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    [–] Yorkshire puddings with scrambled egg for breakfast - no regrets bogues3000 1 points ago in CasualUK

    Vanilla ice cream with warm homemade apple sauce in a mini yorkie oooh yeah

    [–] Courtney Love Warning Actresses of Harvey Weinstein in 2005 bogues3000 1 points ago in videos

    I think he 100% agrees to 50% of it, and 100% disagrees with the other 50%.

    [–] [Text] Today is the day. bogues3000 1 points ago in GetMotivated

    Wrong! I’m doing nothing right now too

    [–] Beautiful. bogues3000 13 points ago in ScottishPeopleTwitter

    To be fair it does sound like all that actually delivering stuff to the consumer gets in the way of the delivery drivers doing their jobs delivering stuff to consumers

    [–] Novak Djokovic defeats Roger Federer to win 5th Wimbledon title bogues3000 6 points ago in sports

    Nofans Djokovic lol.

    Seriously, I felt bad for the guy when the entire crowd rose to their feet every time Fed won a point - but saying that, I think tennis fans are pretty neutral overall and he did get a good ovation when he won. Hard not to respect the effort involved, and there’s less tribalism involved than in a team sport like football, say.

    [–] [Homemade] Sticky Chinese Pork Belly bogues3000 8 points ago in food

    You got a recipe for this buddy?

    [–] Aurier Injured in AFCON.... bogues3000 1 points ago in coys

    He actually came on at CB in that Bournemouth game.

    [–] Jack Clarke has completed his medical. bogues3000 2 points ago in coys

    He was pretty unlucky - got injured soon after signing, Lennon immediately impressed and we never looked back.

    [–] Internal options at RB bogues3000 7 points ago in coys

    He was actually the top recommendation on that recent Tifo video on “Sensible Signings” for us, so maybe it originated there?

    [–] Women's USA basketball team vs. El Salvador bogues3000 1 points ago in funny

    Can’t wait to see the celebrations for this one 🦵