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    [–] Accurate af. caterplillar 3 points ago in bigboobproblems

    Get some sweat block wipes on amazon. Seriously—it’ll keep you dry for a week at a time! And you can do whatever, armpits, chest, face—though maybe not in that order.

    [–] College student goes to ER to get a prescription, then they "oblige" the busy ER by accepting IV therapy and a CT scan. Does the LAOP REALLY have to pay those bills? After all, nobody told them they'd have to pay for all this. caterplillar 2 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    What I struggled with, though, was that I got bills and EOBs for literally months, and couldn’t figure out how they went together. And since I was paying things off over time, things got confused very quickly.

    This was opposed to getting my gallbladder out, which was “We pay this much, you finish out your deductible.” Very easy to match those numbers up!

    [–] College student goes to ER to get a prescription, then they "oblige" the busy ER by accepting IV therapy and a CT scan. Does the LAOP REALLY have to pay those bills? After all, nobody told them they'd have to pay for all this. caterplillar 8 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    So how do you tell the difference between balance billing and your share?

    For example, I had a baby and was receiving bills and EOBs for months afterwards (and I just paid what they said because I just had a baby and couldn’t tell you what my name was, much less do math). And things were consolidated and listed differently on the EOB and the final bill. How can I look at the two to compare them?

    [–] I hate my baby sometimes caterplillar 4 points ago in beyondthebump

    The Y was/is a lifesaver for me. They take my baby and I exercise. I’m way more fit than I was even before I had him, and he gets to play with other people/kids for an hour or two. I think more than anything it makes me feel like a functioning adult human instead of just a life giver (I’m a SAHM).

    They also have scholarships and help available if finances are an issue. My rate is $115 but I live in a really expensive area. I think where we used to live in the Midwest it would have been $45/month.

    [–] Quit my job today caterplillar 2 points ago in BabyBumps

    I did the same with Norwegian/bokmål! Then I got frustrated with duolingo so I got an actual beginner textbook. I should pick that back up... I started it when the baby slept a million hours a day (okay, when he dropped to three regular naps) so I could do it during one nap.

    [–] My first handspun (and dyed!) yarn caterplillar 3 points ago in Handspinning

    Maybe look at projects people made with Malabrigo Rasta (I know it’s Rasta, I THINK it’s Malabrigo). It’s similar to what you’ve made, which looks delicious, by the way.

    [–] Purées and pouches caterplillar 2 points ago in moderatelygranolamoms

    We made our own for awhile! Ill definitely make more whenever we have a second (ours is mostly out of the pouch phase, unless we are on the run).

    I also like putting applesauce and pear sauce in them. Way less messy! If I’m making an actual pouch, I usually just cook things in my instant pot and then blend them with the immersion blender and put it in pouches.

    FYI, though, the flavors get more intense over time, so on the first day the spices and spinach tasted great! And then we froze a few and let them thaw, and it tasted very over spiced and grassy/vegetably but not in a good way.

    [–] I’m a 33 year old dad who just took up knitting. I was tired of my idle time being spent staring at my phone. It’s not much, but I think I’ve got the basics down. caterplillar 4 points ago in knitting

    I personally think of it as leveling up too! Like sometimes I grind (making that mitten advent calendar) and sometimes I take on a boss that I’m not really ready for (drafting my own socks from scratch when I’d never made socks before). But you still get partial XP even when you run away!

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. caterplillar 19 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I made a conscious effort to stop using “just” and you know what? It was fucking hard. I really had to change how I wrote emails and talked on the phone. “Just wanted to know... just checking in...” Fuck ‘em! I’m a person who is worthy of just as much respect as the recipient.

    [–] Motherhood in America caterplillar 7 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I watch my kid by myself the entire time my husband is at work, about 60 hours. We don’t have any family nearby. The sole exception is an hour break a couple times a week when I go to the gym, and that only started about 6 months ago. So it was 18 months basically just me during the week, no daycare, no family.

    There was also a period where I went to work in another state and took the 10 month old with me, and literally took care of him 24/7 for 6 weeks, including taking him to work with me. Obviously there was flexibility, but I did literally all of the care.

    I don’t think it’s the norm, no, but daycare/family/other people aren’t always an option. Even now, we can’t afford any daycare even if the waitlists weren’t like 4 months out.

    [–] Does anyone actually use ABCMouse? Is it worth the money? caterplillar 3 points ago in beyondthebump

    PBS Kids also has a game app that’s awesome. My kiddo is actually learning things!

