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    [–] Driving on Salvia... This video is 10 years old and gets me every time. catsineveryonespants 10 points ago in videos

    i just wanna know if the cat was there from the beginning or actually jumped up at some point and startled him? was it his cat or just a neighbourhood cat? i want to subscribe to salviacatfacts

    [–] Ikea Pope, Lord of interior design catsineveryonespants 9 points ago in Bossfight

    when you get to the final boss at the end of ikea you're so exhausted you just lay down and die he doesn't have to do much

    [–] My Calathea White fusuion. catsineveryonespants 6 points ago in gardening

    how are you looking after it, mine doesn't seem to like anything i do for it :(

    [–] Millennial loneliness poll: 22 percent say they have “no friends” catsineveryonespants 22 points ago in collapse

    I don't remember my parents ever having friends over or going out with friends - just extended family. a lot of my school friends' parents were all friends with eachother, but not my parents, they'd talk about how weird the other parents were behind their backs, i feel like this is why i can find something to dislike about everybody and have no friends.

    [–] [REDACTED] catsineveryonespants 21 points ago in simpsonsshitposting

    Sincerely, little girl