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    [–] Buster Keaton Doing an Insane Stunt, 1927 bsurfn2day 3323 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    I wonder how many takes they needed to get that last part perfect. His timing and awareness is amazing.

    [–] How to Cook with a Wok bsurfn2day 221 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    I find that amazing. Pan is full and he didn't spill a drop.

    [–] Skating Down a Steep Hill, WCGW? bsurfn2day 0 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    oops, karma decay didn't pick it up...My bad

    [–] Tunak Tunak Tun sped up every time they say Tunak - [02:05] bsurfn2day 3 points ago in videos

    I'm glad his duplicates exploded at the end, with all that build up anything but a cataclysmic ending would have been disappointing.

    [–] I'm gonna skateboard it, WCGW bsurfn2day 7 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    "Thanks for sticking around guys".

    [–] The eyes follow bsurfn2day 1 points ago in woahdude

    It's amazing that someone can conceptualize and execute something like this.

    [–] Hold Our Beers while we fabricate a flamethrower bsurfn2day 2 points ago in holdmybeer

    I hope none of these stupid motherfuckers have reproduced yet.