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    [–] Schalke 2-[3] Manchester City - Raheem Sterling 90' catch_fire 2 points ago in soccer

    Valiant effort, but in the end simply not good enough in the crucial moments.

    [–] Schalke 0-1 Manchester City - Sergio Aguero 18' catch_fire 7 points ago in soccer

    When they play a real opponent in the knockout-stage and win.

    [–] Is Severina Raine garbage? catch_fire 5 points ago in WarhammerCompetitive

    Am I missing something here? The winning list from Brandon used eight vanilla infantry squads, but no conscripts.

    [–] stadium disaster just waiting to happen catch_fire 1 points ago in WTF

    Aw come on, watching a Nürnberg game is not that bad.

    [–] Germany’s wolf population is on the rise thanks to a surprising ally: the military. The wolves have found protection from poachers on military training grounds. catch_fire 2 points ago in sciences

    At least in Germany the number of recordings and concrete events has more to do with the fact, that you comparatively small wolf populations and have to report incidents with livestock inside a timeframe of 24 hours to get a proper review of the state department and nature protection agency, which allows you to receive monetary compensation. There is some discussion about this procedure since it somewhat overcomplicates things and isn't without bureaucratic friction.

    [–] Leverkusen 1-0 Dusseldorf - Kai Havertz 18' catch_fire 7 points ago in soccer

    They played for offside, but Zimmer failed to make the proper movement. You can see Zimmermann (different player) seeing and covering his shadow, before he choose to compress (not sure if this is the right English word) the center.

    [–] Global insect collapse ‘catastrophic for the survival of mankind’ | Humans are on track to wipe out insects within decades, study finds. catch_fire 1 points ago in worldnews

    And let's be real for a second: Most of those people haven't read the review or fail to understand the impetus of this study. We have declining populations, several species are threatened, but this is an area with a lot of scientific research in the background and monitoring methods and feasible solutions are already established, like wide-scale habitat restoration (and there are already many working projects out there already doing that, which hopefully will increase even more in the future), drastic reduction of environmental pollutants (which is something a lot of developing countries have to deal with on a wider scale), the rise of integrated pest management, use of biological control, etc.. There certainly is a way out, but - as always- the devil is in the detail and demands further scientific and legislative attention.

    [–] [Fresh] Wye Oak - Evergreen catch_fire 2 points ago in indieheads

    That accompanying text is also beautifully written:

    "Winter is hard. I’ve certainly seen my fair share of them on my 33 years on this planet, but every year I forget exactly how hard it is to keep my head up, how much the cold and the constant, dull grayness of everything makes it so much harder to go about the business of living.

    I haven’t left my house much this winter—in part because, you know, why bother? But also because I’ve been so excited to get home and get to work on new music. After a year spent almost entirely on tour, I was so ready to get back into my favorite part of the process—creation itself. So I woke up every morning and tasked myself with the heavy burden of creation on demand. Will you make something genius and perfect, or will you fail and waste the day? Are you the artist you claim to be, or are you a just a fraud, a hack?

    As you can imagine, this mindset wasn’t really a great place from which to seek inspiration. Every time I failed to produce on demand, the problem grew exponentially. I began to question not only my ability to write, but also whether I would ever be able to find joy in the process of making music ever again. Somewhere along the line, I had forgotten how much failure—failing consistently, repeatedly--is a part of the creative process. And instead of rolling with the inevitable punches, I internalized every single one as proof of my weakness.

    This song was made in an attempt to work a little differently. It came from a pretty desperate place—physically and emotionally exhausted, I had pretty much given up on myself. When I feel really bad and don’t know what else to do, mindless, repetitive work helps me—so I started cleaning. Sweeping up the needles of the Christmas tree we had left to die in the corner of our house, I started singing to it about my problems. Embarrassing, yes. But it also felt okay. So I wrote this song in my head, carelessly, trying not to force it to become anything in particular. And in that way I rediscovered the process of making something out of nothing.

    Now, I am trying to do a different kind of work—the work of establishing a sense of self-worth that doesn’t rely on my ability to create on demand—or, really, to do anything at all. I understand intellectually that I have worth and value just by existing—that everyone does—but I’m beginning to realize that having an intellectual understanding doesn’t mean you’ve integrated that shit into your heart and mind and unconscious belief. Maybe I’ll never get there, but just trying (not too hard!) feels better than nothing at all. So it’s a start. Hope you enjoy."

    [–] Two gamers discuss the merit of online play catch_fire 6 points ago in gaming

    Because his hero concept is so vastly different and needs your team to be adjusted to it. The differences between having a Witch Doctor or a Crystal Maiden as a support are relatively small on a macro level, but with picking Techies your 4 random teammates are now forced to change their playingstyle in a noticeable manner, if they want to succeed. Does not excuse reporting or getting angry over it, but it's something to keep in the back of your head.

    [–] Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review catch_fire 15 points ago in science

    While I agree, that the current worldnews-thread is a complete mess (it also goes into the other direction with people being gilded for alarmist nonsense and unsubstantiated claims), the used studies in the review are basically nothing new, offer evidence only for limited areas and populations (eg the Krefeld-data is great and important for conservation efforts, but has its drawbacks as well / main areas of research were mostly limited to surveys from Europe and the US due to availability of longitudinal datasets) and the weighting of responsible drivers can of course be debated. Compilations like this are always great to look at the bigger picture or identifying knowledge gaps, but I can also understand why this won't have a similiar impact as the study from Hallmann et al. for example.