    [–] I ate broccoli for my kid caterplillar 3 points ago in beyondthebump

    Try putting a smidge of Parmesan on them too!

    [–] Your baby loves you caterplillar 7 points ago in beyondthebump

    We always had way more success with ibuprofen for teething pain. Plus, if it’s really bad, you can alternate, like Tylenol at noon, ibuprofen at 3, Tylenol at 6, ibuprofen at 9.

    Hope your baby feels better!

    [–] Pooling Question caterplillar 2 points ago in crochet

    That’s probably what it is. If it comes out too far, try frogging back a few stitches and work them just a little bit looser.

    [–] Please help me troubleshoot naps! caterplillar 1 points ago in beyondthebump

    We did butt pats like a heartbeat. It still works!

    [–] What's something millennials are killing that deserve to die? caterplillar 63 points ago in AskReddit

    Get a pack of bar cloths from like Sam’s Club or whatever. I spent $10 on 24 36” square napkins. They’re white, I can bleach them, and they are so big that they cover my entire lap even folded in quarters. Plus, my toddler can use them to be a ghost.

    And there are so many of them that I have no problem using them as napkins but also to wipe up all the miscellaneous spills that accompany toddlers.

    [–] Please help me troubleshoot naps! caterplillar 3 points ago in beyondthebump

    We had way more success when we didn’t pick up our son than when we did. It seemed like if we picked him up, then he thought he was getting out and was upset when we put him back down.

    We did the opposite staggers, too. Check at 1 minute, then 2, 4, 6...etc. and pat for one minute each time. For the first week of two, my husband did the checks because I couldn’t handle it. Also, we did bedtime first and then naps followed easily.

    We have had to redo it a few times (he’s 2 now) after sickness or vacations, whatever is a sustained change. It’s an understatement to say it got harder after we moved him to a toddler bed 😂

    [–] Pooling Question caterplillar 2 points ago in crochet

    If you flip the work over, is the edge also wobbly? It looks to me like you are maybe chaining one too many times when you turn, so that the chain is loose.

    [–] Somedays it seems... caterplillar 2 points ago in beyondthebump

    Shout spray, man. I should have stock in that shit.

    Changing table has the pad, then the wipe station, then the diapers, then the laundry basket. If you put the shout spray with the wipes then you peel the baby out of the clothes, take care of the emergency, then spray and put clothes in the hamper and wipes etc in the trash. Just don’t mix them up! And don’t spray the baby. It’s easy to get those mixed up after 2 hours sleep.

    [–] The bloodbath caterplillar 2 points ago in beyondthebump

    I really like using shampoo. It works wonders on dried stains too! And you can just rub it in like a pretreatment if you don’t have time to get to it.

    [–] Brace for Rounded shoulders helpful? caterplillar 3 points ago in bigboobproblems

    I also felt way better after doing back exercises like cobra pose and locust pose, putting more emphasis on drawing my shoulders back and together rather than lifting up.

    Any time I notice that I’m hunching, I draw my shoulders together and down.

    [–] Having my little girl in 4 days. Here’s her second hand nursery! caterplillar 32 points ago in BabyBumps

    Too cute!

    One thing I would recommend is blackout curtains, or at least more substantial ones. Most likely at some point, the light will go straight into sweet baby’s eyes and cause the world to just straight up end (at least according to your baby). Remember that your baby will try to show the sun who is tougher and can last longer by staring straight into it as long as they possibly can, and that the sun will inevitably win but your baby can’t remember that for the next time so the cycle will repeat (ask me how I know lol).

    We have a set of Venetian blinds and then regular curtains over it. It has worked really well even when the sun shines straight in, but it’s not so dark that we stomp on legos.

    [–] Good silk shirts caterplillar 6 points ago in fashionwomens35

    I would make sure to do patches on both elbows, assuming it’s on the underside. In my experience, a double layer of silk is comparatively opaque and noticeable, even as a small patch.

    I have a silk dress with a belt that got holes near the hem. I trimmed the belt by an inch and put in tiny patches and you can definitely see them. They don’t look bad by any means, but they’re visible. I personally really like my mended clothing, so it’s not a problem.

    However, I agree that t would look great with shorter sleeves. I had a shirt almost exactly like that but linen (I still can’t believe that I left that box behind when I moved), and the 3/4 sleeves looked perfect. A good tailor could also easily move up the existing cuff and re-topstitch it. I’ve done it before to my own shirts and my dad’s, and it’s pretty unnoticeable.