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    [–] AITA for not wanting my autistic nephew to come over anymore? blewberyBOOM 17 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    School is dangerous but leaving a 13 year old in charge of a 3 year old and a special needs 11 year old for 9 hours a day isn’t? Jesus! Reading through this post I’m trying to give your sister the benefit of the doubt that maybe she’s overwhelmed or whatever but I honestly cannot wrap my head around this one. These kids need to go to school!

    [–] AITA for breaking up with my girlfriend because of her rude kids? blewberyBOOM 40 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    The question wasn’t whether the children’s actions were out of line, the question was whether OP is an asshole for leaving considering he bears the financial burden of the family. I agree that jump scares and hiding keys aren’t especially heinous offences, but the fact remains even if the children were the most well behaved little angels on the planet he is not responsible to stay in a relationship that he is not happy in, nor is it his burden to be financially responsible for kids who aren’t his. I don’t think it’s selfish to assess a situation and decide it’s not working for you. The mother has survived this long without his money, she will survive again when it’s gone. The only people who have any financial responsibility are the two people who were involved in making those kids so in that regard he is NTA

    [–] AITA for breaking up with my girlfriend because of her rude kids? blewberyBOOM 68 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Seconded. You are not under any obligation to stay in a relationship you are not happy in, nor are you responsible for someone else’s finances/ kids. She’s a grown-ass woman who made the grown-ass decision to have children. The people responsible for that are her and the person she made the children with. It was good of you to contribute in accordance with your income when you were in the relationship but being expected to stay in a relationship just so you can continue to be financially responsible for another adult and their dependents is insane.

    [–] That’s gonna be a no from me, dog blewberyBOOM 2 points ago in memes

    The first time I read this my dumb ass was like “but you only release 1 egg per month...” it took a second read to realize she said brother not boyfriend.

    [–] Fake Homeless Man Asks Me For Change, Then Asks for Bills Instead blewberyBOOM 6 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I’m pretty sure my decline was in the form of a question because that’s how confused I was haha. Like, “No? I’m not giving you $20?”

    I understand that people need to get by and sometimes asking for change is part of that. I always try to be polite, make eye contact, give a smile- you know, treat people like human beings- but I’m not Tlaloc. I’m not about to make it rain.

    [–] Fake Homeless Man Asks Me For Change, Then Asks for Bills Instead blewberyBOOM 13 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    One time (when I was a student) I was doing some banking at an ATM. Two individuals came up to me and asked me if I had any change. I told them I didn’t and turned back to continue my business. One of them said “well you’re at an ATM. You could take out some money for us.” I was dumbstruck. It took me a full 5 seconds to comprehend what was just said to me. I told this person I didn’t have change so he asked for a $20 bill instead (this was back when ATMs only gave 20s). Needless to say I declined their offer.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex blewberyBOOM 546 points ago in legaladvice

    I am a social worker who works in children’s services. As everyone else is saying, contact your caseworker immediately and tell them everything. Tell them about the alcohol abuse in the home, tell them about the yelling, tell them about the manipulation and saying your the father. Be as honest and thorough as possible and disclose all of the issues with the home. If you tell them all of that and stuff still isn’t being done contact your local children’s advocate. They are literally there to advocate on your behalf.

    As everyone else has said, it would be illegal for you to be the father because of your age so if that’s the way your foster parent and her daughter want to go they are just causing trouble for themselves. This 22 year old woman is claiming to have sexually abused you and, true or not, the foster mother is failing to protect you. This should lead to an investigation into the home and (hopefully) that foster home will be shut down. Either way the daughter is claiming to have sexually abused you, you are not going to be required to stay in that home.

    As far as being able to afford a lawyer and DNA testing, that is not your responsibility. You are a minor who is in the care of the state. If it gets to that stage (which I seriously doubt it will once the foster family realizes what a world of misery they are opening on themselves) all costs involved will be the responsibility of the state since they are your legal guardian.

    Stop discussing the paternity with your foster family. Do not offer DNA testing, do not sign anything, do not engage in any discussion at all. When your foster mother brings it up tell her you are not talking about it and to talk to your caseworker. If she brings you to a doctor or for DNA testing tell the doctor you want your caseworker present. She is digging her own grave. Your caseworker or lawyer may later ask you to do a DNA test to prove it is not your child, but that is something that should be done with them, not with your foster parent. As already said multiple times, there are much larger legal implications in what is going on here and you really need to get CPS involved.

