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    [–] The Average Faces of Rap, Rock, and Country Musicians [OC] bondoh 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Country guy seems like a nice dude. Country girl is the one you marry. Rock girl is the one you have a fling with for a while.

    [–] Dc vs Stipe talk? bondoh 1 points ago in EASportsUFC

    Can I just mention that very few moments in a fight have actually reminded me of the UFC video game more than when Stipe started spamming left hooks to the body.

    Because it just seems like something you could only get away with in a video game. I mean, how the hell do you throw THE EXACT SAME PUNCH (and an unusual at's not like a jab) over and over and over to the exact same spot and it keeps landing like that? Without the other guy countering or blocking or dodging or in some other way adapting and basically saying "dude i'm not letting you land the same thing 8x in a row"

    It was crazy. Leg kicks it can be hard to avoid (but smart people check them) and maybe jabs....but a left hook to the body (not even a jab but a hook) is such a weirdly specific and odd move (because we rarely see it) so to watch it get spammed like that I kept thinking "I would totally do that in the ufc game"

    [–] Endgame Screentime bondoh 8 points ago in marvelstudios

    Yeah I get it makes sense from a business point of view but it's such a cheap shortcut

    [–] Endgame Screentime bondoh 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    Black Widow fell off a cliff

    [–] Chapter 239 Scans - Discussion Thread bondoh 1 points ago in BokuNoHeroAcademia

    Yeah but you nailed it when you said

    I was worried at the very start of the series when Midoriya was given All Might's power that he'd be too overpowered

    And you say so far that hasn't been a problem but there's lots of hints it could be. I mean Deku becomes "officially" stronger than Bakugo when he uses a mere 8% full cowl. So what the hell happens when he can go 100%?

    The only hope is this idea of "awakening" like tomura just did and having guys like Bakugo's power expanding massively.

    But even then you'd have to be like "well wait a second.....what about all the heroes that are already fully grown and at full power like Eraser Head?"

    Even if they were holding back, virtually none of the UA teachers have ever shown the ability to go crazy like all might or tomura just did except maybe cemento or the voice (to a lesser extent)

    Most full grown heroes can't hope to compete with even 10% full cowling, and obviously 100% is 10x more. And that goes the same for most of the other students. Only Shoto and Deku (and maybe just maybe bakugo and bird shadow guy) can really reach crazy levels.

    Everyone else is gonna be like the equivalent of that horrible water guy Ida interned for.

    [–] Chapter 239 Scans - Discussion Thread bondoh 0 points ago in BokuNoHeroAcademia

    It really is so stupid to me that Deku already had the most powerful quirk in the world and now he's got 6 more on top of it....

    Like reaching all might's prime level wasn't good enough?

    [–] Coloured the Boyes (and girl) bondoh 0 points ago in BokuNoHeroAcademia

    I have no doubt in my mind that she and the blonde guy have slept together. She didn't flinch at the idea of people seeing him naked.

    [–] Thank God JC Staff had Aoki on their team. bondoh 3 points ago in OnePunchMan

    I said they didn't cut out a bunch, not anything

    [–] Thank God JC Staff had Aoki on their team. bondoh 9 points ago in OnePunchMan

    I would have liked more of the scenes with Saitama doing Saitama things

    Obviously people complain about the animation but a lot of people complain about the lack of saitama, even my friend who's never read the manga

    But since I have read the manga, I know season 2 basically followed the manga to the letter It's not like they cut out a bunch of saitama stuff. So some people were going to dislike the lack of saitama regardless of who made it or how well it was animated

    [–] Dogs often get given the exact same meal every single day, and yet they never appreciate it any less bondoh 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I too love spicy chilli. A little sour cream does wonders.

    Rice is something I used to go along with a lot of spicy stuff though. I used to cook really spice sautéed carrots and broccoli and Brussels sprouts (all with sriracha and cayenne pepper) and use rice (sprinkled with blue cheese) as the cool-me-down dish

    [–] [Webcomic spoilers] Drew Saitama's serious move from webcomic chapter 90 bondoh 3 points ago in OnePunchMan

    There's a few things I don't think have been explained well because we keep using shorthand terms that people use to reference those events instead of giving a more accurate description.

    You said you could close your eyes and know the feeling of being flipped. Garou wasn't the thing that was flipped. The entire monster base (essentially an entire city) was flipped. It might be more accurate to say it was tossed or thrown into the air. Very very high into the air (like miles and miles and miles to where it takes a very minutes to hit the ground)

    So there's a few factors that kept Garou from knowing: 1. He couldn't really feel any wind pressure like you would if you were skydiving because he was so surrounded by debris (basically it's like if you were inside of a room which was inside of a building which was on a street that was thrown miles into the air, and you're in the dark) so he can't feel the wind and 2. The gravity is constantly shifting. He was thrown so high and like I said is practically in a room in the dark. So imagine when he first gets thrown he goes up for so long that it feels like gravity is on the ceiling (from the velocity and G-force of what's happening) then it starts to come back down but it's constantly rotating and spinning so maybe one second he's standing on the floor and the next minute he's standing on the wall, but it's so dark he can't actually see which is which and even if he could he wouldn't be able to tell which part is facing down, and that's constantly changing anyway) 3. He was really busy fighting Saitama. The whole room thing was a metaphor, they were both actually surrounded by big chunks of ground and walls of earth. But they were fighting at such high speed and jumping around so much that the feeling of gravity wouldn't hardly effect him.

    Maybe if he was tossed up/flipped and just allowed to fall, he would've known, but since they had a very intense battle in the air while constantly jumping off platforms of rock at each other, he couldn't tell and ended up face planting into the ground

    [–] [Webcomic spoilers] Drew Saitama's serious move from webcomic chapter 90 bondoh 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in OnePunchMan

    Thank you so much.

