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    [–] I feel like every day is going to be my last day. caterplillar 5 points ago in beyondthebump

    We got them after our house was broken into once many years ago. It gave me a lot of peace of mind to have them everywhere, especially when my husband was gone for work. It was a huge sense of violation to know that someone was in our house, and it lingered for quite awhile.

    I think you should round up some people to thoroughly check the whole house, and then install the monitors. If you still are having issues after that, you should talk to a doctor about postpartum OCD or postpartum anxiety.

    [–] Pump hack: instead of buying a pumping bra you can use your nursing bra. caterplillar 3 points ago in beyondthebump

    Yup, my nipples are relatively low (full on top) and none of the pumping stuff (or even traditional breastfeeding holds!) worked for me.

    [–] As a member of the ittybittytitty committee idgaf. Bras are expensive. #freethenipple! caterplillar 9 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    They are! I’m a member of the bigtittycommittee and I think they’re great. Definitely not maximum support, but good enough for playing around the house with my toddler.

    [–] OP got a ticket. For parking. In his own driveway. caterplillar 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in bestoflegaladvice

    There are people who park in the sidewalk AND the bike lane, so that when I’m walking my stroller I can’t go by the car unless I go into the actual street. It’s bullshit. I want to ram their cars with the stroller and drag it past the paint with the wheels.

    I wish that there were a way to get them towed but they’re usually only there like 4 minutes because they’re always there to go to the ATM. Lazy assholes.

    [–] How to handle 6 year old's insecurity over facial hair caterplillar 2 points ago in Parenting

    I just got a pair of hair cutting scissors and trim it every once in awhile. I personally don’t like the way the razor leaves the hair feeling, but scissors for whatever reason are fine.

    [–] Do I really need to pet my chickens every dang day? caterplillar 2 points ago in StardewValley

    I could be wrong but I think the heater overrules everything else? I’m pretty sure they are max happy each day the heater is on.

    [–] Okay ladies, what helps you stay calm? caterplillar 2 points ago in BabyBumps

    Easy immediate things that I do: imagine that all the thoughts are butterflies and I’m catching them in a met and breathing them out. Count backwards from ten and focus only on the numbers.

    Harder: I have an Episcopalian rosary (also a mala/Buddhist rosary) that I will say or think to myself. It doesn’t even have to be religious—I mostly do it because it’s rhythmic and it requires just enough attention to distract me from the thing I’m worrying about.

    [–] Classism, sexual misconduct, racism… the life of Melvil Dewey (the creator of the Dewey-Decimal categorisation system and inventor of the public library as it is known in today’s US). caterplillar 10 points ago in FemmeThoughts

    Can you explain how the system itself is anti-Semitic? I’m not super familiar with it besides how to look things up and find them. I don’t feel like I know enough about it to even start looking. Also, what is the Jewish equivalent and how does it differ?

    I wish that the article had cited more sources—if the assaulted women didn’t themselves write about the incidents, how do we know? Are we relying on possibly their male supervisor’s words to assess how bad it was? What are the chances that he did much worse to them than they reported? I can’t imagine that the abducted librarian wasn’t subjected to worse than “unwanted kissing.”

    I would also love to see a discussion of non-American library life, from that time and really any time. How did the Puritan anti-sex mentality (in addition to societal changes from the Industrial Revolution) affect cultural attitudes in our libraries?

    [–] What in tarnation... caterplillar 1 points ago in beyondthebump

    Lucky. I still can’t nap while he’s napping, and he’s 2.5. I just think of everything I want to do!

    Also he naps at like 1, and I swear I’m more tired than I ever have been at 2:30 right when he wakes up.

    [–] Pee everywhere, every night! caterplillar 1 points ago in beyondthebump

    If a cloth diaper isn’t absorbent enough, all you do is change or add another layer. My kiddo is 2.5 now, and we use a Gerber prefold plus an Alva bamboo liner, and the only time it leaks is when his penis isn’t pointed down.

    Is it leaking because it’s completely full of pee? Or are parts of it still dry and other parts soaked?

    [–] My almost 4 year old’s take on breastfeeding caterplillar 57 points ago in beyondthebump

    My son is 2.5 and he calls them bubbles. He also calls farts and burps bubbles, so he will clarify bubbles on my boobies or bubbles in my butt.

    [–] What in the heck is poking me? caterplillar 1 points ago in BabyBumps

    With my son, it was all just random gymnastics until around 30 weeks, when he discovered that he could, like, hug my anterior placenta. Then, all the time, I would find his little frog legs facing out on my stomach. I could feel his feet up near my stomach, and his shins and knees splayed down and out towards my sides. I could also generally tell where his head was if he wasn’t oriented that way, because he liked to stretch and I would feel a huge blob in one area and little pokey ones on the other side.

    He would also push back when I or my husband pressed on my stomach, which was really cool. Sometimes you could tell whether it was a hand or a foot by how big the sticky-outtie bit was.

    I’m plus-sized and had an anterior placenta, so I never expected to be able to feel him as clearly as I did.

