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    [–] My 600-lb Life - 7x08 - "Maja's Story" - Initial Episode Discussion caul1flower11 27 points ago in My600lbLife

    She’s a whiny liar but I think she’s actually the most stylish person on the show thus far

    [–] BEHOLD: Metropolitan Opera | 2019-20 Season caul1flower11 5 points ago in opera

    He definitely still has the technique, bu his voice IMO is painful to listen to. It’s sad as he’s one of the greatest tenors of the twentieth century, and he’s kind of marring his legacy here. It would be much more graceful for him to do a series of cameos like other singers his age rather than tackle difficult baritone roles that require so much vocal depth.

    [–] BEHOLD: Metropolitan Opera | 2019-20 Season caul1flower11 19 points ago in opera

    Someone please make Placido Domingo stop. Macbeth, really??

    I’m excited about Agrippina though.

    [–] MIL Performes Identity Theft Muliple Times - PLEASE HELP caul1flower11 17 points ago in legaladvice

    Your attorney wants to collect as much damages as possible from your MIL. If she has to fight both civil and criminal charges her assets might get wiped out to the point that she’s judgement proof and it wouldn’t be profitable for him to sue her.

    Please file a police report. If she’s found guilty she may be ordered to pay restitution and you won’t have to file a civil suit after all,

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex caul1flower11 59 points ago in legaladvice

    Please don’t actually tell this woman or her mother the line about being statutory rape. It absolutely would be, but I would bet everything that the immediate response from them would be that you forcibly raped her. Even though you’ll be shown not to be the father that will cause a lot of headache for you. Stop talking to these people and go to your school counselor first thing in the morning tomorrow.

    [–] Muslim girlfriend leaving conservative home and scared of her dad caul1flower11 833 points ago in legaladvice

    Don’t have her tell him you’re getting married. Better yet don’t tell him anything at all and just have your girlfriend notify the police that she is not missing.

    [–] Am I screwed for jobs, or is this normal? caul1flower11 3 points ago in LawSchool

    I’m at a T14. The vast majority of people my year got their 1l jobs February and March. This is very early.

    Also, at least at my school, Career Services will basically make/find a job for you in May if you don’t have one for the summer. It’s an open secret.

    [–] This is what addiction looks like. caul1flower11 6 points ago in fatlogic

    Lol I think you’re right- I see it now.