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    [–] Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka's $8.5M Adidas Deal Biggest Ever for a Woman c_a_s_i_o -12 points ago in sports

    kind of insulting to add the caveat biggest ever "for a woman". couldn't they have just said biggest ever?

    [–] Me irl c_a_s_i_o 1 points ago in me_irl

    this speaks to me on a spherical level

    [–] to boycott Nike c_a_s_i_o -5 points ago in therewasanattempt

    do you guys think Nike is more like the MLK or the Malcolm X of shoes?

    [–] Mac Miller dead at 26 c_a_s_i_o 1 points ago in news

    my feelings are hurt

    [–] Mac Miller dead at 26 c_a_s_i_o 1 points ago in news

    God: u mad? *trole face *

    [–] Twitter Bans Alex Jones, Citing Harassing Messages c_a_s_i_o 1 points ago in news

    according to a press release from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey,

    We made our terms of service intentionally vague so that we could use them to shut down any voices and opinions that we consider problematic. We feel that our bias, which we fully admit is left-leaning, should be used to regulate what kind of information our users have access to, and to censor those viewpoints which we disagree with.

    [–] Hoe c_a_s_i_o 41 points ago in niceguys

    the only B word i would ever call my bitch is "beautiful" 😘

    [–] A doctor made a "special prescription" for an illiterate patient. c_a_s_i_o -15 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    calling somebody "illiterate" is a bit harsh, isn't there some kind of euphemism we could use instead to be more validating?

    [–] 9 years since that faithful day. c_a_s_i_o 3 points ago in DunderMifflin

    and it was all done with mechanical effects, no CGI here folks

    [–] This NEEDED to be said! c_a_s_i_o -13 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    honestly who cares what people say or do

    [–] So happy Morning Star Farms is starting to make more of their products vegan, including these. c_a_s_i_o -15 points ago in vegan

    how can you call it "buffalo wings" if it doesn't contain any buffalo?nothing against vegan food, but be honest about it.