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    [–] Angels fan here and I've decided to become a fan your team. bsurfn2day 4 points ago in Padres

    Anthony Rizzo is pretty hated now for a dirty play where he needlessly plowed into our catcher, Austin Hedges, on a play at home plate. He gets booed loudly when ever he bats here. Also Matt Kemp is hated for saying in an interview that he didn't give a lot of effort while he played for the Padres....and he's a fucking Dodger...Oh, and everyone hates Joe West

    [–] Why isn’t the government using this to solve the energy crisis? bsurfn2day 10 points ago in shittyaskscience

    It's not coal powered, so it's obviously a threat to our national security.

    [–] Pacific Rim is out! bsurfn2day 7 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    That lobster on the right is the real hero, taking most of the blows and fighting back with its claws.