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    [–] My truncata have had it for 3 or 4 years now doing really good bloks1995 2 points ago in SavageGarden

    Are you sure that's a truncata? looks more like a truncata hybrid...I have 11 truncata, and none of them have stripes like that.

    [–] A new baby arrived today!!! bloks1995 1 points ago in SavageGarden

    Some species/hybrids do well with full sun, but I'll agree that seedlings generally don't appreciate being cooked in lots of heat/sun. It is possible however that OP lives somewhere with a fairly mild climate.

    [–] Anywhere in Atlanta? bloks1995 3 points ago in SavageGarden

    I don't think Atlanta botanical garden sells much, but you should definitely check it out. Their carnivorous collection is quite impressive. GamerDad79 is right, if you are looking for anything beyond a flytrap, your best bet is to buy online...there is a rather good list linked at the bottom of the sidebar.

    [–] Pitcher jump! N. glandulifera x burbidgeae bloks1995 3 points ago in SavageGarden

    What a great cross, I'll need to keep my eyes open and see if I can get one.

    [–] Khasiana used to be common, now it’s rare. Hamata used to be cheap, now it’s expensive. Why? bloks1995 1 points ago in SavageGarden

    What nimbulan said, but we are also starting to see internal production with places like predatory plants. The reality is it takes a lot of space to grow flowering plants, as well as time to get plants to flowering size. Trying to get two plants, one male and one female, of the same species flowering at the same time is often difficult, so pure seed is rare unless poached from the wild. Once you have seed it takes another couple of years before most plants are large enough to sell. The market only recently seems to have exploded, and I think it will be another few years before availability may begin to increase, but I fear higher prices may stay.

    [–] Khasiana used to be common, now it’s rare. Hamata used to be cheap, now it’s expensive. Why? bloks1995 2 points ago in SavageGarden

    50 eur != 50 USD, especially earlier this year. Another thing to consider is that many places selling the AW hamata grow them out for several months, so you usually get a plant that has been hardened off a bit (they tend to be fresh from TC) and also a bit larger. Not saying massive markups are always justified, but 60-70 isn't exactly realistic, especially for a business that needs to make money.

    [–] Help! New bicals not looking too good! bloks1995 1 points ago in SavageGarden

    It is likely a number of factors, but bical definitely is not one to take a huge change in conditions lightly. Anytime I receive new plants, especially after rough shipping, I bag/cover them to keep humidity near said you are closer to 65%, which is likely a good part of the cause of their decline. Once they settle in and reestablish healthy root systems, they can slowly be weened off the higher humidity.

    [–] Mods are asleep post non-savage plants bloks1995 2 points ago in SavageGarden

    Mods are awake, this isn't a meme subreddit. Removed.

    [–] Can someone recommend a carnivorous plant for the express purpose of consuming house gnats and fruit flies in poor indoor light and humidity? bloks1995 2 points ago in SavageGarden

    If they have a bright windowsill (several hours of direct sun), sure a sundew will probably do alright. I can't think of any plants that would grow properly with anything less.

    [–] Has anybody taken to mining purely to try and offset the cost of a gaming GPU or is this a terrible idea? bloks1995 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago) in hardware

    Something I haven't really seen mentioned yet is how running at 100% constantly will affect your card. If you are able to offset the cost of the card by mining, it probably isn't an issue, but in the past when I was folding I saw reduced life spans on certain cards (cards failing around a year in) when being run at 100% for hours on end. Just make sure you have a solid warranty, and weigh the cost of potentially having to wait for an RMA at some point down the road.

    [–] How pure of water do Nepenthes need? bloks1995 1 points ago in SavageGarden

    150-200 is quite high. Nepenthes seem to be a bit more tolerant of water, but the highest I would go is 50 for long term, and 100+ is definitely pushing it.