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    [–] The two Benfica fans who drove to the wrong Frankfurt have been a fake by German football magazine 11Freunde catch_fire 81 points ago in soccer

    11Freunde is also a really great publication for football culture as well, if you able to read German, just give it a try when visiting. Oh boy, am I astroturfing now?

    [–] The heartbreaking moment an orangutan tries to fight off a bulldozer destroying his forest (Sir David Attenborough's new documentary; 'The Facts') catch_fire 1 points ago in videos

    Causal factors are still relatively poorly understood and while agricultural intensification and habitat fragmentation (protected areas acting as source for insect populations, but might get drained too fast in some seasons) are likely to be a major part of that, there needs to be more research as well.

    [–] The heartbreaking moment an orangutan tries to fight off a bulldozer destroying his forest (Sir David Attenborough's new documentary; 'The Facts') catch_fire 1 points ago in videos

    It's a bit complicated, because fish in general lack responsible neuroanatomical structures like the neocortex. It's an ongoing scientific debate whether homologous organs like the avian Wulst do exist and if fish are able to feel things like pain at all (nociception is on a different level and does not rely on conscious processing). You have different research groups arguing for and against it and to be honest: At this moment we just don't know and even the precautionary principle is difficult to implement at times.

    [–] Post-Match Thread: Eintracht Frankfurt 2-0 SL Benfica ([4]-4 on agg.) [UEFA Europa League Quarterfinals, Leg 2] catch_fire 6 points ago in soccer

    That whole team did. So much fighting spirit, while also having the class to play some really good and attacking football. Didn't expect them to have such a great season.

    [–] Eintracht Frankfurt [1]-0 [3-4 agg.] SL Benfica - Filip Kostić 36' catch_fire 159 points ago in soccer

    UEFA is more ridiculous for not having VAR at this stage. Just totally unnecessary.

    [–] Hey y'all! This is the William Tyler AMA today! catch_fire 1 points ago in indieheads

    Super sad that I will miss you playing at Roter Salon this friday. If I remember correctly you played there before (the Impossible Truth-Tour?) and the venue was just so amazingly fitting for your great music. Just wanted to wish you all the best there!

    [–] Seriously dude wtf is wrong with you? catch_fire 41 points ago in freefolk

    It's like poetry, sort of. They rhyme.

    [–] 40k aggressiveness Tier List catch_fire 42 points ago in Warhammer40k

    Salamanders being on the same diplomatic level as Tau is also questionable. They are defenders of humanity first and foremost and show only appreciation towards non-corrupted humans. They are of course a bit more reasonable than other warrior-monks.

    [–] Which book is considered a literary masterpiece but you didn’t like it at all? catch_fire 14 points ago in AskReddit

    "Squeeze! Squeeze! Squeeze! All the morning long; I squeezed that sperm till I myself melted into it; I squeezed that sperm till a sort of insanity came over me; and I found myself unwittingly squeezing my co-labourers' hands in it, mistaking their hands for the gentle globules. Such an abounding, affec tionate, friendly, loving feeling did this avocation beget; that at last I was continually squeezing their hands, and looking up into their eyes sentimentally."

    [–] Die Arroganz der Großstadtlinken nervt catch_fire 2 points ago in de

    Weil dies genau der derzeitige Trend ist und Probleme bezüglich der Nachhaltigkeit (Re-Spezialisierungswelle, Fokus Getreideanbau, intensiver Graslandwirtschaft, Reduzierung Zwischenfruchtanbau, etc.) mit sich gebracht, welche auf Bundes- und EU-Ebene entsprechend angegangen werden. Landwirtschaft ist heutzutage auch immer von landschaftspflegerischen Maßnahmen begleitet und wird entsprechend gefördert, dewegen ja auch der vermehrte Fokus auf Multifunktionalität, On-farm processing, Qualität (was natürlich Nachhaltigskeitsaspekte miteinschließt). Dazu braucht man auch entsprechend ausgebildete Leute, welche nicht täglich 5-6h zu ihrem Arbeitsort pendeln müssen (sicherlich kann man spekulieren, dass in 100 Jahren Drohnen und Automation entsprechende zusätzliche Personalreduzierungen ermöglichen, aber das ist irrelevant für derzeitige Probleme bzw. der Entwicklung in den neuen Mitgliedsstaaten).

    [–] Die Arroganz der Großstadtlinken nervt catch_fire 0 points ago in de

    That's not my point. Es geht mir um die nachhaltige Erzeugung von Lebensmitteln als Grundlage für städtisches Zusammensein. Das nicht auf einmal 30% der Bevölkerung wieder auf die Dörfer ziehen soll, ist doch völlig klar.

