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    [–] [ART] Found my watercolours and made a thing. cesium137_ 8 points ago in streetwear

    Good eye. The fire / skeleton design is from the tee i was wearing which is Wes Lang for SSS World Corp! And not that you can see but i was actually wearing my TGF X Wes Lang ring here too

    [–] [QC] TC Red Bogo tee cesium137_ 1 points ago in FashionReps

    Copped, Thanks for sharing OP!

    [–] Bipolar? cesium137_ 1 points ago in Kanye

    I hate this video, I love it.

    [–] [ART] selfmade corduroy and leather jacket cesium137_ 1 points ago in streetwear

    That courd is perfect man! Great job on the jacket

    [–] I become a Noogler in a few weeks! Any tips? cesium137_ 2 points ago in google

    Thanks for the advice, I'm joining the London CSG office! When I was there for my interview the offices blew me away, such an amazing work environment.

    [–] Exgf [25f] broke up with me [27M] staying 6 hours with me cesium137_ 3 points ago in relationships

    It'll be super hard to start with OP but you'll move on like everyone does. You say yourself you don't see a future with her, so imagine how love drunk you will be when you find someone you really can see a future with. 1 month with the right person will be better than 10 years with the wrong person.

    Good luck OP!

    [–] Me [22 F] with my EX [22 M] dated for 2.5 years, but i got dumped by him 4 months ago. I'm so pathetic rn. cesium137_ 8 points ago in relationships

    I've been through something similar. I found it very hard to not be reminded of my ex but that faded pretty fast when i started messaging, calling and hanging around my friends more. Don't force yourself into anything, i.e: clubbing, random hookups and that stuff. Just reach out to more people and try to find a hobby to take your mind off things. It helped me a lot. I hope you work it out OP!

    [–] [QC] Off White Cargo Pants cesium137_ 1 points ago in FashionReps

    I think so man. Other than that they look great though!