fucking ac on so you dont die of heat stroke

    [–] Less than 1% Steam users have Rx 580 . Other AMD Cards is even lower 23/3/19 bigbrownbeaver1221 3 points ago in Amd

    I could be wrong but this probably has to do with how most prebuilts i have seen that are in most peoples price range usually have nvidia and usually has the 1060