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    [–] Surely Elon will deliver cdavidson012 1 points ago in Starlink

    I’d be interested in this for sure.

    [–] Surely Elon will deliver cdavidson012 1 points ago in Starlink

    I’d be interested in this for sure.

    [–] End user reports that they enjoy cooking. cdavidson012 14 points ago in hardwaregore

    How do your like your laptop cooked? Medium well?

    [–] Oh, you want to insert a disc while something is plugged into the front USB ports? No, screw you. cdavidson012 123 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in CrappyDesign

    Thought I would post an update. I didn’t expect this to blow up so fast!

    So, I work on computers and a customer brought this in for an SSD upgrade. (Can you believe they are still putting spinner hard drives in these?) Was poking around at the computer and noticed the cover moved over to reveal… a disc drive. Who uses those anymore… right? Had a good laugh when I realized you can’t open the stupid fancy cover when anything is plugged into the USB ports. Yes, if this were mine, that cover would find its new home in the middle of the parking lot :)

    I showed this post to my customer and we both got a good laugh out of it! Apparently he actually does use the drive for watching DVD’s (he’s an older fellow, super nice) and commented that he also thought it was a terrible design, lol. We moved the USB receiver to the back of the machine instead. So people DO still use this ancient, antiquated, medieval, obsolete technology!

    Also, yes I know the video has a watermark… I made a version for YouTube Shorts and accidentally posted the same one here. Noticed this after I posted, I think it’s too late to change it now :( I don’t care if you save my video or use it in a YouTube video, please - feel free to use it. Message me and I’ll send you an non- watermarked version if you need it.

    I have so much more crap like this I run into at work that I could post here and on other subreddits… and I think I will! Thanks again everyone!

    Edit: Thanks for the silver!! So kind of y’all!

    [–] 2003 Honda Accord No Crank No Start cdavidson012 2 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    Get your battery load tested first, usually for free at almost auto parts stores.

    [–] Ready for Starlink cdavidson012 1 points ago in Starlink

    Comcast quoted us $39,650 to run a line 4,000ft. Hard pass.

    Still waiting on Starlink myself! I ordered in February.

    [–] Cleveland,TN cdavidson012 4 points ago in Starlink

    Nice!! I’m in Dickson, TN. Still waiting on the golden email.

    [–] Starlink Availability: Current and New Beta Test Locations, New Pre-orders and Conversions cdavidson012 2 points ago in Starlink

    Crossing my fingers that Dickson is next! Finally, I will be able to retire my poor, overworked LTE modem.

    [–] Fedelcodes in existence cdavidson012 1 points ago in AirRaidSirens

    Christana, TN Volunteer Fire Dept has a restored Fedelcode Model 5 next to their station. I recorded that one back in 2009 before they moved to the new building.

    Christiana Volunteer Fire Department 4031 Sledge Rd, Christiana, TN 37037 (615) 785-7050

    [–] Most reliable site to buy Hikvision hardware? cdavidson012 1 points ago in homedefense

    B&H Photo Video is your best and easiest bet. They are an authorized dealer for Hikvision hardware. Bought lots of cameras from them and never had a single issue with them. Pricing is right and support is awesome. Great people to deal with.