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    [–] Assassin's Creed Odyssey beta screenshots found from game files.(Spoilers) chemicalxv 4 points ago in assassinscreed

    Some of the icons and layouts look way better than what we ended up with.

    Like that Cult of Kosmos layout just looks way cleaner.

    Also if I'm not crazy - in the last screenshot, the icon for the town shows you can FAST TRAVEL TO IT, WTF.

    [–] Alex Ovechkin is the 4th player in NHL history to score 40+ goals in 10 seasons chemicalxv 1 points ago in hockey

    Is he pretty much a lock for 50 at this point? Needs 10 in 23 games. He didn't hit 40 last year until his 65th game and still finished with 9 more in the final 17.

    [–] The fastest way Tampa Bay could surpass Dallas’ all time win percentage is by going 143-0 while Dallas goes 0-143. chemicalxv 70 points ago in nfl

    It's kind of wild to think that it's practically impossible for the Bucs to ever get over .500 as a franchise.

    Going 10-6 every year would take them like 39 years to do it.

    Even if you took the Patriots under Belichick (225-79) and added it to the Bucs they'd still only be 485-494-1 all-time.

    [–] Absolute legend tonight in the background at the UFC event chemicalxv 2 points ago in funny

    I saw that one he made this afternoon in the thread about the dog and the Xbox.

    [–] Lets Argue: Allison's Daughter Claire chemicalxv 3 points ago in theumbrellaacademy

    It's basically shoved in your face at one point that Allison's entire life is essentially built around her using her powers.

    [–] The Show Dropped the Ball for Non-Comic Readers chemicalxv 2 points ago in theumbrellaacademy

    What was even the point of that Hargreeves flashback from the "past"? Literally all it did was "introduce" the violin that Vanya plays and like 20 million questions with no answers.

    And those were spaceships? I honestly thought they were like, ICBMs.

    [–] I have a theory/general comment SPOILER chemicalxv 3 points ago in theumbrellaacademy

    I'm pretty sure that in the comics it's eventually revealed that Luther and Number Five are biological twins

    [–] ACII is unbelievably good chemicalxv 5 points ago in assassinscreed

    I was just replaying it and I completely forgot how "early" you can complete The Truth and get the Armour of Altair. Both are doable as soon as you enter Sequence 10.