    [–] Die Arroganz der Großstadtlinken nervt catch_fire 2 points ago in de

    Es geht dabei um Nachhaltigkeit und die Internalisierung von ökologischen Externalitäten mit entsprechendem Managementbedarf. Gerade mit unseren jetzigen politischen Direktiven oder Programmen wie die Wasserrahmenrichtlinie passiert das nicht einfach so im luftleeren Raum, weil "Menschen dafür schon zahlen werden", sofern bedarf aktiver Lösungen und daran gekoppelter Forschung.

    [–] Die Arroganz der Großstadtlinken nervt catch_fire 1 points ago in de

    Jo, das ist ja das Problem. Gerade wenn man an bestimmte Formen und Anbauerzeugnisse der Landwirtschaft denkt, welche damit nicht mehr realisierbar sind.

    [–] Die Arroganz der Großstadtlinken nervt catch_fire 5 points ago in de

    Ländlicher Strukturwandel ist halt nach wie vor ein großes Thema und entsprechende Strukturen vor Ort können zu einer Stabilisierung führen. Wenn der potentielle Nachwuchs rein in die Stadt zieht und dank der Vernetzung ähnliche Ansprüche an Berufs-/Freizeitangebote hat, wird es für viele Kleinbetriebe und Nebenerwerbserzeuger einfach eng.

    [–] German court fines Barcelona striker Ousmane Dembele 10,000 euros for leaving rented home 'like a dustbin' catch_fire 17 points ago in soccer

    Depends on the bottle. One-way plastic bottle is 25 cents, the common multi-way glas bottles are 8 cents and multi-way plastic bottles are 15 cent.

    [–] What do swordfish use their sword for? catch_fire 45 points ago in askscience

    I'm not aware of any direct comparison, but it's possible that they share some behavioural elements. But even within sailfish the extent of how groups (fission-fusion, free-rider problem for the slashing/tapping order) work together and communciate is not clear and to directly quote from the paper:

    Sailfish attacks were accompanied by changes in body posture, colour and pattern which might have multiple functions. The erect dorsal fin (i.e. sail) and pelvic fins probably act as control surfaces to increase body stability [28,29]. We therefore postulate that these fin extensions enhance the accuracy of tapping and slashing. In addition, dorsal fin extension was also observed prior to attacks and therefore it may aid in ‘herding’ prey fish. The colour and pattern changes along the body might be related to intra-specific communication. Sailfish always attacked one at a time (even when up to 40 of them were present around a school of prey) presumably because of the risk of injury when slashing. Whether and how they signal to each other to establish feeding order is a topic in need of further investigation.

    [–] What do swordfish use their sword for? catch_fire 92 points ago in askscience

    Depends on what aspect you want to compare: Increased reach, higher "swatting speed" and a stealthier approach (holes for less air disturbance, color potentially, sailfish basically apporach the group of fish slowly from behind and insert their sword inside the group, before performing the slash movement) are somewhat similiar. The operational mode is different though and focussed on reducing prey maneuverability, hence the two main attack strategies and overall communication between sailfish.

    [–] What do swordfish use their sword for? catch_fire 596 points ago in askscience

    A more recent study focussing on sailfish:

    Our analyses show that sailfish use their bill to isolate and capture prey through two main attack strategies (i.e. tapping and slashing) and that bill-tip acceleration during slashing is comparable to the highest values ever recorded in any aquatic vertebrate, including both swimming and body part movements [10–13]. The recorded speed of the bill tip was much higher than that potentially obtainable for the swimming motion of a fish the size of a sardine (see the electronic supplementary material, text). Expected reaction time and maximum speed of sardines (see the electronic supplementary material, text) further corroborate that they are unlikely to be able to avoid the strike. Therefore, by having a thin and rigid prolongation at the head, sailfish manage to move part of their body (i.e. the bill tip), at a translational speed that is too high for prey to react in time to avoid being struck, even though the sailfish rotational performance lies within expectation for a fish of the same body length but without bill extension (see the electronic supplementary material, text). Based on morphological data from other billfish species and the relationship between mean turning rate and body length, such high translational speeds at the bill tip are also expected for other billfish species

    One thing to note though:

    Morphological studies indicate large differences in bill morphology between different billfish species (e.g. long oval bills with lateral denticles in sailfish (see the electronic supplementary material, figure S1)) and shorter ones in marlins and very long smooth, flat, sword-like bills in swordfish [30,31] (see the electronic supplementary material, table S1) which strongly suggest that they serve different functions.