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    [–] Rock House, Hocking Hills, Ohio [3024 x 4032] calmcalamity 17 points ago in EarthPorn

    I got lucky, this was taken this past Sunday at around 2pm right after a crowd of people left.

    [–] TESTED: Oculus Quest 2 Review calmcalamity 3 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in oculus

    My CV1 recently died on me. I am in the market for a new headset. 99% of my VR usage is sim racing. For me not having a cable means nothing. Using link is the quest 2 an upgrade from the Rift S for sim racing or other wired games?

    [–] Suspension Setup Recommendations calmcalamity 1 points ago in S2000

    I have a 2001 with ohlins 12kf/10kr. Almost a full str build. The single biggest impact for me was putting an NC Miata front sway bar on the rear. The Miata bar is softer than oem and allows the rear to roll more keeping the tires on the ground allowing you to power out of corners faster.

    [–] Installed the Sake Bomb Garage Wilwood brakes on my 04, and I'm super fired up about them. calmcalamity 1 points ago in S2000

    You could look into using 2004 accord v6 calipers for an increase in braking power with an OEM look. IDK how strict your inspections are, but those would probably visually pass as an OEM brake.

    [–] Track Days calmcalamity 1 points ago in WRXSTi

    More expensive does not always mean better. Track pads are designed to operate in a different environment than the oe pads and will have significantly better on track performance while often times not costing as much. For example: hawk HP plus pads will outbrake a OEM pads while costing less. Although this does not mean you should use track pads on a daily driver.

    [–] How to fix / hide curb rash? calmcalamity 1 points ago in WRXSTi

    Toyota magnetic grey touch up paint is pretty close to the grey of the base wheels.

    [–] Autocross Stupid Questions: Week of June 22 calmcalamity 1 points ago in Autocross

    Due to a vendor making a mistake I have some fancy white line end links for my front sway bar that I don't need. I already have an aftermarket rear sway bar and end links on my car. I run this car in the street class where only one sway bar can be changed. Can I install these aftermarket end links onto my car while keeping the stock front sway bar or is that not allowed in the street class?

    [–] Miata or WRX calmcalamity 1 points ago in WRX

    Why not a BRZ? You get some of the practicality of the WRX and some of the agility and sporty handling of the miata. Also if you plan on getting into autocross or tracking it's a solid platform.

    [–] Sort of miss my Miata, talk me out of selling my S2000 calmcalamity 2 points ago in S2000

    What no one here has mentioned is that you can replace the final drive. If your only major gripe with the s2000 is the gears are too long you can shorten the gear ratios. This will have a negative impact on highway cruising, but is definitely something to consider.

    [–] Forbidden cookies calmcalamity 79 points ago in forbiddensnacks

    Except I'm fairly certain being black isn't a birth defect..

    [–] NFS vibes calmcalamity 1 points ago in assettocorsa

    Or Tokyo Xtreme Racer vibes.

    [–] Should my AP2 be this Loose? calmcalamity 1 points ago in S2000

    I run 0.07 deg toe out in the front on each side in my ap1. I don't find it unmanageable, the car does quite well autocrossing. It's common to run a really big front swaybar on these cars which will reduce the oversteery nature.

    [–] The New GR Yaris! Just waiting on price now, fingers crossed calmcalamity 9 points ago in Toyota

    I doubt this thing will come to the US market, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    [–] Hello S2k-er. In the market for an oil catch can. Who should I buy it from? calmcalamity 1 points ago in S2000

    For the price I paid the quality is very good. All aluminium and very solid. The only thing I had to do is replace the lines that were provided, they were too flimsy.

    I do not daily my S2k. It mostly sees weekend and autocross driving. I only purchased the catch can because on certain course configurations when autocrossing the car would suck a ton of oil through the PCV and puff a huge cloud of smoke out of the exhaust.

    This is the catch can I purchased:

    If you do decide to go get one I would recommend disassembling the unit and cleaning it out. There could still be burs/chips left from the machining possess which would be a nightmare if they were sucked into your motor.