    [–] "Homosexuality is a degeneracy" hmm... blewberyBOOM 8 points ago in beholdthemasterrace

    It’s like that old poem. Rub-a-dub-dub, 5 nazis in a tub

    [–] Previously glutinous dog couldn’t care less about food. Should I be worried? blewberyBOOM 1 points ago in AskVet

    Hahaha sorry about that. It was 3am when I wrote this. I knew something looked wrong.

    I will get my dog booked into the vet right away. Thanks for the advice!

    [–] Previously glutinous dog couldn’t care less about food. Should I be worried? blewberyBOOM 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in AskVet

    Update- my good good boy has an appointment. The vet suspects he may just be bored with his food but he’s due for a shot so I’m bringing him in anyway and we will kill two birds with one stone. Thanks for the advice!

    [–] Not on my watch blewberyBOOM 3 points ago in gifs

    I came here to make sure somebody said this

    [–] Do Natives Americans from USA have the same card and benefits that native people have here in Canada ? blewberyBOOM 7 points ago in answers

    Yes, it is very unlikely that a band would sell you land in order for you to open a casino and “what stops you” is that you can’t have a business on land you have no right to. You couldn’t break into your neighbours house and start a travel agency out of their kitchen! Now, if your neighbour wanted to start a travel agency out of their kitchen they could invite you to invest and take some of the profit from the business until your loan to them is paid off (with interest, obviously), but you still wouldn’t own their kitchen. Same thing with building a casino on a reserve. Investors may own part of the business but the land the casino is on belongs only to the band.

    [–] Do Natives Americans from USA have the same card and benefits that native people have here in Canada ? blewberyBOOM 1 points ago in answers

    That’s interesting. In Canada only First Nations people are sales-tax exempt on reserves. If I go buy cigarettes or gas on a reserve as a non-native I still need to pay tax. You need to be able to produce a status card to be tax exempt.

    [–] Do Natives Americans from USA have the same card and benefits that native people have here in Canada ? blewberyBOOM 43 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago) in answers

    To clarify, the card allows first Nations people to not pay taxes on goods sold and bought on reserves. They still need to pay taxes for gas and cigarettes everywhere else The GST/HST does not apply to goods bought on a reserve by Indians, Indian bands, and unincorporated band-empowered entities. Goods bought off a reserve by Indians, Indian bands, and unincorporated band-empowered entities are subject to GST/HST, unless the goods are delivered to a reserve by the vendor or the vendor's agent. The exemption under section 87 of the Indian Act does not apply when an Indian, an Indian band, or a band-empowered entity buyer takes possession of goods off a reserve and self-delivers the goods to the reserve.

    It’s true that they can drive (not fly) over the US/ Canada boarder without a passport though. United States border officials at land ports of entry, including ferry and lake crossings, may accept any version of the secure certificate of Indian status (secure status card) and any version of the certificate of Indian status, provided it is still valid. The Government of Canada cautions that the acceptance of those documents for border crossing into the United States is entirely at the discretion of the U.S. government.

    I know this doesn’t really answer your question about whether or not First Nations people in the US have the same rights, but I thought it was important to clarify your statement since there’s so much misinformation and confusion about First Nations rights in Canada :)

    Edit: I did some googling. It looks like the boarder crossing thing does not go both ways

    [–] 30 F Social worker Canada----> UK (or really anywhere english speaking) blewberyBOOM 1 points ago in IWantOut

    Thank you! I was thinking of aiming for a year or two from now but if I take this route I should probably get a move on haha

    [–] I [18M] got fed up and retaliated to my girlfriend slapping, biting, punching, and hitting her, and she fell asleep crying. blewberyBOOM 4 points ago in relationship_advice

    I was looking for someone to say “you could have left” instead of “you did nothing wrong.” OP did do something wrong- he threatened her. What the girlfriend was doing was absolutely not ok, but one abuse never justifies another, and holding someone down and threatening them is still abusive, even if OP didn’t hit her. Telling her that you were just angry and would never actually do it doesn’t make what happened ok.