    If you don't mind me asking another question, I understand what you mean by anatomy and perspective (definitely trying to practice those more) but what do you mean by tones?

    Is that like the variations of a similar color? Like different shades?

    If the majority of my drawings are just sketching with a pencil as practice, how would I go about practicing tones?

    [–] [Webcomic spoilers] Drew Saitama's serious move from webcomic chapter 90 bondoh 3 points ago in OnePunchMan

    Climax may not be the right word then. I'm trying to say it doesn't have the right "crescendo" so to speak in regards to the action part of the fight.

    It almost does. It comes so close.

    [–] [Webcomic spoilers] Drew Saitama's serious move from webcomic chapter 90 bondoh 4 points ago in OnePunchMan

    I've heard that about the Boros fight (I've mostly read the Garou portion of the webcomic)

    But if anything it only solidifies my point. Because that would mean Garou is the only fight in the entire webcomic that is even remotely big and serious when it comes to saitama, every other fight lasted two seconds and one punch.

    But this fight was multiple chapters, tons of stuff happening, and yet it still felt off in regards to the things I mentioned.

    Hopefully Murata fixes it

    [–] [Webcomic spoilers] Drew Saitama's serious move from webcomic chapter 90 bondoh 168 points ago in OnePunchMan

    Ironically the scale is a little too small. Remember Garou literally couldn't tell which way was up and which way was down.

    This means he was surround by so much debris that he couldn't tell the sky from the ground.

    But in this drawing the moon is so bright and there's so much space between the debris and him that would be less likely to happen.

    So in other words you have to take the basic idea of this drawing....but add like 100x more buildings and dirt and concrete

    [–] [Webcomic spoilers] Drew Saitama's serious move from webcomic chapter 90 bondoh 5 points ago in OnePunchMan

    Big spoiler for saitama vs Garou which hasn't even happened in the manga yet so be warned before you read....

    This moment is called "Serious Table Flip" when saitama was trying to give Garou a "taste" of how powerful he could be so he basically grabbed the ground and threw basically the entire monster base (a huge chunk of the city, practically the entire city) so high into the air that Garou couldn't tell which way was up. At a certain point he realized " long have I been falling?" And eventually hit the ground head first because he thought down was up because of how disoriented he was.

    Anyway this exact moment is supposed to be right after saitama threw him and the base

    [–] [Webcomic spoilers] Drew Saitama's serious move from webcomic chapter 90 bondoh 5 points ago in OnePunchMan

    It really is one of the best fights I've seen in any kind of comic/manga

    My only complaint is that even though it's sort of a running theme in OPM that fights are all build up and then sort of just sputter out ("one punch") with no proper climax, and I get that's part of the joke, but with both this fight and Boros there was this feeling of "this is actually supposed to be somewhat of a real fight and kinda exciting, even if Saitama is still not trying" (and that applied way more to Garou than Boros)

    Now with that all said and out of the way, my one complaint is that there's not really a proper climax/defining moment in the fight where you're like "alright this is it"

    With Boros there was him going meteroric burst and then later collapsing star and how saitama dealt with that was the exciting part.

    The closest thing to that in the Garou fight was when he thought he could read saitama's movements and counter attack.

    But even it felt a little robbed. I'm not sure I'm describing this right but let me put it this way: A huge chunk of the first half of the fight Garou is in denial about how strong saitama is and spends way too much energy and takes too much damage not taking him seriously. By the time he finally does they fight what I consider the best part of the fight for about two seconds before saitama is like "okay I'll try two hands now" and suddenly from there the entire fight is downhill in regards to momentum because it's obvious Garou can't win and he just keeps going "more! More! I need more!" But as saitama says, he seems to be getting weaker instead of stronger with each transformation.

    So if I had to describe the fight in sort of a 3 act structure, you've got act 1 where Garou slowly tries new things on him thinking "surely this will do it" Then act 2 when he's actually going 100% and at full power. (Which again last TWO SECONDS) Then act 3 where Garou can sense he's going to lose and becomes increasingly desperate and saitama constantly says things like "dude give it up"

    I wish his semi successful strategy of dodging and countering (act 2) had lasted longer, because it felt like that was what we had really been building to (the fact that martial arts would give Garou an edge) but suddenly it just goes straight into "well actually I can just go even faster so the martial arts don't matter but your hits do zero damage"

    [–] [Webcomic spoilers] Drew Saitama's serious move from webcomic chapter 90 bondoh 3 points ago in OnePunchMan

    Add to that when saitama fought Orochi, Orochi's big energy blast literally caused the entire city to do "the wave" so to speak.

    It's like the earth bubbled up and went back down

    [–] [Webcomic spoilers] Drew Saitama's serious move from webcomic chapter 90 bondoh 7 points ago in OnePunchMan

    This looks like an actual manga. I'm trying to learn to draw; will you tell me how you did the and got that look?

    Not just in terms of quality (it's truly amazing) but even the exact tone of grey and some other stuff it's hard to describe. It just looks like how manga is supposed to look.

    How'd you do that? (Or should I say "could you give me some tips for how I can do that?")

    [–] World Mercator map projection with true country size and shape added [OC] bondoh 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    He said world maps. Probably referring to large scale sea travel and flying. I'm sure an old school world map isn't used much for either

    [–] it's all part of the 10,000 years plan bondoh 6 points ago in overlord

    Just 5? How dare you insult the great one like that?

    [–] [ no soliders ] i hope he having fun bondoh 1 points ago in OnePunchMan

    You asked why we were so horny in general, not specifically about cartoons