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    [–] Daily General Discussion - January 16, 2018 brwise42 3 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    APPC, PRL, BNTY. VEN if you can still get it under 5.

    [–] Checkmate, Flat Earthers! brwise42 2 points ago in funny

    Makes more sense than some of their "theories"

    [–] Many asked so here's how to make vegan pancakes brwise42 1 points ago in VeganFood

    Easy super fluffy pcakes-

    2c flour (white whole wheat or whole wheat bread flour work best) 1tbps sugar 1tbps baking powder 1/2 tsp salt


    1/4 c applesauce 1c vegan milk 1c water


    Generous coconut oil spray on pan or hot plate. Med high until bubbly. Flippy and finish.

    Enjoy fluffy pancakes in your belly.

    [–] Daily General Discussion - January 12, 2018 brwise42 3 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    "The RaiBlocks wallet is not stable enough, we are working with RaiBlocks team to stablize the wallet client, withdrawals might be delayed but your funds are very safe. Withdrawal of this asset is not available for now"

    [–] On-Duty Police Deaths Were Near a 50-Year Low in 2017 brwise42 1 points ago in news

    Well no shit. They keep killing anyone before they try to do actual police work.

    [–] Mac and Cheeze brwise42 3 points ago in VeganFood

    Is a brown rice pasta. Cooked for half time on package and drained.

    Made sauce - cup of milk, tbsp coconut oil, 1/3c nooch, half package Aldis new vegan mozzarella, salt and spices to taste. Heat to boil and whisk up till creamy.

    Turn off sauce, dump in pasta and coat. Pasta into pan and did at 450 for about 20mins. Mmm.

    [–] I am Bankcrupt brwise42 1 points ago in CryptoCurrency


    [–] Daily General Discussion - January 8, 2018 brwise42 2 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    still sitting on exchanges in their country's respective currencies most likely