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    [–] Wife made Chocolate Cupcake Caramel Whip jars. 😬! brwise42 4 points ago in VeganFood

    Duncan Hines cake mix + seltzer for cupcakes.

    Aquafaba whip cream.

    Caramel was flavor packet and some coconut milk.

    [–] Authors you don't agree with brwise42 2 points ago in printSF

    He was very hostile and degrading towards Bernie supporters in the 2016 dnc primary cause he favored Clinton. Guess we saw what that type of personality lead to 🙁.

    [–] Authors you don't agree with brwise42 1 points ago in printSF

    Jeff Vandermeer. Orson Scott Card.

    [–] Authors you don't agree with brwise42 -1 points ago in printSF

    Jeff Vandermeer. Orson Scott Card.

    [–] Sweet Chili Seitan Jerky. brwise42 5 points ago in VeganFood

    it was kind of a process lol... i started storing vwg in fridge and did not really like the result since it seemed to take almost double the vwg to get a dough that wasn't so wet.

    anyways.. this was sort of like (from memory, missing something im sure) ~1.5cups vwg 1/4 c nooch 1/4 chickpea flour 1tbps paprika 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 1/2 tsp chili powder 1 tsp garlic powder

    mixed w/ 1c water.

    used stand mixer to knead - don't normally use, but wanted to try it -- got a very dense mixture a bit tacky.

    wrapped in foil and steamed for an hour. fridged overnight. then sliced into strips and marinated for 4 hours in just a store bought sweet chili mix + some soy sauce. then dehydrator for about 5 hours flipping halfway.

    not sure if it has a shelf life -- just gonna keep it in mason in fridge... it'll be gone within a week, but probably would need like vaccum sealer or freeze it if you want to keep it multiple weeks/months.

    [–] How to make oatmeal taste good (and vegan) brwise42 2 points ago in VeganFood

    oats and just enough water to cover them, heat on stovestop on medium, stirring a good bit to avoid sticking. mix in salt to taste when done cooking, turn off stove and let sit for 5mins.

    bowl, add fruits/nuts/almondbutter/syrup/whatever. eatz. probably 10-12mins total.

    [–] Man Takes Down Nazi Flag After Neighbors Complain brwise42 82 points ago in pittsburgh

    White power flag = A-ok!

    White power + kill Jews flag = No thanks!

    [–] What makes you instantly stop reading a book? brwise42 1 points ago in books

    Ignorant views on vegans and pit bulls.

    [–] Pasta Alfredo with veggies! First time making a successful creamy cashew sauce! brwise42 2 points ago in vegan

    Easy Alfredo sauce-

    Blend cashews, aquafaba, milk, basil, garlic, nooch, salt, pepper, lemon juice. Mmm.

    [–] Vegan comfort food brwise42 6 points ago in vegan

    is their chicken fried seitan? have never tried deep frying it, not sure how it would affect texture...

    [–] The Distillers - I Am a Revenant brwise42 11 points ago in punk

    Only reunion I've been looking forward to in the past decade.

    [–] Kim Jong Un agrees to meet Donald Trump at DMZ, sources say. brwise42 1 points ago in worldnews

    Awww. They will finally get to touch their tiny dicks together!

    [–] Vegans brwise42 13 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    It’s easy. And way cheap. Literally a substitute for anything you think you’ll miss too.