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    [–] Whoever fucked Scarlett that night was a very lucky man ch1nomachin3 4 points ago in JerkOffToCelebs

    i think she's still with deadpool at that time, not sure though.

    [–] The way this lawn is mowed I think would make Hank jealous. ch1nomachin3 4 points ago in KingOfTheHill

    not so sure, i think hank would've hated this. he's a football player, he mows gridirons. nothing else. he would've said "that goddang neighbor of ours mowed his lawn like he was chasing a goddang bumblebee."

    [–] Today’s Birthdays: Paris Hilton, Bonnie Wright, Denise Richards ch1nomachin3 6 points ago in TrueFMK


    F - I'm gonna make a reboot of "One Night in Paris"

    M - Do I even have to explain?

    K - Charlie Sheen has been inside that. Chernobyl is probably a safer place to be in.

    [–] Trying to get away from the kids ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in gifs

    too bad he doesn't have the power of la chancla.

    [–] Can't I just have all of them? ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in Ifyouhadtopickone

    3 - she looks like a younger Jenna Fischer

    [–] I miss college ch1nomachin3 2 points ago in TrueFMK


    looks like my choice for M is unpopular but i think she has a beautiful smile.

    [–] Sweet Jesus ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in burstingout

    Jesus: yup, somebody called? (sees tits) What the Hell?!

    Devil: You've reached hell Satan Speaking, somebody summoned me? (sees tits) Holy Mother of Jesus!

    Mary: What now? You kids don't know how to behave! I was busy. (sees tits) YOU GODDAMN OLD PERVERT!

    God: What now honey? I swear I didn't do it whatever it is.

    Mary: This is what you've been doing at your mancave? Making girls with big tits? (points at boobs)

    God: uhmm....

    Mary: I swear if that girl suddenly had virgin pregnancy I'll cut your beard off!

    Devil: hehehe that girl ain't no virgin, right J?

    Mary: Jesus!

    God: My man!

    [–] Nice "hat" ch1nomachin3 0 points ago in SophieM

    well it's either smaller tits or get titanium spine to support those tits. her back probably hurts like shit so she shedded a few. either way no complaints from me.

    [–] You will never look as badass as this K9 unit ch1nomachin3 0 points ago in pics

    they're out to save a baby panda named Ling Li from exotic pet smugglers

    [–] $1000 Video games giveaway (STEAM ONLY) ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in RandomActsOfGaming

    Ťhank you for your giveaway. It's really generous of you to giveaway so much and you'll make a lot of people happy with this giveaway. Here are the games that I hope to get. You have no idea how happy you made me even with just a chance to win these games. I'm not really a valentines kind of guy so thanks for giving me a reason to celebrate.

    Stardew Valley and Steamworld Dig 2

    [–] [STEAM] Any game, $60, now until Thursday ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in RandomActsOfGaming


    Thanks for this great Valentines giveaway!

    [–] $100 Steam Gift Card Giveaway ch1nomachin3 1 points ago in RandomActsOfGaming


    Best Single Player Game of All Time for me is Mass Effect. Great story and vast universe. I've also read the novels and comic books. It's really such a shame that Andromeda was made to be multiplayer because the Trilogy was an amazing single player adventure.

    Thanks for the romantic giveaway!

    [–] X-men beautied ch1nomachin3 3 points ago in TrueFMK


    F - Olivia Munn, girl is probably a nympho. you can see sex ooze out of her literally in everything she does. But not for M, for me at least. You can't cage that beast. I'd rather F her everytime the missus is out.

    K - Now, I love JLaw and I think she's got a better body than Sophie but I think she's a bit weird. I'm afraid she might cut my dick when i fall asleep and wake me up laughing drenched in blood... or she's probably just a good amount of weird like me but man's gotta choose.

    M - Sophie, not a fan of her body. I think it's a bit too straight not much deep curves. But she's got a face to die for. Honestly she's the one i choose to M on this list. that's the face I'd like to wake up to, so angelic.

    [–] TIL Air Traffic Controllers have jobs so stressful they're required to retire at 56 ch1nomachin3 3 points ago in todayilearned

    imagine playing diner dash for 30+ years everyday and every missed customer is a plane crashing. you'd probably retire too.

    [–] My uncle visiting from the Philippines has never seen snow. This is what happened today. ch1nomachin3 169 points ago in pics

    Filipino grandmas are like Jason Bourne, except if you fuck around them they wouldn't stab you with a pen but they'll sling their flipflops at you at blinding speed. just pray it isn't bakya or alpombra because those slippers are hard as fuck and they can give you a fucking concussion.

    [–] Can’t choose between small or tall ch1nomachin3 5 points ago in JizzedToThis

    I choose the short one. Her udders can feed a whole town. plus she's cute.😍