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    [–] Things are a little strange today in Eastern Iowa 🤷‍♂️ cak3crumbs 3 points ago in Iowa

    Here at work in Davenport near 1-80 and there is at least 8. Digging out my car is going to be a blast tonight

    [–] MANDATORY EVACUATION - now for all City of Malibu + areas S of 101 Fwy, Ventura line to Malibu Cyn cak3crumbs 6 points ago in news

    Yea I remember in 2007 waking up to ash raining down from the sky like snow,

    Scared me so much I moved out of the state

    [–] Has anyone turned in a receipt? cak3crumbs 8 points ago in TalesFromRetail

    This happens on a regular basis at my work. If it’s credit we cancel the transaction, the card isn’t actually charged till they finish pumping. If it’s cash we cancel, pull it out the cash and stick in the safe with a note of the date/time. Most of the time cash drive always call for their money.

    [–] Has anyone turned in a receipt? cak3crumbs 189 points ago in TalesFromRetail

    I manage a gas station. People will bring in a receipt and claim it didn’t dispense gas. I ask to see the card to make sure it’s their receipt and they fight but usually go away

    [–] Mollie Tibbetts’ ex-classmate gave birth to murder suspect’s baby cak3crumbs 8 points ago in Iowa

    I’d like to see this post deleted. That poor girl shouldn’t have her name dragged through the mud because someone she slept with is a piece of shit

    [–] My Mom and her sister 1950s cak3crumbs 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    That’d be my mom lol

    [–] When a DNA test upends your identity, some find 'family' in secret Facebook group cak3crumbs 4 points ago in Genealogy

    This happened to my family a few years ago. My Ancestry DNA outed my grandmothers 60+ year old secret that her husband wasn’t my Moms father.

    She is in her 80’s and can’t remember much of anything about the guy as it was a one night stand. I have been trying to figure it out using dna matches that don’t find in my known family tree but the closest are 3-4 degrees apart so there is a possibility we may never know.

    The guy was in the military during the Korean War. If he was an only child and was killed during the war it would be impossible to find a close living relative.

    [–] welp i dont own this meme just ctto cak3crumbs 1 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    He picks ignore and that makes the 9 yr old rep drop dramatically down to the “tense” lvl

    [–] Me_Irl cak3crumbs 86 points ago in meirl

    You forgot about it being down by the river

    [–] Match Thread: Russia vs. Croatia [2018 FIFA World Cup - Quarterfinals] cak3crumbs 2 points ago in soccer

    Russia is the biggest surprise as they are the lowest ranked team in the tournament and have never made it this far.