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    [–] Really? catsineveryonespants 6 points ago in gatekeeping


    [–] Happy Birthday Lou catsineveryonespants 16 points ago in simpsonsshitposting

    you're a disgrace to this subreddit and its proud naval tradition

    [–] Bernie Sanders Enters 2020 Presidential Campaign, No Longer An Underdog catsineveryonespants 0 points ago in politics

    good point and what about 12 years from now when nature collapses and we all die because we dropped out of the paris agreement and didn't tax carbon and didn't cut pesticide use

    [–] Insects could disappear all at the same time says scientists catsineveryonespants -2 points ago in worldnews

    damn people stop having kids you're really not worried that you're going to abandon them in this barren wasteland to die fighting having never hugged a cute animal because there are none left? fucking heartless

    [–] Only the best catsineveryonespants 60 points ago in gatekeeping

    pff they look nothing like itchy or scratchy

    [–] An overwater villa in Maldives. catsineveryonespants 3 points ago in pics

    does this part of the world not get storms, waves, etc?

    [–] An overwater villa in Maldives. catsineveryonespants 1 points ago in pics

    then i have good news you could also float

    [–] Oops catsineveryonespants 6 points ago in AccidentalRacism

    ok you both got one in that's enough

    [–] Depression, Uchueri, Digital, 2019 catsineveryonespants 7 points ago in Art

    as a suicide enthusiast, that rope is hanging too low anyway

    [–] Family Guy's Patrick Warburton refused to film episode as it was too offensive catsineveryonespants 4 points ago in television

    There's a really great episode of Futurama where they instead of making an offensive joke they have this scene that explains the difference between 'its' and 'it's' really clearly, it has always stuck with me and I never use the wrong one anymore, and what I'm saying is you should watch it.

    [–] ace_irl catsineveryonespants 45 points ago in aaaaaaacccccccce

    i keep thinking to myself i should rewatch dexter but then i remember all the love interest storylines and i can't put myself through it

    [–] Huh, where?! catsineveryonespants 30 points ago in simpsonsshitposting

    Try it! it's like kissing a peanut ! - /r/oldschoolcool

    [–] Ah yes, the 18-24 year old baby catsineveryonespants 7 points ago in CrappyDesign

    Targeting people who're incapable of considering another's perspective