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    [–] Duuuuuude..... Hilary... borsalinomonkey 3 points ago in CelebrityButts

    One ass to rule them all

    [–] Hilary Duff borsalinomonkey 9 points ago in CelebrityButts

    More like Hilary Buff...

    Seriously, I want to stuff my face behind that piece of heaven

    [–] Anime_irl borsalinomonkey 14 points ago in anime_irl

    But... girls do not poop!

    Edit: Wait... they do. My bad.

    [–] BUT MOMMM borsalinomonkey 1 points ago in memes

    I remember once it was pouring very hard outside and I was already dressed for school. Before I was suppose to leave, my mom told me to rather stay at home.

    Not gonna lie, it was very chilly and I then decided to take an extra hot shower and sit in front of the tv and watch the Olympics (2012)

    [–] Nozoki Ana borsalinomonkey 3 points ago in ecchigifs

    She’s also a swallower

    [–] False hound borsalinomonkey 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in aww

    Not gonna lie, I’d would love getting smothered by these woofers

    [–] obviously the best borsalinomonkey 22 points ago in FilthyFrank

    One reviewer gave it 6/10.

    Must’ve been a miss-click

    [–] indeed very hot borsalinomonkey 59 points ago in Animemes

    That’s the joke.

    She always seems to get herself in a sexual situation. She is like the female equivalent of Gray Fullbuster. Only difference is her moments are happy accidents instead of a stripping habit. If there’s a beach episode in the future... oh boy!

    [–] A comedy show that has a brilliant dub? borsalinomonkey 1 points ago in Animedubs

    Fumoffu is intended to look on the funny side of the FMP Characters. But yeah, the Rugby episode and the one where Kurtz and some other boys tries take a peek inside the girls’ hot spring are my favorite episodes

    [–] Elon can't get pussy lol borsalinomonkey 6 points ago in memes

    Fuckin savage!

    Enjoy the silver

    [–] Daphne borsalinomonkey 4 points ago in Amouranth


    [–] Being blessed on the way to work borsalinomonkey 1 points ago in Unexpected

    Never in my life have I came so fast