    [–] Post-Match thread: Manchester City 6-0 Chelsea catch_fire 2 points ago in soccer

    No. Müller said that they didn't want to showboat and do humilating stuff and therefore end the game in a fair and respectful manner. Of course they also tried to conserve some energy in the second half.

    [–] LVO 2019 top 21 lists - DAY 3 AM catch_fire 5 points ago in WarhammerCompetitive

    Adding to this: How is that list played in theory? I assume with the aura you deal with hordes pretty quickly in a vehicle castle, while the scouts screen charges? And against Castellans you eliminate the screens and let the smash captain do his work, while plinking off some wounds beforehand? Eldar/Ynnari might be tough to deal with though, or is there another thing I am missing? I just wonder if dreads wouldn't be a bit more point-efficient, since getting off the Kill-shot strategem seems to be unlikely in my head, you're not paying for the transport ability of the Repulsors and you have some invulnerable saves against AT as well.

    [–] New Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines previewed (and a sisters model) catch_fire 1 points ago in WarhammerCompetitive

    That was my thinking as well, there will be something in the box to counterbalance the Venomcrawler besides those Eliminators. Grav would fit Cawls theme and while I hope for a gravbike to reduce Primaris mobility issues (maybe even have that as an HQ option as well), GW already did that quite recently with Custodes. So my bet would be on a Landspeeder-equivalent.

    [–] New artwork featuring Primaris Reivers and Black Legion catch_fire 11 points ago in Warhammer40k

    Now I wonder what Space Marines will have as a compensation for the obliterators, possessed marines (or will that be the second HQ for the CSM and Marines have the Reiver librarian and Telion?) and venomcrawler. I would assume that those Scout-Reivers from the artwork will act as basic units, while Eliminators probably belong in the elite slot, but Redemptors won't really fit the stealth theme. Maybe Primaris Landspeeder or biker equivalents?

    [–] Vanguard space marines! catch_fire 146 points ago in Warhammer40k

    G36 boltguns? I'm in!

    [–] TIL that in Germany, it is illegal to kill any animal that is a vertebrate "without proper reason" like the animal being ill or a danger to humans. Because of this, all German animal shelters are no-kill. catch_fire 1 points ago in todayilearned

    While some federal states are able to enforce a catch-and-keep policy, they rarely do and c&r is per se not prohibited. If you are in the angling field, you might already know the research group of Arlinghaus, which is responsible for the scientific feedback in respect to angling regulations in Germany.

    [–] TIL that in Germany, it is illegal to kill any animal that is a vertebrate "without proper reason" like the animal being ill or a danger to humans. Because of this, all German animal shelters are no-kill. catch_fire 2 points ago in todayilearned

    You already pointed out in another post, that catch and release per se is not prohibited in Germany (in fact it's mandatory for certain catch periods, minimum and maximum lengths, protected species, etc.), only strict trophy angling as an extreme form of that is (because it lacks the proper reason (eg food, wildlife management) per animal protection law).

    [–] TIL that in Germany, it is illegal to kill any animal that is a vertebrate "without proper reason" like the animal being ill or a danger to humans. Because of this, all German animal shelters are no-kill. catch_fire 2 points ago in todayilearned

    Strictly depends on the season and water quality. Geosmin from cyanobacteria (which are an important food source in late summer, autumn) is mostly responsible for the bad taste, but can be prevented with holding periods, especially in commercial aquaculture operations.

    [–] TIL that in Germany, it is illegal to kill any animal that is a vertebrate "without proper reason" like the animal being ill or a danger to humans. Because of this, all German animal shelters are no-kill. catch_fire 1 points ago in todayilearned

    It's a bit more complicated and fish do have some form of protection, the current issue is the wording of §17 of the German animal protection law, where it specifically addresses "pain and suffering". While the EU generally tries to adhere to the precautionary principle, there is no scientific consensus if fish are able to feel pain (stress and adaptive behavioural changes are of course not controversial) and you have multiple research groups arguing there. Therefore, it's questionable if any legal procedure under §17 is applicable and to what extent that may be possible.

    [–] Gut bacteria may have impact on mental health, study says catch_fire 1 points ago in science

    They deal with general mechanisms and metabolic products, but that's only one small part of the whole picture. The data on effectiveness of FMT is still inconclusive (eg in on of the latest double-blind studies, participants in the placebo-group showed the largest improvement: and Guyenet made a short blog post about the relationship to obesity as well (, where the major points of criticism can be applied to different areas as well.

    [–] Gut bacteria may have impact on mental health, study says catch_fire 4 points ago in science

    While those studies certainly are not "junk science" they do not show conrete causal pathways as well: the first one shows a correlation of improved depression scores with microbial diversity after FMT and the second lacks data of dietary intake (although the authors believe that this won't play a major role due to nutritional homogenization in that area) but shows a contribution. The question of how and to what extent this happens, remains unanswered and of course demands further experimentation.

    [–] The Veterans of the Long War Problem; or, why experience doesn’t necessarily make you win more catch_fire 196 points ago in 40kLore

    This series also perfectly shows how incredibly draining the infighting and being exposed to the warp taint (all the potential of Vandred and Uzas pissed away) actually is. We sometimes gloss over this fact, but the importance of those specific circumstances cannot be overstated. Partually reminded me of soccer, where a group of highly skilled individuals is no guarantee for àn easy win against an inferior but cohesive and well-rested collective with adequate equipment and training.