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    [–] Wild Street Boyz (3) x (1) Slam kids (Great goal) bring_it_back 357 points ago in soccer

    holly shit that no look slick shot on goal. This kid is good.

    [–] Flashback to K.Tripper's delicious glorious glorious goal bring_it_back 1 points ago in soccer

    I don't get why he got a yellow card though. The defender did the same to him after he missed a penalty, why didn't he get a card?

    [–] The 7 minutes that shocked the world bring_it_back 46 points ago in soccer

    "I still have a home in Springfield"

    [–] Daily Discussion [2020-02-28] bring_it_back 4 points ago in soccer

    well the format we have now was enforced a while ago, and now every highlight is in that format. If people see a value in the change the format can be updated.

    [–] Daily Discussion [2020-02-28] bring_it_back -4 points ago in soccer

    Can we include the league name in goal highlights? -> Arsenal 1 - [2] Olympiakos - El Arabi 119' [Europa League] might be obvious most of the time but some times it's hard to know which competition this highlight is for.

    [–] [OC] Top 15 Largest Arms Exporters and Importers in 2018 bring_it_back 3 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    good point. side by side it's hard to even notice the different scales.

    [–] [OC] Top 15 Largest Arms Exporters and Importers in 2018 bring_it_back 7 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Interesting how close the export bar of US matches the import bar of Saudi. Not saying all of it is directly going there of course but visually it gives that impression.

    [–] Despite spending four hours & 22 minutes together on the pitch for England in total, Jamie Vardy and Wayne Rooney never created a single goalscoring chance for one another. Awkward bring_it_back 181 points ago in soccer

    ok which one of you fuckers did this lol

    In October 2019, British celebrity Coleen Rooney used the technique to identify who was leaking information from her private Instagram stories to tabloid newspaper The Sun by posting fake stories which were blocked to all but one account. When these details appeared in the press, she publicly identified the leaks as coming from the account of Rebekah Vardy, wife of footballer Jamie Vardy.[3].

    from wikipedia article

    [–] Feyenoord [2]-0 FC Porto - Karsdorp 80' bring_it_back -1 points ago in soccer

    Didn't know Lukaku plays for Porto now

    [–] How I keep track of my bipolar symptoms [OC] bring_it_back 3 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    thanks for sharing so much detail. I don't know why but reading this quantification of the range of human emotions kind of made feel more at ease about my own feelings and moods. It's so hard to define or figure out if one is depressed or in a depressing mood but your scale has a comforting effect on me. Hope the overall slope of your graph is always positive!