    That being said, OP, what your girlfriend is doing is not ok. As others have said play fighting is only play fighting when both people are engaged and having fun, otherwise it’s domestic violence. I agree with others that it sounds like she’s testing limits and trying to establish power. She sounds incredibly immature and juvenile. This isn’t healthy. If you are going to stay in this relationship (because as much as everyone says just leave her let’s be real it’s not always that simple) it’s critical that you set very clear, simple rules and that there is never any exception. Tell her what will happen if she touches you after you say stop then do what you said if that happens! If you say you will call the police, call the police. If you say you’ll be done, be done. If you say you’re going to leave the apartment, leave the apartment. Every time, no exceptions.

    To that end I would just say to anyone in a situation like this- if you feel yourself getting more and more frustrated and angry and feel like you might react physically towards someone, leave. If you’re saying no but someone continues to interact with your body in a way you don’t like, leave. Consent isn’t just for sex, and it isn’t just for females- you’re allowed to say stop when something you don’t like is being done to your body, and if the person doing that thing doesn’t listen they are not a safe person. Leave the situation as soon as safely possible. Don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings or what they will think, protect yourself first- leave. Never feel that you need to stay somewhere where your autonomy is not being respected.

    [–] 30 F Social worker Canada----> UK (or really anywhere english speaking) blewberyBOOM 2 points ago in IWantOut

    Thank you for the info. I have noticed in my searches that it’s a bit of a pay cut to go to the UK but let’s be honest, social workers everywhere are overworked and under appreciated, especially in child protection, so I’m used to that haha.

    [–] How to Cure Your Dog's Jumping Problem blewberyBOOM 2 points ago in puppy101

    Thanks for this! My dog is almost two and fully jumps all four feet off the ground when he gets excited. I’m going to have to try this

    [–] I'm a Mandated Reporter but my boss instructs me not to report blewberyBOOM 32 points ago in legaladvice

    This. DCFS isn’t in charge of making sure you’re employer follows the rules so even if you were to go up the chain of command by continually asking for supervisors (as some people have suggested) it really wouldn’t do you any good because you’re going up the wrong chain.

    I am a frontline worker in child protection. When someone calls me my job is to investigate the claim, assess the legitimacy of the report, establish whether or not harm has been done to a child (and to what extent), and then decide what actions need to be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the child. I’m not in charge of making sure mandated reporters are doing their jobs. Granted I’m not in your state so I can’t comment on your individual states child welfare system, however I can say that whenI get a call my only concern is for the children involved, not for the the employment status of the person calling. That’s a totally separate ball game from anything I deal with.

    That being said our referral source (where I live anyway) is considered protected information. It’s protected to the extent that if a judge asks me in court were the referral came from I am not allowed to tell them. So assuming it’s protected in your state as well that hopefully gives you at least a little bit of comfort knowing that unless you own up to it, your bosses will never be able to confirm that you are the one who called it in. You can always deny and say that you never said anything and the kid must have told someone else. Regardless of how you handle it I have sympathy for you. That’s a really shitty situation to be put in by your employer, especially as a mandated reporter.

    [–] Dog walker smokes - am I worrying too much? blewberyBOOM 3 points ago in puppy101

    I agree. I don’t think smoking is a fireable offence, especially when it’s something that’s so easy to fix. Just explain that you’ve noticed the smell on your dog after walks and ask her to please hold off when she’s in closed quarters so that you’re dog is not breathing it in and you don’t have to deal with the smell. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request.

    [–] [PDF] Dude murders his cellmate, fires his lawyer, and attempts to seduce the judge in open court blewberyBOOM 20 points ago in amibeingdetained

    As funny as this was to read, It really struck me how shockingly unprofessional that judge was. There is no way he should have let it go on that far. Telling the guy he looks like “a queer” and asking him to jerk off in the court room is just unbelievable. And then just yelling “yelling” over and over again to, what, make more noise than him? That’s what children do. He is a judge! It’s his job to control the court room. He should be held to a higher standard than that. That other man clearly had some mental health issues and wasn’t about to get himself under control, especially not once the judge started feeding into his tantrum. The judge should have had him removed instead of egging him on. That was entertaining but also awful when you remember that that guy is in charge of doling out justice for people- not just that guy, but anyone who comes into his courtroom.