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    [–] I have a piss/pissing/desperation fetish. AMA. bitchyswiftie 3 points ago in casualiama

    I believe that most fetishes spring from childhood tbh. I grew up with so many people peeing around me (men and women; mostly kids) like it was normal and shit. They would pee and public and sometimes ask me not to look (I didn't look; but it made me feel things regardless). Pee was actually my sexual awakening. I was searching up pissing and desperation videos on YouTube before I even knew what porn was.

    [–] I need more! bitchyswiftie 1 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    Netflix's Castlevania adaptation! A thing it has in common w/ TG is it also has vampires and demons who feast on humans.

    [–] Dead people of reddit, how did you learn to read (sign language and regularly)? bitchyswiftie 2 points ago in AskReddit

    imagine finally getting a post in this sub that goes hot then everyone in the comments just make fun of you for having a typo...

    [–] Anyone else used to count anything and everything? bitchyswiftie 1 points ago in intj

    yes... I know English, sir. I used "used to" because it doesn't apply to me nearly as much as it did before, but that does not draw out other people who share this experience, you're free to comment as you wish.

    [–] Anyone else used to count anything and everything? bitchyswiftie 4 points ago in intj

    it certainly isn't! It's just the only sub I know that might have people with this same predicament

    [–] the garlic conspiracy bitchyswiftie 29 points ago in tumblr

    I did not know vampires had OCD...