    [–] Speed Signs in Arkansas caterplillar 1 points ago in pics

    Maybe it’s due to the internment camp? I can’t remember what it was called, but it’s the one where George Takei and his family were.

    [–] [SERIOUS] Has anyone else found actual pedophiles in their genealogy? caterplillar 2 points ago in Genealogy

    This was actually before he was eligible for a pension (he was denied like 8 years running both before and after he got married).

    [–] [SERIOUS] Has anyone else found actual pedophiles in their genealogy? caterplillar 8 points ago in Genealogy

    My husband’s great great grandmother married a 73yo when she was 18. I double checked everything too, because his marriage certificate listed him as 20 years younger than his Civil War enlistment. Nope, he was an ancient dude. His first wife wasn’t super young, either.

    [–] Abigail or Sebastian? caterplillar 1 points ago in StardewValley

    The full 13! Though he seems to drop really fast. I interact with him every day but it seems like if I don’t give him a loved gift every day (thank god for pomegranate trees in the greenhouse) he will drop down a heart every other day.

    All he does is tell me that he’s going to be writing.

    [–] Abigail or Sebastian? caterplillar 1 points ago in StardewValley

    Really? I’ve been married to Elliot for 2 seasons now and he’s never once done chores.

    [–] Friday: WTF is That caterplillar 13 points ago in moderatelygranolamoms

    My 2yo normally sleeps until 7:15 after an easy 8 pm bedtime. My husband is out of town this week. So far we have had like... 2 successful bed and nap times. He has been coming into my room and climbing into bed with me at 6:30 all week.

    Yesterday was no nap at all, followed by an hour and a half of screaming and fighting no matter what I did until he abruptly passed out.

    This morning he got in bed at 5. I’m so tired. At least my husband comes back today, and honestly I don’t care if he slept poorly while he was at a conference. At a resort. At the beach. With friends and coworkers. And no toddler. I’m distinctly reminded of the time my MIL visited when kiddo was 2 weeks old and complained about how poorly she was sleeping.

    So basically we are now watching Paw Patrol at 6 am while I’m trying to keep my eyes open.

    [–] Leaking diapers at night caterplillar 3 points ago in beyondthebump

    Yup, you want the elastic part right up against their skin.

    [–] Leaking diapers at night caterplillar 3 points ago in beyondthebump

    I like to give the diaper a vertical crease up the front so it nestles in. I think a lot of movement happens with their erections when they need to pee—if you a little baby boner close the diaper back up for a minute!

    [–] Leaking diapers at night caterplillar 12 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in beyondthebump

    The following information is based entirely on actual events. Any resemblance to characters real or imagined is totally on purpose.

    Try folding the diaper top down into the diaper (like how you tuck it down to not touch the umbilical cord but flip it inwards instead of out). Make sure the ruffle bits around the legs are outwards instead of in (they can cause wicking). Make sure that the penis isn’t just pointed downwards, but actually straight down (that little thing is amazing at poking out the sides too!). Check that pants etc aren’t tucked into the diaper around the little baby bohunkus.

    Make sure that you, in your sleep deprived state, aren’t tucking his shirt into the diaper. Make sure that the baby is actually wearing a diaper. Make sure that it’s not on the outside of the clothes. Make sure that you’re putting on with the front in the front.

    These are all true stories btw. Not just to me but to other people I know, too. Another option is really just to change more often. Are you changing before and after nap? I think 3 hours is really the outside limit of how often they need changing at that age (I seem to remember using around 12 diapers a day, but we also did cloth diapers).

    [–] Accidentally taught 2yo daughter to be scared to drink water. Help? caterplillar 7 points ago in daddit

    Try praising each other for drinking water correctly.

    My husband accidentally scared the 2yo about pooping by going on and on about how stinky it was. Then he didn’t poop for like 6 days and we had to resort to hot pear juice.

    So we started telling each other, “Did you poop?” “Yes!” “Oh, I love pooping. I feel so much better when I poop. Good job!”

    Ridiculous and more than a little over the top, but it worked!

    [–] A sweet moment of bonding caterplillar 6 points ago in beyondthebump

    That’s so sweet... the little frog legs (even though I hated them kicking me while inside) were my favorite thing right after mine was born. This morning (he’s 2 now) he crawled into bed with me and said “Hi mama!” And snuggled. It’s wonderful.

    Even now, though, when I’m trying to get him to sleep, I completely avoid eye contact with him. I read that it was the most stimulating thing in the world for babies to make eye contact (where was this advice when he was a month old!!) and it does help keep him calmer. I’ve never noticed him acting betrayed that I wasn’t looking directly at him, either. I also continue whatever I was doing as I move away. So if I’m shushing, I keep shushing. Or patting, whatever. Generally he goes down easily, but like yesterday it was really hot so he needed some help in the form of lullabies and an ice pack. Oh, also white noise or rain noise or something. Or patting their butts in a heartbeat rhythm, though that’s way less effective now than it was as a little baby.

    Good luck with your sweet happy baby!