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    [–] If someone actually gave you "a dollar every time X", how rich would you be and from what? buriedbythesound 2 points ago in AskReddit

    If I had a dollar for every time I fell down a Reddit rabbit hole I’d be wealthy enough to do anything I wanted... including falling down more Reddit rabbit holes.

    [–] What small, menial things do you often do to 'stick it to the man'? buriedbythesound 1 points ago in AskReddit

    You largely have all of these same people either way right? A self checkout is not all that different from a standard register with the exception that there is often a scanner in place trying to determine that the entry the machine registered is in fact what is sent down the belt.

    It’s no different from McDonald’s installing touchscreen kiosks in their restaurants. They wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t a net savings to the bottom line. This net savings can only be attributed to a net labor reduction.

    [–] What small, menial things do you often do to 'stick it to the man'? buriedbythesound 15 points ago in AskReddit

    I think how management treats their staff has a big impact on things like this. A few years ago there was ownership infighting in a big chain near me and the whole staff sided with one side of the company and essentially shut the chain down until he won.

    This same company has resisted self check out and has a culture where workers want to be there, resulting in great service and running efficiently.

    Then I go to a store where they have 10 self check out registers and 2 cashiers who appear to be constantly reminded that their job could be replaced by a screen. You treat people like their worthless and valueless long enough and you get worthless and valueless people.

    [–] What small, menial things do you often do to 'stick it to the man'? buriedbythesound 237 points ago in AskReddit

    I refuse to use self service checkouts at grocery stores so some big corporation can save a negligible cost on labor.

    [–] Is there ever a car lease that makes sense? buriedbythesound 1 points ago in personalfinance

    My answer is less from a PF lense and more from being on the car side of the business,

    Leasing can be the best way to purchase a new vehicle. Often times manufacturers will place a higher relative incentive on the vehicle because it shortens your buying cycle and retention is higher on lease customers versus traditional purchase. Similarly if you are self employed/registering to a business then there are some tax advantages there. All manufacturers offer some sort of bumper to bumper warranty with the most common being 3years/36000 miles. I would guess your driving habits would suggest a longer lease.

    That being said there are disadvantages that often make purchasing a used car the better option. Because you are paying a low monthly payment the total payoff on the vehicle before lease term (if you have to trade in the vehicle for some unforeseen reason) will put you in a negative equity position almost certainly throughout the term even with money down. Many manufacturers also have disposition fees you pay to turn in the vehicle that sometimes get quickly glossed over at transaction time.

    The easy way I’d look at it is this. If you are going to buy a new car for sure then consider the first following on leasing. The manufacturer is assigning a value they think the car you want will be worth in 3 years. If you think they are over confident and the car will be worth less than by all means lease because they will take the depreciation on. Otherwise, a traditional purchase may be better for you.

    [–] got a new car a few days ago. Salesman said to come back since they "got me a lower payment." Is there a catch? buriedbythesound 1 points ago in personalfinance

    What state are you in? There are states (like California for instance) where common practice is to contract a customer without an approval. It could be that the approval they got back was better than what they estimated for you.

    It could also be that they got a better call and are passing along... particularly if that call also makes them more money.

    [–] As a child, what were you more concerned of than you should have been? buriedbythesound 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Late to the party but when I was a kid D.A.R.E. convinced me that I’d d spending most of my teenager years in my sleepy suburb dodging drug dealers that wanted to hook me to heroin.

    [–] People honestly believe that I don't love my fiancé just because I am cheating on him buriedbythesound 1 points ago in stupidslutsclub

    I think from what you’ve posted here and elsewhere that you do love him. I think that the challenge you might find yourself in is you love the kink more.

    I read through some of your posts and you mentioned that he found out you had a tinder account and you were able to get past it. Once you did you jumped right back into things knowing how he felt. I’m not judging at all, I think you have a strong hold on what your sexual needs are.

    I think the question you have to ask yourself is what’s your end game? If you think you guys are forever then at some point you’re probably going to have to end exploring the kink or risk discovery, particularly when the long distance portion of your relationship ends. Which one sounds less horrible?

    [–] But it was FREE!!!! buriedbythesound 104 points ago in TalesFromRetail

    I picked up an iPad this way and I remember the salesman telling me 3 or 4 different ways that though it was free I had to pay the 10 dollar monthly access charge and couldn't cancel it without a penalty. I was afraid he thought I was slow and now I understand.

    [–] When has a salesman talked himself right out of a sale to you? buriedbythesound 4 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah add ons and the like are hard to predict because the value is in the eye of the buyer. I would say that OEM parts typically aren't going to have a negative impact on value but they certainly don't bring a significant increase in value either.

    In conclusion, this is a garbage dealer.