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    [–] If Jaws were reverse caf323 12 points ago in funny


    [–] [Homemade] Full English breakfast, perfect start to the weekend! caf323 1 points ago in food

    I always click on these to see all the twats posting what's missing from it.

    [–] [Homemade] Shrimp stir fry caf323 5 points ago in food

    Are the shrimp thrown in for the last 20-30 seconds?

    [–] Sidebar pls caf323 21 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    I'm surprised Parsons knees didn't explode when he did this.

    [–] Jevon carter caf323 1 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    It's coming. Shelvin Mack is serviceable but I don't see him locking down that role the entire season.

    [–] "Binge watching" has become a cute and innocent term to justify being incredibly addicted to watching TV. caf323 4 points ago in Showerthoughts

    People can be equally addicted to a show they have to watch on network television one a week for several months. "Binge watching" is the ability to consume a whole story at once rather than piecemealing it together over a longer period.

    [–] Armored Legacy MMPR Red caf323 1 points ago in powerrangers

    If you're ever in Memphis, TN come check the Walgreens because they basically all have a MMPR yellow sitting there.

    [–] Why does JJJ disappear at the end of games?!? caf323 12 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Probably comes down to his inexperience and the cruciality of execution down the stretch of tight games.

    [–] r/UtahJazz right now caf323 5 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    You're literally possibly the only person in the world who thinks that.

    [–] I think Parsons may be done caf323 7 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    He's done. He has no function left as an NBA player. He's so unpopular (or forgotten) in the city that the Grizzlies have relegated him to giving out free tickets and pizza because they know that no one would show up for one of his appearances otherwise.

    [–] City jersey leak... Thoughts? caf323 1 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    I don't think this is legit.