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    [–] Anyone else love this game even though they had no idea what the Flipper they were doing? caf323 2 points ago in gaming

    I just remember swimming around for an hour+ before jumping really high up in the middle and actually starting the game.

    [–] Fletch’s Valentine for Grizz Nation caf323 1 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Indeed. He's a self-absorbed, privileged jackass. He still has the #TonyAllenWalkingThroughThings hashtag on his gd twitter profile as if that was a thing for more than 20 minutes the night it happened 5 years ago. He's an attention whore who isn't a percent as clever, funny or original as he thinks he is.

    [–] Fletch’s Valentine for Grizz Nation caf323 1 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    He's not wrong, but he's not even remotely close to being the originator of the sentiment he's tweeting out. He'd like to think he is.

    [–] Dat ass tho - Mezco One:12 MX Catwoman caf323 2 points ago in ActionFigures

    You can find great basic versions of Batman, Catwoman, Cap and Dr Strange at retail price right now. Superman has jumped in price ever since the Darkseid figure came out.

    [–] Comedian Robin Williams with his daughter Zelda, photographed by Arthur Grace in New York City, 1989. caf323 3 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    For real. I don't have the source, but he's talked about it before. He was enamored with the game on the NES when it came out.

    [–] Dat ass tho - Mezco One:12 MX Catwoman caf323 8 points ago in ActionFigures

    There are a lot of great Mezcos that are available for under retail right now. Maybe start with the brown suit Wolverine or a Deadpool figure. Great accessories with Deadpool.

    [–] Scarlett Johansson for Vanity Fair caf323 2 points ago in pics

    That's a healthy woman.

    [–] Look at what our division rivals do and then look at us - another reason to clear out the FO caf323 2 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Chill dude. This is the only trade I've seen thus far and it features two teams. It's not like every other team is making waves. But yeah we suck ass so I'm not gonna argue that.

    [–] Look at what our division rivals do and then look at us - another reason to clear out the FO caf323 2 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    It was two 1sts for Kristaps. If he doesn't preoperly recover from his knee injury the Mavs are fucked and won't be drafting for a few years.

    [–] Legacy Dino Megazord? caf323 3 points ago in powerrangers

    They are actually just now re-releasing the SOC Megazord because SOC Titanus is about to come out. SOC Dragonzord is still readily available too.

    Don't bother trying to get the Legacy Dino Megazord or Legacy Titanus. You would pay so much on the secondary market that you might as well get the SOC versions because they are far superior. Legacy Megazord is a $50 toy sold for $80 and the marked up to $200+ on the secondary market. You don't wanna go there!

    [–] TIL: A Starbucks hot “venti” latte and “grande” latte each have exactly two shots of espresso. The extra dollar you’re paying for the larger size is essentially buying you 4 ounces of frothed milk. caf323 5 points ago in todayilearned

    You're also paying for a larger cup, larger lid, and potentially more condiments being used in the drink. If you're one of those pricks who has to have their drink remade 3 times before it "tastes right" then that's also being covered by having to use an extra 12 ounces of milk to get your drink right. If you're frugal with things like gourmet coffee you shouldn't be going to Starbucks in the first place.

    [–] Is it just recency bias or is Shelvin the most hated Grizzlies player ever? Or at least in the last 10 years? caf323 5 points ago in memphisgrizzlies

    Let me be clear that I absolutely hate watching Shelvin Mack play basketball for the Grizzlies, but this is definitely recency bias. And it's also highly affected by everything else shitty going on with the season ... especially considering the FO was intent on winning 50 games and making the playoffs. If the Grizzlies were 32-20 and Mack had the exact same stats there wouldn't be as much clamoring. He's on the vet minimum and while he plays way too many minutes, it's not like we're missing out on developing some other talented PG (sorry Jevon.) For me the hate on him is purely based around his clueless, shitty performances.

    Chandler Parsons doesn't/didn't/can't/won't play enough minutes for the appropriate amount of hate to be displayed. Parsons logged 1412 minutes for the Grizzlies. Mack has already played 1126 minutes and there's still 30 games left. That's a big spotlight on Mack's play compared to Parsons. It's not his fault for signing it, but the fact that he got paid a literal fortune for precisely *dick* means he should be the most hated Grizzlies player of all time.

    Jeff Green was despised by people and should be hated more considering the 1st round pick we traded for him is still hanging over our heads. Jeff Green was a starter, a supposed solution, the apparent missing piece. Welp, he was a starter, unfortunately, but that's about the only part he lived up to, and that wasn't because he deserved to be starting.

    Nick Calathes was literally booed by thousands of Grizzlies fans inside of FedexForum but he was able to get it together and regain some standing with fans. But if he hadn't been on an already awesome Grizzlies squad and had been playing for a lotto team that hate could have festered and grown exponentially. He was also a total prick in the locker and probably hated more by his teammates than any other player in recent memory.