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    [–] Warren calls for House to begin impeachment proceedings brallipop 1 points ago in politics

    For sure. I was raised conservative and that video pretty much completed my move left. These videos helped begin my move left:

    Subverting the Narrative

    Charlottesville: The True Alt-Right

    [–] The Mueller report is the opposite of exoneration brallipop 1 points ago in politics

    Yah, the five yesterday was demanding an apology from their new liberal for "no collusion" and she had to tell them twice that phrase isn't in there. And of course Mueller specifically dissected that phrase.

    [–] Friday Fun Thread! brallipop 1 points ago in politics

    Agreed about his earlier seasons, those simply had more systemic issues to deep dive on rather than more transient news. But I think the Mueller Report could be like that. He doesn't have much time but let's grand jury this thing: build a timeline, layout relevant public knowledge alongside the investigation events, let's have a digestible summary and demonstration of case for impeachment.

    [–] Friday Fun Thread! brallipop 1 points ago in politics

    JO's gotta do the Mueller Report this week, we need a solid block of deep dive without talking heads. The only substantive analysis I've been getting is from Twitter and reddit comments

    [–] The Mueller report is the opposite of exoneration brallipop 3 points ago in politics

    Like she even bothers to pretend to do the job anymore, the only role she fulfills is collecting the check

    [–] GOP lawmaker withdraws invite for AOC to visit Kentucky mine — “GOP’s getting scared that up close, their constituents will realize I’m fighting harder for their healthcare than their own Reps,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted in response. brallipop 3 points ago in politics

    Bitch, why should health care be tied to who your employer is?

    Dude, it makes perfect sense: just like the right to keep and bear arms, you can't have it without getting gun insurance from Aetna, firearms "providers" must work with the insurance companies and it's just business that they charge you a fuckload if you are not using insurance, so employers act as single-payer insurance buying things for employees, who still have to pay the first dollars for the guns and ammo, and the whole thing is a discouraging mess that most of the time you don't bother. And you dont deserve guns if you don't have a job! Poor people have more incentive to use guns for bad reasons


    [–] Stunning Supercut Video Exposes The Fox News Double Standard On Trump And Obama — Clips show Fox News personalities slamming Obama for the same things Trump does now. brallipop 1 points ago in politics

    Republicans: We can't overreach our power, not because it's wrong in fact it's totally justified and not actually overreaching our power, but we can't overreach out power because the Democrats will cite our precedent to overreach their power!

    [–] Trump Vetoes Bill to End U.S. Military Support for Saudi-led War in Yemen brallipop 1 points ago in politics

    Trump makes it viscerally clear how absolutely corrupted one is when susceptible to bribes. As an American who did not grow up in a culture that accepts the passing of bribes, it is repugnant to see the office brought so low. I mean... It is foreign to see our president behave this way. This is third world country corrupt warlord turned leader shit.

    [–] Trump Vetoes Bill to End U.S. Military Support for Saudi-led War in Yemen brallipop 31 points ago in politics

    Also Republicans: We can't overreach our power, which is completely justified in this situation and not actually overreaching our power, because the Democrats might cite our example to overreach their power!

    [–] Trump Vetoes Bill to End U.S. Military Support for Saudi-led War in Yemen brallipop 1 points ago in politics

    Even the "adults in the room" aren't even pretending to make cogent arguments or operate in reality.

    [–] Trump Vetoes Bill to End U.S. Military Support for Saudi-led War in Yemen brallipop 4 points ago in politics

    He figured the loophole in "eat the rich:" if you stuff yourself with garbage food, you'll be too disgusting to be cannibalized.

    [–] White House officials concerned about being exposed by Mueller report brallipop 57 points ago in politics

    Remember when the infrequent "daily" WH press briefings became almost non-existent? And after press complaints for about 5-6 weeks it came out that Mueller had interviewed SHS immediately prior to the sudden cessation of briefings? It has been speculated that Mueller scared Huckabee Sanders into basically abdicating her job because she cannot not lie without admitting to crimes... so she just stopped talking altogether.... But still collects the paycheck

    [–] Donald Trump, backseat fireman: Let's air drop tons of water on a 14th century roof that's structurally weakened by a raging fire. brallipop 7 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    There's an article out there that recounts Trump just showing up to this press conference for a charitable cause in NY, and Trump walks up and sits on stage having nothing to do with it. No one even knew he was coming or what he was there for. Trump sat... in the main backer's seat. The person who allowed use of their building. By the time anyone had a grip on his presence the event started and no one wanted to make a scene.


    It took weeks to convince the backer not to pull out of the project, they felt so slighted. Meanwhile, Trump was in all the pictures and press and he bounced the second it was over.

    [–] Bill Weld: I’m Running Against Trump in the Republican Primary brallipop 1 points ago in politics

    Helloooooo nurse.

    I hadn't completed my journey left by then but I wanted Bernie: how can I loftily push for my ideals when in the real world Flint MI is without water? When only rich people have decent healthcare? I left the President choice blank on my ballot. And I have regretted that since about two months after Trump was sworn in. I didn't know. I didn't investigate in order to know. But holy fuck do I not care if a candidate is a career politician anymore, or if I don't like them. Holy fuck.

    [–] FDNY firefighter who survived 9/11 says Republican criticizing Ilhan Omar told him he was ‘too busy’ to talk victim benefits brallipop 2 points ago in politics

    Remind conservatives that any person committing violence in the name of Allah is "just one bad apple"

    Or any immigrant who murders a born American citizen is "just one bad apple" know, funny how those "angel moms" are never black or Latinx...

    [–] WH: Trump Was ‘Making A Joke’ When He Cited Wikileaks Dozens Of Times In ’16 brallipop 1 points ago in politics

    lol yeah, I noticed somewhere just after the '18 midterms that Trump seemed to really check out. He was at his little daily "helicopter sounds" presser and some boilerplate question was asked and Trump was simply not gonna keep being President right then; barely addressed the question even for him and through a "um, and oh yeah fake news, the press lies..." before just sauntering off. I thought God damn he can't even be bothered to hold his attention to keep himself out of jail anymore

    [–] Sarah Sanders says Congress wouldn't understand Trump's taxes. But 10 members are accountants brallipop 12 points ago in politics

    I like how she starts to describe the "thousands of pages" worth that are his returns but has to catch herself and throw "probably" in before.

    I'm not saying that shows Sanders has seen his taxes and the whole WH is trying to figure out how to alter them, just saying that Trump's psychology of having to brag and lie at-the-same-time all-the-time is manifest in his staff but damn, I bet it is hard to be a pathological liar for someone else. How do hold yourself in the headspace of "He's the most honest--but you can't ask him questions" or "He's the most exonerated--but you can't see the evidence."?? It's a cult to be in this administration.