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    [–] Blockbuster trade. Thoughts? blazik 6 points ago in fantasyhockey

    Team A has the better players but Team B is not bad at all, I think it’s pretty even with these categories honestly

    [–] Who are the most promising players currently on IR? blazik 1 points ago in fantasyhockey

    Depending on your league he won’t even be playing before fantasy playoffs. I guess he’s worth keeping if you don’t have anyone else injured but he really should’ve been dropped like a month ago, no reason to hold on

    [–] [Chambers] Gabriel Landeskog returns to the Colorado Avalanche Lineup after a 16-game absence blazik 1 points ago in fantasyhockey

    You’re right and wrong in my opinion, guy made a bonehead move and someone capitalized but it also ruins the integrity of the league (nothing can be done though). I wouldn’t want the bonehead in my league the next year

    [–] Tuesday 03/12/19: Daily Streaming/Sit/Start Thread blazik 1 points ago in fantasyhockey

    Which two should I play out of Rask/Halak, Driedger and Subban? I would normally go with rask but Florida and Vegas have good matchups tonight

    [–] With the decade coming to a close, what do you think is the best playoff series from 2010-19? blazik 2 points ago in hockey

    That was like my peak hatred for the habs in recent years, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a badass quote and a fantastic series

    [–] Devils Allow Softest Goal-Of-The-Year Candidate On Conor Sheary Shot blazik 9 points ago in hockey

    Ayy I think I made this like 2 years ago or whenever those memes were a thing

    [–] I need some Goalie Advice! blazik 21 points ago in fantasyhockey

    Uh definitely kuemper, he’s like a top 3 goalie in the nhl this year

    [–] Monday 02/12/19: Who Do I Trade OR Pickup? (Please post in here or your post will be deleted!) blazik 1 points ago in fantasyhockey

    I was offered vasilevsky + Carlson for Rask; I feel like it’s a no brainer that I should take it but I have no idea how vas is gonna do—what do y’all think

    [–] This guy uses a cheap move to assert dominance blazik 16 points ago in fightporn

    The pussy here is the guy grabbing the dick

    [–] Nightly Anything Goes – November 30, 2019 blazik 1 points ago in fantasyhockey

    Nah I wouldn’t even think about that, it’s not the best idea to target players in the same team too much but if you have elite players from the team it doesn’t matter—go for the better player

    [–] So this is my team right now.... blazik 5 points ago in fantasyhockey

    How do you have bob, rinne, fleury and Crosby?