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    [–] Dog mom. boogs_23 -4 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    I feel most dog owners fall into this category. The life of the average pet dog in the suberbs. Owners wake up late and are lazy so dog gets let out in the back yard long enough to do its business. Dog is screamed at to come back in where it is greeted to a bowl of kibble as owner frantically run out the door for work. Dogs lies in various places for 9 or more hours until master gets home. Now exhausted from work, owner lets poor dog back outside while they make dinner. Dinner completed, family argue over who is going to take fido for a walk. 50-50 chance anyone actually does. Dog lies around with family for the evening because it will get yelled at if it gets uppity and wants to play. Dog is let out one more time before bed. Rinse repeat every day. Dog still loves owners and will die for them.

    [–] The only reply to my cooking video boogs_23 1 points ago in comedyheaven

    Lets look past the whole "took the skin off after cutting" insanity. Who the fuck cuts an onion like that? It's fucked. Has OP ever cooked anything ever?

    [–] Prince Andrew defends Epstein relationship boogs_23 0 points ago in news

    Best shelter I can muster in Minecraft.

    [–] World leaders believe ‘it’s pointless’ attempting to show unity with Trump at G7 boogs_23 15 points ago in worldnews

    Yup. I said it before the election they could put anyone up against Wynne and win. She was/is that hated. When it was Ford on the docket, I thought for a second I could be wrong. Like really, who could possible vote for Ford? Aaaannnnd epic fucking landslide win for that fucking asshole. At least guelph voted green!

    [–] Installed a doorbell cam and finally caught the jerk that has been ding dong dashing me. boogs_23 2 points ago in AnimalsBeingJerks

    Interesting. I find this kind of colloquialism interesting. Like someone said "zee" the other day and I almost tried to correct her.

    [–] Installed a doorbell cam and finally caught the jerk that has been ding dong dashing me. boogs_23 2 points ago in AnimalsBeingJerks

    Yup Southwestern Ontario as well.

    edit: I'll get more specific and say Guelph. Maybe it's really regional.

    [–] What's a cool fact about the human body that a lot of people don't know? boogs_23 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My crazy low body fat index would probably make 1.5 tops. Maybe 7 of those little shitty cheap hotel bars.

    [–] Marlboros and a Batman cup. boogs_23 37 points ago in 13or30

    A cigarette pressed between her lips but I'm staring at her tits, it's the wrong way.

    [–] I’m rooting for Elijah! boogs_23 5 points ago in wholesomememes

    Worst place I have ever worked. I worked overnight stock. I was one of two of us who could drive a forklift. They just kept piling shit on my workload. I told them I have no problem doing all that and working 40 hours a week, but I need to be made fulltime as I'm doing at least twice the work as everyone else there (except other forklift dude who was fulltime). I had a sit down with manager and HR and was told they already had their allotment of full time employees and basically told me to suck it up or leave. I left. I'm not busting my ass for minimum wage and no benefits while actually working full time hours. FUCK home depot.

    side note story: When I was on my last straw I told them I was just going to follow the schedule. They only had me booked 2 or 3 nights a week but expect me in every night. The manager was livid when I didn't show up on those days, but there wasn't shit he could do. I wasn't on the fucking schedule. Oh and I was getting in shit for having overtime hours. This was not my fault because manager always started clean up way too late and as the only other driver, I was tasked with making the store ready for open and couldn't leave till it was. I would see where I was at hour wise on Friday and just said "BYE" when I hit 40 hours. Even if it was only half way through my shift. FUCK EM

    [–] What should people stop buying? boogs_23 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Unfortunately I'm a bit of a coffee snob and the k cup coffee is just horrible. Anytime someone makes one for me, they rave about this new incredible one they just found that I'm gonna love. It always tastes weak, burnt and bitter. Such shit coffee for a little bit of convenience.

    [–] The absolute crap design of my school. This is the place where every hallway intersects boogs_23 1 points ago in CrappyDesign

    I would honestly just have to wait. There is no way I could stand in that horde and not freak out. There's this concert venue in Toronto called the Amphitheatre which has a single bridge in and out. Leaving a show is just a mass of people shuffling at an incredibly slow pace. Thankfully I'm usually drunk enough to not competely lose my shit, but it is awful.

    [–] A Link To The Past (papercraft map) boogs_23 1 points ago in MapPorn

    The last time I tried to play through Link of the Past I got really stuck and looked up a walkthrough. The solution is something I would never ever have thought of doing and I just said fuck it.

    [–] AITA for subjecting my boyfriend to my nakedess? boogs_23 4 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I totally agree. I have found a few of the episodes hilarious because of the guest but overall it's hard to watch because of him. He believes he and a very select few of his friends are the absolute authority on comedy. What they say is funny is and everyone else is wrong. The episode with Tracy Morgan pissed me right off. Jerry basically just lectured him the entire time about what comedy is and that Tracy's opinion were straight up wrong.

    [–] Cleveland cop urinated on 12-year-old girl waiting for school bus while recording on cellphone, prosecutors say boogs_23 1 points ago in news

    As a teen I was very "restless" and had a bunch of run ins with cops. All very minor stuff that didn't lead to much, like drinking and smoking pot in the park type stuff. Every single one of them came off as a complete power tripping ass. My city population is only 100,000 and is known for a super low crime rate (actually states that on it's wiki page). I think the cops were bored and busting teens was the only way to get their power trip jollies. A friend's brother just became a cop for all the right reason. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know and I'm just so worried he's going to get jaded and sucked into the mentality you speak of.

    [–] What will you never stop complaining about? boogs_23 5 points ago in AskReddit

    I just watched Aquaman the other day and this rings so true. When it ended I just thought "meh". I didn't feel it was horrible, I just didn't care and I realized that's how I felt about most DC movies. Wonder woman was pretty decent, but I'll never pay to see another in the theater.