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    [–] What book is a 10/10? candidly1 1 points ago in AskReddit

    "Red Storm Rising", by Tom Clancy. A very realistic look at what WWIII could look like.

    [–] Bit of a tight squeeze (coal miners 1900) candidly1 3 points ago in WTF

    So, when you hear people saying how much their job sucks...

    [–] Rangers Rally; Only To Lose In A Shootout candidly1 2 points ago in rangers

    The reversal of the third goal was a joke.

    [–] Bit of a tight squeeze (coal miners 1900) candidly1 4 points ago in WTF

    The elevator that takes them down to the actual mine.

    [–] Off to a good start this week!, What about you guys? candidly1 2 points ago in Fantasy_Football

    Only eligible player I had was Reek; I am not displeased.

    [–] What happened candidly1 10 points ago in golf

    I can remember, decades ago, introducing my best friend to golf on a local muni; we had like an 8:00 time. We get to the snack bar, and he sees a bunch of beers. He said "We can buy beers here at 7:30 in the morning, and take them on the course with us?" I said "Oh yes." He said "I'm going to like this sport; I can just tell."

    [–] Help me candidly1 5 points ago in Cartalk

    1) Remove radiator cap.

    2) Pull car out from under it.

    3) Insert another 1968 Camaro.

    4) Replace radiator cap.

    [–] BrUtaL GAnG FiGht eScaLATes iNTo ALL out WAr candidly1 1 points ago in PeopleFuckingDying

    Had a young friend who had been compelled to spend a little time inside; I asked him about the old "soap-bar party thing". He said "No good; it's all liquid soap now". So I asked "So what do you use, then; like a can of soda?" He said "Fuck no; that'd waste a perfectly good soda. You use a brick."

    To this day I don't know if he was serious.

    [–] I'd watch that movie candidly1 2 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Rob bought a hair-straightener?

    [–] [Prebuilt] Refurbished Acer Aspire Predator w/ i7 6700, 32GB DDR4, 1TB + 256GB SSD, GTX 1070: $998 +2$ shipping candidly1 13 points ago in buildapcsales

    I bought a pre-built from them a while back; tons of BSODs right off the bat. They took it back and credited my AMEX; no trouble at all.

    [–] Marshawn Lynch has been ejected candidly1 1 points ago in nfl

    When the rest of the team arrived in the locker room later, he said "Yo, man; I been here the whole time."

    [–] "Will people now believe Corey Feldman about Hollywood abusers?" I hope so, but doubt it. Women matter, boys don't. candidly1 0 points ago in MensRights

    Sure they do, at least when it comes to their own records. As to people standing outside facilities to do headcounts, that would be out of their control, but it would be a monumental task.