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    [–] Huge surplus of these at toys r us caf323 1 points ago in powerrangers

    Any store that sells toys has a huge surplus of those.

    [–] On this week's edition of terrible trade ideas caf323 20 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Yeah I fucking bet he fucking likes it.

    Like, not even #9 .... #36.

    [–] PSA for all visitors with (probably) shitty trade proposals caf323 2 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Hey guys, don't forget we WANT to proactively be the dumpster/bargain bin for the rest of the league. The meek shall inherit the earth.

    [–] [Dillon Brooks] Come to Memphis @kingjames #ShelbyDriveLookAlive caf323 4 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Remember when we fired Fiz? Remember LBJ's reaction to the firing? Yeah he's not coming here.

    [–] where do you go now for Grizzlies' news? caf323 15 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Twitter. Follow Herrington, Calkins, the other 92.9 guys and you're pretty much set.

    [–] I think I found all the Power Swords. caf323 -10 points ago in powerrangers

    Yeah you're right, the writing is so small that it literally looks like %0 and $149.99 you smart ass little fuck.

    [–] Am I the only one who doesn't like the social media now Amara has left? caf323 1 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    There was always too many emojis. That or overused GIFs or memes or trying to jump on some other dumb trend. Felt like a 20-something-year-old-recent-graduate was running it because that's what was happening.

    [–] Snow White Poster [1060x1500] caf323 1 points ago in DesignPorn

    The red peel needs to be a lot more visible.

    [–] MMPR Legacy Megazord - Can you still get them? caf323 1 points ago in powerrangers

    Just because some bozo listed it for $1000 on Amazon doesn't mean "it was going for $1000" .... no one has ever paid that much for one. They maxed out on eBay at $500.

    [–] Since so many people have been requesting this... caf323 11 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    This is great info for that trade I was trying to set up a couple of days ago. Can someone do the math on the Cavs roster?

    [–] Who's our number one free agent target? caf323 13 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Nope. But Chris Wallace sure does.

    [–] Who's our number one free agent target? caf323 5 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Who available had the highest high school player ranking? It's that person.

    [–] Unique Trade Idea caf323 6 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Wait.... u--u---yoo---yyooze thu p-p-p-pi-pi-peeeik...hour-s-s-saayulves???!?!!!

    Get out of here with that Ancient Aliens bullshit man.

    [–] Brilliant new trade idea caf323 14 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    I just want to make sure teams don't feel like they're getting ripped off when they're providing such a valuable service to us.

    [–] Trade for Gasol and Conley caf323 1 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    How about LeBron for Parsons?

    [–] Was /u/RexLego actually Chris Wallace? caf323 1 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    If you can find evidence of him advocating for Josh Selby or Tony Wroten it's 100% solid.

    [–] Trading the 4th Pick caf323 1 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    It doesn't really matter because Chris Wallace can no longer work fast enough to get a trade deal done during the timeframe the draft presents.