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    [–] 808 bass on phones buddythebear 10 points ago in makinghiphop

    I’ve heard a few producers say they distort and boost the mids on their 808s specifically because so many people are listening on their phones or with ear buds. It’s done for both stylistic and practical reasons.

    [–] 808 bass on phones buddythebear 15 points ago in makinghiphop

    It’s interesting how this is pretty much the reason why distorted 808s are super trendy right now, especially with SoundCloud rap.

    [–] Japanese Gyudon - Simmered Beef & Onions On Rice buddythebear 4 points ago in GifRecipes

    Have you ever used a knife? It's like you don't realize cutting a 1cm steak into 1mm think Japanese-style slices is impossible. Unless you use the freezing trick some people have suggested here maybe.

    Actually, I have! I have a good knife that I regularly sharpen and maintain. It's true if you freeze the steak slightly and use a very sharp knife, you can achieve extremely thin slices. Not as thin as you'd achieve with a commercial grade meat slicer, but close enough to approximate it for this dish. Apologies, I was just messing around with my earlier comment.

    [–] Japanese Gyudon - Simmered Beef & Onions On Rice buddythebear 2 points ago in GifRecipes

    ..where do you live in france? surely you can find basic cuts of beef (steaks, filets, roasts, stew meat etc) at a carrefour or some other grocery store? and failing that, don't most towns and cities have at least a couple boucheries?

    [–] Skate park of death buddythebear 67 points ago in WTF

    I highly highly recommend the documentary Free Solo that just came out. About the dude who free climbed (no ropes) El Cap. They did a MRI on him and the doctor said "that kid’s amygdala isn’t firing.” Basically people like this have little to no sense of fear with certain activities that would absolutely terrify the average person. Doing them is the only thing that makes them feel something, whatever it is they're looking for.

    edit: the movie is basically 2 hours of /r/dontlookdown porn

    [–] Investigation reveals 700 victims of Southern Baptist sexual abuse over 20 years buddythebear 109 points ago in news

    Everyone saying that 700 victims isn't a lot considering how big the SBC is is totally missing the point (and likely didn't read the article): the SBC refused to create a list of known offenders and distribute it to its churches. That is beyond negligent - they were complicit in covering up for abusers.

    [–] AITA for not wanting to split the cost of an expensive hotel with my partner when a perfectly good alternative is free for both of us? buddythebear 8 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NAH This is one of those things where you’re right, but man, piece of advice, pick your battles. It’s her best friends wedding, which means she probably has a lot of obligations. She’s probably stressed and wants control over the situation. Even though it’s just a ten minute walk there will probably be things she needs to carry and take over to the bride, she’ll want to be there if there’s a late night emergency before the wedding, she won’t want to miss out on anything on her best friends big day.

    I would suck it up.

    [–] Non-Americans of Reddit: What about America baffles you? buddythebear 2 points ago in AskReddit

    This is changing thankfully. More and more companies are realizing how bad it is for productivity to have sick workers come in. The past few companies I’ve worked for have had a policy of basically requiring you to stay home if you’re sick, and if you’re able to do a little work remotely if it’s just a cold then great, but otherwise rest the fuck up and stay the fuck away from the office.

    [–] Non-Americans of Reddit: What about America baffles you? buddythebear 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Well, some would consider the Democratic majority in the house not caving on the president’s demand for $20 billion for the border wall to be them actually doing their jobs. And similarly the Republican lawmakers who were pressuring the president behind the scenes to relent, they were doing their jobs too. And the Republicans who were aligning with the president on the border wall, for their constituents they were doing their jobs. In a lot of ways it’s a good demonstration of checks and balances: the president can’t just make some unilateral demand without risking severe political consequences.

    Though obviously there needs to be more protections in place for furloughed government workers. Really fucked up how they get used as a pawn in these situations.

    [–] The “Millennial Missionary” Starter Pack buddythebear 5 points ago in starterpacks

    Sorry, I’ve been out of college for more than 10 years and got my standardized tests mixed up. I never proclaimed to be an expert on medical school admissions. You’re spending a lot of time repeating the same point. We get it. It’s much better to volunteer locally for a long time then go on a voluntourism trip. That is absolutely fine to consider that experience as more valuable and desirable in an applicant because you’re right, it is.

    my issue is the moral judgments you’re prescribing on people who do voluntourism trips. This started because I basically said “hey you’re right, but it hurts your point when you generalize people who engage in voluntourism” because it comes across as extremely cynical and holier than thou.

    If an applicant only has a voluntourism trip as their only volunteering experience, and that is disqualifying to you and the admissions committee, then by all means. Only take the best.

