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    [–] [ALBUM OF THE WEEK] This weeks album to discuss and listen to is Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton by John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers and Eric Clapton boi_thats_my_yeet 4 points ago in blues

    I actually think he's done best in his solo career. I love his latest album called "I still do" and he had another great album where he covered Robert Johnsons songs. That album is called "me and Mr.johnson". His performances in the crossroads festival are always great too. Hes just an all round great artist

    [–] It's nice being a celebrity on r/teenagers of all places boi_thats_my_yeet 3 points ago in u_commonvanilla

    But it says a guy. Are you a man or unaware of another user with that much karma

    [–] [shitpost] I only barely understand chemistry. boi_thats_my_yeet 2 points ago in u_commonvanilla

    Did you do it and forget. Or ety was lying. Wasn't me though although it's pretty funny