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    [–] Are the MMPR Red and Green Legacy figures being re-released? caf323 3 points ago in powerrangers

    The whole figure line is being re-released. LOL remember when they were "limited edition" and would "never be made again."

    [–] What would you need from the Celtics for JJJ? caf323 19 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Just a 2nd rounder. We don't want to be good anymore. We just want to farm picks and players for other big market teams while we suck ass.

    Fuck off.

    [–] The Memphis Grizzlies and the Charlotte Hornets are the only two NBA franchises who have never played a game on Christmas Day. caf323 1 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    I've never watched a Christmas Day NBA game. I'll do NFL on Thanksgiving but having a basketball game on while everyone is opening presents just doesn't have the same effect.

    [–] DJ Stephens to Memphis Grizzlies Confirmed! caf323 3 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Memphis fans will go to FEF to have a chance to see DJ play for 5 minutes. No one is doing anything to have a chance at seeing Kobi Simmons play.

    [–] DJ Stephens to Memphis Grizzlies Confirmed! caf323 3 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    This would be great. It would get me in FedexForum for at least 2 additional games this season.

    [–] Man this feels more clickbaity than a GBB article! caf323 4 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Back when I ran GBB they would literally do posts about our articles instead of create original material. It always felt like it was being run by bots whose first language was not English.

    [–] Blessing in disguise? caf323 11 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    To me the 17-18 season was only painful because it deteriorated into such an awful product by which to be entertained. It would have hurt a lot more if Tony and Z-Bo had still been on the team, but since I had already started ripping off my GNG bandaid when they (and Vince) left in FA .... part of my psyche was ready for the eventual tank that was.

    [–] This turtle is sitting like a dog. caf323 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    He's using the squatty potty method of taking a dump.

    [–] Worth a shot, am i right? caf323 2 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    If LeBron, KD, Curry, Klay, Draymond, CP3, Harden, Aldridge, DeRozan, Westbrook and George all go down with torn ACL's then there's a decent chance.

    [–] Article outlines the best Grizzlies bench players of this decade. Thoughts on this list? caf323 11 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    It's kind of a silly list.

    Beno>Chalmers. Beno was a part of the prime of our playoff runs. Chalmers was a part of the Goon Squad and the Tank Season.

    I know he came off the bench the last couple of seasons but I can't even consider OJ Mayo. 3rd overall pick who started 180 games and came off the bench in 121 games. And if we're really going to go with anyone who came off the bench at some point in their tenure then I'd go with Tony Allen (over 100 games off the bench) over Mayo anyway.

    Vince Carter is technically a shooting guard. So he should be the honorable mention in that position. QPon is also technically a shooting guard but I guess since we haven't even had a legit starting SF on the roster since Rudy Gay/Tayshaun Prince we have to put someone in there.

    He got Darrell Arthur right. Although for honorable mention I'd probably go with '14-'16 JaMychal Green or shit.. maybe even Jon Leuer.

    Kosta is definitely the answer for backup C, but Ed Davis is a PF and the most obvious honorable mention is Hamed Haddadi, c'mon now.

    [–] [Chris Herrington] Sacramento getting a 2021 second-rounder in deal with Grizzlies, per source. caf323 4 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    We know Chris Wallace doesn't give a shit about 2nd round picks, but wouldn't have been nice to have had those couple of 2nd rounders for Tyreke and having an extra one after this trade rather than just have 1 fewer draft pick to work with?

    [–] Let’s check in on how Deyonta is playing this summer... oh no caf323 1 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Vince Carter made it public during his last season here. Then at media day last year (after Vince left for SAC) Deyonta was asked about the room and he told the media he never got a chance to go see it before Vince left.