    But don’t gloat over how those people are all “doughy snobs” who could be “sociopaths masquerading around” or whatever. I mean do you not see how you’re kind of being a judgmental prick there?

    [–] The “Millennial Missionary” Starter Pack buddythebear 1 points ago in starterpacks

    Dude I agree with you that voluntourism is generally bad. My issue is youre making insane judgments on people who participate in voluntourism. It’s only been in the past decade or so that there has been more skepticism and critical research towards voluntourism and guess what, college students can be naive. A premed student that’s taking a full course load, studying for the GMAT, maybe working a side job and doing whatever else (heaven forbid they have a social life in college too) might see the opportunity to condense a lot of volunteering into one week as the best way to tick that box, not realizing all of the good points you’ve made above.

    You’re assuming the absolute worst out of these applicants, and for a future doctor that sort of judgmental attitude devoid of any sense of empathy is a bit concerning.

    [–] [Homemade] Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel buddythebear 6 points ago in food

    Most parts of the country have some regional variation of the breakfast sandwich that will be commonly available. In California and on the west coast - breakfast burritos. Texas - breakfast tacos. South - breakfast biscuits.

    [–] The “Millennial Missionary” Starter Pack buddythebear 8 points ago in starterpacks

    If you’re so bitter about the applicants you have to interview, maybe you’re in the wrong job?

    I understand that it’s frustrating for you that a lot of applicants puff up their resumes, but that literally happens in every other industry and professional field. These kids are simply playing the game, the rules of which are determined by your institution and other med schools.

    It would be great if every med school applicant came from a poor background, spoke four languages, did groundbreaking research as an undergrad and took a full year off to consult on public health matters in the middle of nowhere Africa. But you know that’s unrealistic, so I’m unsure as to why you hold the types of applicants you describe in such contempt.

    At the end of the day I don’t care if the doctor sticking his finger up my butt to make sure I don’t have ass cancer came from a wealthy family and at one point spent a week in the Dominican Republic building a hut in some weird attempt to bolster his chances of getting into med school. I care that they’re trained and qualified and know what they’re doing - and your job is to figure out who is mostly likely to succeed in med school and be a good doctor.

    [–] The “Millennial Missionary” Starter Pack buddythebear 6 points ago in starterpacks

    You really hurt your point when you make sweeping generalizations that most everyone who participates in voluntourism trips are “pampered doughy snobs.” I mean yeah I agree that those trips are usually not effectual, but unless you’ve done a cross sectional survey of the psychological profiles and motivations of these people then your post just reads like the rant of a cynic who can’t entertain the idea that people can have their hearts in the right place despite not efficiently using their resources to more adequately help others.

    [–] Young skateboarder impresses some people passing by and gets an interesting reaction buddythebear 6 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    The thing is when you’re skating at that level, you’re extremely good at bailing and rolling your body and catching yourself when you fuck up. Head injuries happen but they’re much more rare than you would think. In some ways it’s not too different from professional gymnasts or ice skaters not wearing helmets either.

    [–] What are some current controversial issues? buddythebear 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This is actually a really fascinating issue. I used to not get how any deaf person could be opposed to cochlear implants, but after doing more research I get where they are coming from. One of those rare issues where you can easily see both sides of the issue, which makes it that much harder to determine what approach produces the best outcomes for deaf individuals.

    [–] A reporter is taking a long time to publish my story. buddythebear 6 points ago in Journalism

    You’re not entitled to press coverage, especially not on your own terms and schedule. If a journalist doesn’t end up writing about your startup then refine your pitch and move on.

    [–] One Lawyer, One Day, 194 Felony Cases buddythebear 7 points ago in TrueReddit

    Another problem is that cases are almost always stacked in the favor of the prosecutors. And since lawyers are very much graded on a win/loss basis it does not make sense to go into defense on a purely career-oriented basis.

    This seems like a misunderstanding of how our legal system works. Defense lawyers aren't exactly graded on a win/loss basis because the vast majority of their cases never go to trial, and when they do go to trial and get a guilty verdict it doesn't necessarily mean the defense lawyer "lost". If you go to a jury trial and end up getting a guilty verdict on a lesser charges, but are found not guilty on a more serious charge, that would probably be considered a "win" even if it means the defendant has to serve some time.

    And even then, sometimes defense lawyers simply have shitty clients who are clearly guilty, but are insisting on taking it to trial. Your job as a defense lawyer is to represent your client and ensure the state is following proper procedures in its prosecution of your client, and no one in the legal community would hold it against a defense attorney for "losing" a case where their client was clearly guilty and had refused any sort of plea bargain.