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    [–] Semi pits civic on hwy 401 boxjohn 4 points ago in TorontoDriving

    Not in Ontario, no. Some US states though.

    [–] [Belarus] 3 Ton max... don't care boxjohn 17 points ago in Roadcam

    You're massively overestimating the wealth of Belarus

    [–] someone help me please I am so desperate. boxjohn 10 points ago in askTO

    I would try applying. Kitchen work shows you can work hard and stand for a long time. That is most of what they are looking for in a warehouse.

    [–] Matthews opens the season with an over-time winner against the Habs boxjohn 49 points ago in hockey

    Sometimes you gotta remind yourself "oh yeah, that 500 goal scorer is also on this team"

    [–] I went to the site where "Wait For Me Daddy" was taken on Oct 1st. boxjohn 33 points ago in canada

    My grandfather was alive for the first commercial radio broadcasts... and Spotify.

    Learned to drive in a Model T, got to see radar-guided cruise control in action.

    Remembers his house finally getting a telephone, learned how to use email and (sort of) video calling.

    crazy how much has happened in your lifetime if you were there for the 20th century.

    [–] Keesmaat unveils plan to tear down part of Gardiner Expressway for 'grand boulevard' boxjohn 3 points ago in toronto

    For me personally, it would add at least 20 minutes to have to get off and fight the now busier lakeshore and other routes and then get back on the dvp.

    [–] I have your wheel lock key. Msg me for it boxjohn 2 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    It says in the first article that the car had wheel locks.

    Didn't stop the thief.

    [–] I have your wheel lock key. Msg me for it boxjohn 1 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    The value is in the tires. easy 400+ a set if they're new and on something as common as a Honda.

    [–] I have your wheel lock key. Msg me for it boxjohn 4 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    My theory is that the biggest victims of wheel theft are dealerships, so they put them on for while the car is on the lot. Higher end places store indoors or behind serious security so it's not a concern.

    [–] I have your wheel lock key. Msg me for it boxjohn 2 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    People can steal your wheels with or without these wheel "locks".

    They're just a pain to service for a few reasons.

    [–] [Beneteau] Brian Burke told Maple Leafs coaches to play Colton Orr 'every night' boxjohn 9 points ago in leafs

    If you go through his whole career, I'm pretty sure he's the most dangerous knockout punch of anyone to ever play. Boogaard may have been better, but didn't play long enough. Orr could just knock out anyone, at any point.

    That we iced him, Mclaren, and Fraser at the same time may have been the toughest lineup of fighters ever.

    [–] The @MapleLeafs announced today that the hockey club has signed forward Semyon Der-Arguchintsev to a three-year entry level contract. #TMLtalk boxjohn 2 points ago in leafs

    Not super incredible but he was clearly fast and skilled, but also worked hard and showed defensive effort and even knocked bigger guys off the puck in corners. Tenacious and skilled.

    [–] Suge Knight Sentenced to 28 Years Over 2015 Hit-and-Run Death boxjohn 7 points ago in news

    Basically, he knew them from "Way back" and they both had gang ties and reasons to want to hurt him.

    [–] Doug Ford to invoke notwithstanding clause to override Toronto council cut ruling boxjohn 10 points ago in onguardforthee

    Not only that, but I think he knows that most Doug Ford voters aren't the type to worry about the (seeming) minutiae of judicial checks on power and specific clauses of specific charter rights and stuff. They're just not that...academically oriented.

    [–] Driver almost causes 3 accidents in 10 seconds boxjohn 1 points ago in toronto

    yeah, generally a bad idea to "trap" drivers out in the intersection like that. Obviously it's the driver's fault they're out there 99% of the time, but you never know what they'll do to fix it.

    [–] WOSCA Autocross Aug 26 2018 boxjohn 3 points ago in Autocross

    Nice run. WOSCA seems to always have good courses. That one was super technical and you straightened it out well.

    [–] Men, what is something women have seen in rom coms that you wish they would stop expecting you to do in real life? boxjohn 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Im a mechanic, and my boss has been working on cars and working the front desk in various capacities since he was 10. He's so fast at getting key rings apart (to give house keys back to people dropping cars off) that I hear customers remark about it about once a week. It's kinda weird to watch.

    [–] Sooooooo who needs to be held accountable for how bad nationals is right now? boxjohn 12 points ago in Autocross

    Running a street class at night is one thing, but running a class with no need for lights at all and another one for barely street driven stuff at night is a bad plan

    [–] I love that TO does stuff like this! boxjohn 13 points ago in toronto

    Very cool. I know a few people in that area who appreciate that sort of art and almost certainly noticed your work.

    [–] I love that TO does stuff like this! boxjohn 21 points ago in toronto

    I see and appreciate the various painted electrical boxes in Scarborough. Which one is yours?