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    [–] The International 9 - Upper Bracket Round 2 - OG vs Evil Geniuses catch_fire 1 points ago in DotA2

    Especially that Lesh was key in that game with his push. And Underlord always gave the option to retreat and regroup if larger fights did actually break out. TNC were just trying to put out fires instead of going for a decisive push.

    [–] Barcelona extremely frustrated by Dembele after he failed to show for medical examination on Saturday catch_fire 7 points ago in soccer

    While playing at Dortmund his finishing was absolutely fine though and I wonder what happened at Barca. Sure, he made some unnecessary dribblings there as well, but Tuchel provided him with a suitable role in the half spaces during build-up and he had great assist numbers for a 19 year old. Haven't watched Barca apart from CL that much, but I have the feeling that it might be more of a system issue and him not being able to adapt properly (as you already explained).

    [–] If you're opponent goes first and kills your executioner, can this be used to fire its main cannon once or twice? catch_fire 3 points ago in WarhammerCompetitive

    Lorewise there are different "tiers" of machine spirits and the most advanced and revered vehicles basically have more complex spirits in their hull. It's a throwback to the story of a Crimson Fist Land Raider Rynn's Might which went on a killing spree after its crew died.

    [–] Pepe skill in midfield catch_fire 37 points ago in soccer

    But isn't that just fair criticism at this point? Great individual skills and when he improves on that vision aspect (which as you already explained is likely to happen through training and game time with the team) he's going to be a great addition.

    [–] Dembele's disasterclass v Athletic Bilbao catch_fire 4 points ago in soccer

    I think that's simply a different aspect of the discussion, which can at least have some interesting insights. But the recent trend here to post 1 minute cuts of one or even several games to paint a certain pictures (positive as well as negative) is a bit worrisome. I would go even so far, that you could make a similiar compilation like this of one of Messis game. Risky passes which don't find a teammate, others making different runs or simply missed balls happen to elite players as well.

    [–] In Norway you get a small amount of money for recycling bottles/cans. They're often collected by poor people, homeless etc. A lot of our trash cans has these holders around them so people don't have to search through the trash to collect them catch_fire 2 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    There was some debate about if they should be installed or if it's a bad idea in the long run. Mainly if it normalized behaviour in the public eye, where homeless and elderly people become dependent on this form of subsidy, instead of society and the state taking care of the underlying causes for poverty in a substantial and more importantly in a sustainable way. Basically not just treating symptoms, but installing or increasing professional structures to help those people.

    [–] It's a blended family. But it should still count... catch_fire 3 points ago in DadReflexes

    Dogs simply weren't bred to 'trust' us recently, that process started 20.000-40.000 years ago ( Other domesticated animals like goats, sheep or pigs also display a similiar history of starting to interact with human societies about 8.000-12.000 years ago.

    [–] Frustrated Frenkie de Jong - Attempts one twos - Doesn't get the ball back catch_fire 0 points ago in soccer

    It's not about him losing possession, but about the passing angle to him and the covering shadow of the defender. In some of those portrayed situations a simple 70% success rate for the final pass is simply not good enough.

    [–] Frustrated Frenkie de Jong - Attempts one twos - Doesn't get the ball back catch_fire 3 points ago in soccer

    Oh, I'm not arguing that and there definitely needs to be more pressure and intensity coming from midfield. I just think that this specific selection of scenes does not really address this in a good way, since those aborted plays naturally occur during a game and the headline tries more to tell a story instead of showing actual flaws. There a even two scenes in it, where a loss possession would lead to a direct goalscoring opportunity for the other team.

    [–] [FRESH] Keane - Love Too Much catch_fire 3 points ago in indieheads

    That's always the thing with their recent releases, right? Deep in my heart I am still trying to love them, but it just doesn't really click anymore.

    [–] Frustrated Frenkie de Jong - Attempts one twos - Doesn't get the ball back catch_fire -1 points ago in soccer

    I kinda disagree, especially the first half of the video involved possible space, but the risk of failure seemed to be pretty high (for Barcas playstyle and their focus on possession) or he was still in the passing shadow of the defender. The one at 0:15 to the keeper was okay, but there wasn't any room to gain anyway. Only the one following that at 0:21 was really a missed opportunity in my opinion, since he had a good acceleration and space to go into.

    [–] Cymbals Eat Guitars tease new music on KEXP tomorrow at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST catch_fire 4 points ago in indieheads

    Ah, I feel like that Pretty Years is a bit underrated, especially after hearing the songs from that album live. Finally and 4th of July are my favorite songs from the Band and are incredibly well composed, while the sound and their experience really came together there.

    [–] Beer (0.5l) and sausage price table in the Bundesliga catch_fire 3 points ago in soccer

    To put it briefly: Union is more of an "anti-establishment" club during the DDR, while BFC basically became the Stasi-Club and was heavily supported by the upper echelon. They are not really leftist in a sense, since the core heavily criticized the DDR and was mainly recruited from the working class around that area. Köpenick also has a slightly different identity compared to the rest of Berlin, while the fan scene nowadays is pretty diverse.

    [–] [FRESH PERFORMANCE] Public Service Broadcasting - Go! (2019 BBC Proms) catch_fire 7 points ago in indieheads

    The way they use their sound snippets is truly mesmerising and just conveys the emotions of their speakers brilliantly. They Gave Me A Lamp (Link) is the perfect example for me personally, especically when the trumpets slowly fade off, the choir vanishes and you just hear the words "I've been in front, I have never give in, I have never sat back And I have never refused anybody, and I am very proud of it And I'll be proud to look back on it". I get goosebumps everytime!

    [–] Syrian refugee cooks food on the street to give to the homeless in Germany. catch_fire 3 points ago in pics

    It also took place in Berlin, so using English especially around the area of Alexanderplatz with its huge amount of tourists makes total sense.

    [–] Maxime Awoudja (Stuttgart) second yellow card vs. Hannover (85') catch_fire 0 points ago in soccer

    That would an ant hill to die upon for me. Of course it's a harsh decision, but studs are still up the moment the other player passes. Has been a directive for several years now to give a yellow for that in Germany and it's all about the intent (so real contact isn't even needed).

    [–] RB Leipzig's Ethan Ampadu: "So I'm asking players where's good to go for dinner, what's there to do? An interesting thing I found out was on Sunday. I was going to shopping only to réalise no shops were open. So it's a bit different. I'm learning about the German culture." (response starts at 9:20) catch_fire 1 points ago in soccer

    Then at least try to inform yourself before you make such far-reaching statements. A suitable comparison would be cocaine and opium for example, which both fall under the Betäubungsmittelgesetz (roughly translated to narcotics law). Same principle, still allowing for different uses inside the legal frame (eg for medicinal purposes). Sonntagsruhe is already protected by the Basic Law of the Federal Republic, but there are democratic tools available via the parliaments to change that, if society deems it not necessary anymore. Current practices also fall under Arbeitszeitgesetz ("work time law") and Ladenschlussgesetz ("business hour law"), which is why Ver.di was able to successfully sue. Mowing your lawn falls under noise imission protection rules as well, which also apply here.