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    [–] It was just a dust fire black_flag_4ever 1 points ago in WTF

    It looks like they made it worse. I don’t really know what is going on in this gif, but that’s how it looks.

    [–] A New Way of Looking at Things black_flag_4ever 10 points ago in funny

    Yes. I think I’ve seen that church and real life and there definitely wasn’t any text floating around it.

    [–] 'Venom' Official Poster black_flag_4ever -6 points ago in movies

    Might as well just play it on FX now with all the other crap superhero flicks.

    [–] Are you sure? black_flag_4ever 228 points ago in facepalm

    People just freely give things to pirates, or face the consequences.

    [–] Prongles - Once you pop...THAT'S GREAT! black_flag_4ever 1 points ago in pics

    This randomly showed up on my Twitter feed and thought Reddit would appreciate it. I’d link the post but I never know if that’s doxxing.

    [–] Some good advice right here black_flag_4ever 311 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Soaking dishes even for a little bit saves a ton of time, so does having a plan.

    For example, I don't just fill a sink and dump all the dishes in it, I do things like soak small pots and pans in the largest pot while simultaneously washing plates in a different area. At the same time I'll have large bowl with all the utensils soaking in it. I wash the same kinds of dishes at the same time and start easiest to hardest. By the time I get to the tougher dishes they are easier to clean. I can clear a whole filthy kitchen in like 30-45 minutes.

    [–] Some good advice right here black_flag_4ever 541 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Yesterday I showed my daughter how to clean the kitchen like I did when I worked at restaurants. She was amazed at how fast I knocked out all the dishes. I know it's not as cool as changing a tire, but it could save her hours and hours of time in the future.

    [–] Anyone interested in a group listen along to the WW1 series by hardcore history? black_flag_4ever 3 points ago in LPOTL

    I've listened to this before but I'm game. I have to listen to something at work or I get antsy.

    [–] Just discovered LPOTL black_flag_4ever 4 points ago in LPOTL

    The 9/11 series is tough to listen to but good.

    [–] Collateral damagee black_flag_4ever 364 points ago in funny

    George Costanza as a child.

    [–] Roasted Rabbit black_flag_4ever 14 points ago in RoastMe

    Only death metal and black metal. You know, cheerful shit.

    [–] Roasted Rabbit black_flag_4ever 49 points ago in RoastMe

    On just enough coke for only one eye to pop out.

    [–] Roasted Rabbit black_flag_4ever 30 points ago in RoastMe

    Nice collection of books you can't read.

    [–] TIL that The Sex Pistols were asked by their manager to write a song called "Submission", hoping they would write about bondage. Instead they wrote a song about a submarine mission. black_flag_4ever 2 points ago in todayilearned

    Those guys had room to grow and I think they have become very good since that time. They were better than a lot of other punk musicians at that time, but that wasn't a high bar. I don't hate the Sex Pistols or anything, I just think they are over-hyped. I don't even know if they would have gained such a notoriety if it wasn't for how uptight UK culture was compared to the US. Maybe it's because they hung up the skates on a pretty solid record instead of going on to make crap like Radio Clash. I just have always disliked this notion that they were the first punk band, which is not the case. I also don't like how the Sex Pistols turned punk into more of a fashion statement, but that is mostly the fault of their manager.