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    [–] How To Make Thousands of Gold In Guild Wars 2 - Guide & Advice From The MMOs Richest Players carnifex2005 0 points ago in Guildwars2

    I'm guessing it's rich people not wanting to have any secrets come out. This almost always happens with any gold making threads. It's rather pathetic.

    [–] A fresh croissant from the bakery I work at carnifex2005 52 points ago in FoodPorn

    I remember a similar pic but when I did a Google image search this is the only one that comes up.

    [–] Post-Match Thread: Norwich City 3-2 Manchester City | Premier League carnifex2005 6 points ago in soccer

    He did a blatant dive after tripping over a Norwich players foot towards the end of the first half.

    [–] Best case design carnifex2005 5 points ago in DesignPorn

    Please don't disturb him, he's dead tired.

    [–] [Spoiler] Cowboy vs Gaethje carnifex2005 34 points ago in MMA

    To me, Gaethje is like Hendo is at wrestling. He hasn't used it in such a long time I doubt he's good at it anymore despite his pedigree.

    [–] Post-Match Thread: Norwich City 3-2 Manchester City | Premier League carnifex2005 1 points ago in soccer

    Probably. The odds were 24/1 at kickoff for Norwich. That's amazing for a single standalone game.

    [–] What's a "fun-fact" about a movie that you know is completely false? carnifex2005 2 points ago in movies

    Fast 5 used a changed up Italian Job sequel script (supposed to be called the Brazilian Job). Unfortunately, not true.

    [–] Inter Miami CF Stadium Render- Construction in Fort Lauderdale carnifex2005 30 points ago in MLS

    Yeah, Empire Field was a 27k stadium built in 111 days. Miami has more than enough time to build this one.

    [–] Super Console Sequel carnifex2005 1 points ago in gaming

    Yeah, I'm going to feel that way when I buy a PS4 for Final Fantasy 7.

    [–] Mountain runners carnifex2005 2 points ago in toptalent

    You mean the thing you just discovered about 5 minutes ago?

    [–] Dustin Poirier’s foundation reaches goal for Uganda orphanage carnifex2005 76 points ago in MMA

    Before the fight it was at about $4400, when I donated a few hours after the fight it was at $7600. It certainly helped.

    [–] Battle between Foodora and its couriers could define 'how we do work in this century' carnifex2005 18 points ago in canada

    Our governments should do what California is doing and set a minimum wage and work conditions for "gig economy" jobs. That will clear out bottom feeders like Foodora pretty quickly.