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    [โ€“] When did my baby grow up?! x-post bitchinawesomeblonde 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 hours ago) in germanshepherds

    Lmao. This is my dog. His name is Chevy. This is also my post from 2 years ago. At least give me credit.

    [โ€“] He's so gentle with his new friend! bitchinawesomeblonde 1 points ago in gifs

    That's really impressive. That would not be the how it would play out with my German Shepherd ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

    [โ€“] Vote Now For Best of 2018 Awards bitchinawesomeblonde 1 points ago in hardbodies

    Haha thanks man! I don't have Instagram or anything but ended up competing three times this year placing top 3 every time in NPC and being nationally qualified.

    Proof and bonus pics:

    [โ€“] Female Hiking Alone bitchinawesomeblonde 1 points ago in Sedona

    I do like 10 or 15 miles by myself all the time in Sedona. As long as you have a map and normal hiking equipment such as dirty shoes and enough water should be fine. Just don't be an idiot and be under prepared.

    [โ€“] 8 minutes of dogs using every trick in the book to ask for pets and breaking down their human's resistance bitchinawesomeblonde -1 points ago in PetTheDamnDog

    Uhhh what? I was merely commenting on how I couldn't get over how dirty their pillow is. I'm sorry if it made you a little bit self-conscious perhaps? Your reaction to my innocent but by no means ill intended observation seems to have really struck a nerve with you. Their pillowcase is disgusting. I'm sorry that my take away from this video was so offensive to you.

    [โ€“] We all have that one friend. bitchinawesomeblonde -22 points ago in pics

    Right?! I thought sorority girls were usually good looking and skinny.

    [โ€“] Weekly Intro Thread! bitchinawesomeblonde 9 points ago in InfertilityBabies

    7+4 today! ER was in September and FET #1 was November 7. SUPER happy to be here!!!!! Heartbeat was 149 BPM yesterday!

    [โ€“] Confused - what to expect from OBGYN visits? bitchinawesomeblonde 1 points ago in August2019Bumpers

    Yep. I've gotten two ultrasounds so far because I did IVF and I've had a miscarriage before. I get transferred to a regular OB-GYN next week for my 9 week appointment (which had I gotten pregnant naturally would be my first appointment) and I'm pretty sure I get an ultrasound with them too because it's a different doctor.

    [โ€“] How did you find your OBGYN? bitchinawesomeblonde 1 points ago in InfertilityBabies

    The recommendations of friends. Coincidentally, all the recommendations we're for the same practice.

    [โ€“] The end of 3.2 beer in Colorado: What to know about the law taking effect Jan. 1, 2019 bitchinawesomeblonde 5 points ago in Colorado

    I live in Phoenix and most of the beer aisle is local specialty beers. The regular ones have their own place but there's a large stock of local beers.

    [โ€“] friend of mine got a tumor cut out a few days ago. found out today that he has stage 4 cancer n if his treatment doesn't work he only has 14 months left here with us. i'm just posting this to remind us all that life is too short for bullsh!t. our days are numbered n to not take that for granted. bitchinawesomeblonde 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in pics

    My sister had a lemon sized Astrocytoma when she was four years old. We took family pictures the day before her brain tumor surgery because my parents thought it would be the last time we would be a whole family. They took the tumor out but she still has a little bit larger than a pea size left they can't remove. She gets yearly MRIs and she is on pain medication for brain trauma headaches. She is missing most of the front right lobe of her brain and has some learning disabilities and emotional regulation problems and a scar from ear-to-ear but she still here 22 years later. She just got married this Summer! She is the best sister and so caring and so sweet. She teaches preschool and you would never know that she only has three quarters of her brain.

    [โ€“] PM Ultrasound Monday - December 10, 2018 bitchinawesomeblonde 2 points ago in August2019Bumpers

    I had two ultrasounds back to back due to IVF so it was really cool to see the difference a week can make! His heartbeat was 149 bpm. Looking healthy! I'm 7+3 today.

    [โ€“] Pregnant first time mom and have two inside dogs. What should we be working on leading up to baby? bitchinawesomeblonde 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in Dogtraining

    I walk them and then run him next to the bike in the afternoon with stopping at both parks with a chuck it until he basically can't breathe. It's insane. Dixie doesn't like long walks she gets really worn out so we usually do a 3 mile loop and then I run him additionally separately.

    [โ€“] Is IUI worth it when weโ€™re on a budget? bitchinawesomeblonde 1 points ago in infertility

    I know more people who regret wasting time and money on IUIs than people who regret going straight to IVF. We decided to skip IUI entirely and do IVF which had a MUCH higher chance of working. That will be the best financial choice for you if you want more kids because you will hopefully have additional embryos in the freezer and a transfer cycle is pretty cheap. IUIs are the initial cheaper option but will cost more down the line.