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    [–] NEEEEEERRRRD! bobekyrant 54 points ago in tumblr

    TIL: Magic the Gathering is majorly pay to win

    [–] Canada’s Reigning Royal Couple bobekyrant 26 points ago in tumblr

    The Avril body double replacement couldn't keep the lie going

    [–] Me and the boys causing a ruckus bobekyrant 2 points ago in Libertarian

    Let's see, you used the wrong 'too' in the meme. You just used the wrong 'you're' and put the colon in the wrong place fro didn't. Did I miss anything?

    P.S. I'm actually a Grammar Commie, you can tell by the fact that I'm trying to seize the means of grammar.

    [–] A not so rare tumblr post bobekyrant 6 points ago in quityourbullshit

    ^ In Spanish, that means never give up

    [–] Makes perfect sense: The Trilogy bobekyrant 7 points ago in Libertarian

    Imagine thinking that a country with a population of 8.7 million and a GDP of 350 billion is controlling the country with the population of 320 million and a GDP of 19 trillion. Real big brain moment.

    [–] Me and the boys causing a ruckus bobekyrant 4 points ago in Libertarian

    *Bait for whom\* Geez, you'd think with me passively aggressively correcting people for so long they'd get it by now.

    [–] Qualifications for being a fan bobekyrant 51 points ago in technicallythetruth

    It very clearly isn't, have you even read the post?

    [–] Well... sometimes conservatives got it right... bobekyrant -4 points ago in Libertarian

    Prescriptivism in statistics is inherently flawed, this doesn't mean a whole lot out of context

    [–] Nervous laughter bobekyrant 4 points ago in HistoryMemes

    You can tell it was a disaster by the fact that literally no one died.