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    [–] Who else remembers this crossover? ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in XFiles

    mulder always carry his fleshlight

    [–] Bryce Dallas Howard. My goddess🤤 ch1nomachin3 2 points ago in JerkOffToCelebs

    if she twerks earth will fall out of orbit.

    [–] Ass Or Boobs ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in Ifyouhadtopickone

    Boobs, but very closely contested.

    [–] This popped up on my twitter timeline. I’m actually impressed. ch1nomachin3 2 points ago in TaylorSwift

    sometimes we forget that Taylor comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs.

    [–] Imagine this in real life ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in gaming

    no need to imagine. that's how real world works. we're just projections from another cosmos. we play sims, but who plays us, is the question.

    [–] Would've been a WAY better choice of actress for the MCU ch1nomachin3 15 points ago in yvonnestrahovski

    i think she was pregnant at that time. plus if they cast Yvonne they'll have to redo the suit into the Cerberus black and white.😁

    [–] Little girl finds out that she’s being adopted ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in gifs

    wow she looks like a real life Pixar character, she's not being adopted by Gru right?

    [–] What bothers me is that.... ch1nomachin3 3 points ago in TheStrain

    shit, i would even ask a tree to vouch for me if i was in that position. that's fight or flight instinct there.

    [–] If only this was the angle she was always filmed at ch1nomachin3 23 points ago in JessicaNigri

    we know which camera is on the main screen at the editing booth.

    [–] WWE Hotties ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in TrueFMK


    [–] Jessica being played with ch1nomachin3 46 points ago in JessicaNigri

    dude can't even play right, it's like watching a 7 year old play tekken.

    [–] Imagine coming home from work ch1nomachin3 0 points ago in IggyAzaleasAss

    close the damn fridge! i always wonder why the electric bill is so f*cking high and you use the fridge as an airconditioner? lay down on my knees now, you never learn! it's like you love getting spanked on your ass!

    [–] What’s an episode that isn’t bad, but you don’t like watching it for another different reason? ch1nomachin3 5 points ago in XFiles

    I'm not sure of the title but I think it's "Home" wherein you have this inbred family trying to have healthy babies but they kept on failing because of all the deformities of the baby caused by inbreeding. It's not a bad episode but somehow that episode always leaves a bad taste in the mouth literally. Plus it leaves me singing wonderful wonderful for the next several hours.

    [–] How important is story to you in adult games? ch1nomachin3 3 points ago in lewdgames

    It's quite important. I'm not asking for an academy award winning script but just keep me hooked is all I'm asking. else I'd rather just play with SFM.

    [–] Impressive football skills ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in gifs

    the majestic three toed sloth

    [–] I just finished Primordia..what’s your favorite from Wadjet Eye Games? ch1nomachin3 2 points ago in adventuregames

    oooh don't know about this title. I'll get this later. I've played unavowed and evey blackwell game so seems right to get this too.

    my fave wadjet game so far is unavowed, it's the refinement of all blackwell games. plus it has kaykay my number one favorite character.

    [–] The hot babysitter ch1nomachin3 19 points ago in alexandradaddario

    "i actually want them to get bigger"

    do i suck at reading lips or I'm just horny? because that's what ithink she said.

    [–] Michelle IRL ch1nomachin3 6 points ago in DerryGirls

    whazzup mothafockas!

    [–] What were the best NSFW games of the year 2018? ch1nomachin3 12 points ago in lewdgames

    I'm not sure when akabur originally finished princess trainer or witch trainer but since i discovered them in 2018 i'd vote for akabur here.