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    [–] Even your girl thinks you're an idiot chaoswreaker 25 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    For real. Fuck the smug prick you're replying to. Keep at it, my dude.

    [–] Flashlight/Lamp/Lantern/Alarm/Candle/Lavalamp chaoswreaker 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Honestly, it looks like it puts out more light in the lamp mode than the actual flashlight. Pass.

    [–] Do I need to flash the firmware on a new Monoprice Maker Select Plus? chaoswreaker 1 points ago in 3Dprinting

    I'm running this at the moment. I would definitely recommend it for the added features!

    • Thermal presets for the extruder/bed

    • Adjustment of LCD brightness

    • Turn on/off the LCD beep tone

    • Graphics across the display showing bed and extruder temp

    • Statistics showing: number of prints, time spent printing, amount of filament extruded

    • Ability to add BLTouch sensor for auto bed leveling

    to name a few of my favorites atm.

    [–] to tie a tie? chaoswreaker 6 points ago in therewasanattempt

    Can't rap, can't dress. My expectations for this dude can't get lower.

    [–] this is kinda true chaoswreaker 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Don't know why you were down voted since you're right.

    [–] Landed a new job and have had a 360 since 2009. Talked myself into treating myself a little. chaoswreaker 19 points ago in gaming

    Smart move having it on a board off the carpet! Very few consider this when they have expensive electronics sitting on the floor.

    [–] Always getting offered "pills" at parties. What actually is a "pill"? What's in it? chaoswreaker 6 points ago in Drugs

    MDMA is the official term for the feel-good party drug. Molly and ecstasy are both slang terms used interchangeably for it. Also, telling someone to trust you because you "have 30 years experience" is a completely unsubstantiated and meaningless comment (it also doesn't help that you were incorrect according to most all data available regarding the drug). Unless you've tested every pill you've popped you don't actually know what it was you ingested, thus making your statements purely anecdotal.

    [–] Trouble with flashing ADVi3++ firmware to Maker Select Plus motherboard chaoswreaker 1 points ago in 3Dprinting

    Kind of an old post, I know, but I was going through this process myself today and wanted to tell you thanks for the info. It helped me get my board flashed, and I'll be tinkering with it later on tomorrow!

    [–] Real og's will remember these. chaoswreaker 1 points ago in gaming

    I had two batteries on hand usually. Pandora battery that I could switch between normal and hacked, plus a normal one I kept charged up.

    [–] Real og's will remember these. chaoswreaker 3 points ago in gaming

    Aahh that makes sense, then. They were truly wondrous devices back in the day lol

    [–] Real og's will remember these. chaoswreaker 8 points ago in gaming

    Built-in browser, so, yeah. I think every kid knew about the porn station portable moniker.