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    [–] The chicken nugget transformation borsalinomonkey 2 points ago in rarepuppers

    Watching your pupper grow from a smal doggo to a big doggo is sad and heartwarming at the same time.

    You see them becoming bigger and more gorgeous, but as that happens, you notice that they don’t have a long lifespan. 10-15 years max.

    Whoever says dogs are terrible creatures either had a terrible experience with them, or are delusional.

    Not blood related, but I’ll always look at them as my children.

    [–] Cursed age borsalinomonkey 8 points ago in cursedcomments

    Hey it is my original joke. Never saw that comment before. Must have been from a repost.

    [–] Face down, ass up then borsalinomonkey 1 points ago in hentaimemes

    Source: Fairy Tail OVA 1

    [–] And now I wonder... borsalinomonkey 1 points ago in dankmemes

    It was. But I put in the Vanessa Carlton song just to mention that a good song is a song no matter who sings it

    [–] From r/dankmemes borsalinomonkey 31 points ago in marvelmemes


    Minecraft porn results start appearing

    [–] From r/dankmemes borsalinomonkey 45 points ago in marvelmemes

    Who wants to search up trillions

    [–] Atelier Sophie showing off borsalinomonkey 8 points ago in thighdeology

    If I had a bod like that, I would prance around in my underwear just because I am not ashamed. Getting arrested for decent exposure is irrelevant

    [–] Maz is actually quite charming, irl, I know her. borsalinomonkey 2 points ago in surrealmemes

    That P̶͇͛͆ļ̶͋̚ȧ̵̻ͅt̴̜̝͌̉ȅ̴͚̱ though

    [–] Always a six, but how doth he do-eth borsalinomonkey 115 points ago in surrealmemes

    People say it is luck.

    Others say Ṫ̴̗̘̾ḧ̶̥̟́e̷̳͆ ̴̡̌̊f̶̡̼̂͛u̸̢̥͊̓c̴̩̈́̀ḳ̶̩̿

    [–] Here's a schematic for ya: my ass! borsalinomonkey 1 points ago in PublicHentai

    Teacher: Does anyone wanna ASSk a question?

    Me: Why is she wearing only garterbelt?

    Teacher: You don’t appreciate the appearance?

    Me: Appreciate? Lady, that ass is god. I don’t need my prayers answered ever again. But I still want to know why she’s only wearing garterbelt.

    Teacher: Fuck knows

    [–] Ochako Anal borsalinomonkey 1 points ago in hentai


    Ochako: Uhh... Deku. That’s the wrong hole.

    Deku: Wrong hole? But I am certain this is your vagina... oh... OHHH!!! You don’t want me to take your...?

    Ochako: No...

    Deku: and you want me to put it in your...?

    Ochako: ...

    Deku: ...

    Ochako: ...yeah.

    [–] Sansa @amouranth borsalinomonkey 0 points ago in Amouranth

    That ass really is holy