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    [–] Favorite strains? brittons0 1 points ago in HumanMicrobiome

    What is L. bacillus?

    [–] I was so proud of my wife for getting excited for a video game until I saw her handle a controller. brittons0 12800 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in gaming

    I doubt it, mine isn’t nearly this big.

    *Edit: Aaaannndd. My first gold is about my penis. It’s okay, it’s about time it received an award.

    [–] I (technically) drove 24 hours round trip to buy this shit because of you fuckers brittons0 8 points ago in cocktails

    Dumb question, but after googling that Antica, is it the same as sweet vermouth? (I'm new to vermouth, and own the dry dolin).