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    [–] We can’t even master the Zipper Merge chemicalxv 1 points ago in Winnipeg

    Doesn't help that that's basically how the justice system administrates it as well

    [–] Terry Jones: Eskimos haven’t beaten anybody chemicalxv 2 points ago in CFL

    I feel like there's a few teams you can say that for at this point, but then it kind of leads into "Well if Edmonton hasn't beaten anybody does it matter if Winnipeg has beaten them twice?" which of course never ends.

    [–] POST GAME THREAD: Winnipeg Blue Bombers (7-2) @ Edmonton Eskimos (6-3) - August 23, 2019 chemicalxv 5 points ago in CFL

    No one's truly forfeiting we just don't expect them to win.

    The Bombers won in Regina a few days before my first day of high school. I went through all of 4 years of high school, all 5 years of university, and a few years after before they won in Regina on the Labour Day classic again in 2016, and they've lost in 2017 and 2018 since then.

    [–] PC leader @BrianPallister announces his gov would repeal the Retail Holiday Businesses Closing Act if re-elected, to allow flexible Sunday & holiday shopping hours in #Manitoba. #mbpoli - on Twitter chemicalxv 13 points ago in Winnipeg

    Anyone who has worked or currently worked Retail knows they will be railroaded. Not necessarily forced to work more but suddenly those "You must have open availability on at least one weekend day" policies might have you working till 9:30 (or later!) on a Sunday night.

    [–] Manitoba's first openly gay PC candidate hopes to inspire youth | CBC News chemicalxv -1 points ago in Winnipeg

    Leader Brian Pallister is only the second Manitoba premier to have attended the Pride march

    Manitoba's only had like 4 Premiers since the thing started, one of which was Filmon and you can't convince me Pallister truly went willingly.

    [–] Le Burger Week burgers are online. chemicalxv 4 points ago in Winnipeg

    For a second I thought Nuburger Stradbrook was actually going to be ballsy enough to sell a goose burger but then realized that was pretty unrealistic.

    [–] Who told Amazon we're in Alberta? chemicalxv 1 points ago in Winnipeg

    Yeah literally all I searched was "Winnipeg shirt" last night and got 8 pages of results and not a single one of those shirts was in them.

    [–] Man carjacked at gunpoint at Winnipeg gas station | CBC News chemicalxv 11 points ago in Winnipeg

    Gotta be the Esso.

    What the fuck man that's like 5 minutes from my house and I stop at the SDM right beside it all the time. And of course it's right beside (but separated) the Library too.

    [–] Look how cheap the biggest item cost! This one will be not at stressful! ♡♡♡♡ chemicalxv 10 points ago in ACPocketCamp

    Only need 420 total (I think) to craft all items, which over 6 days is still 70/day (which is still lower, I think we've been close to 80 or higher the last few events).

    However you need to have the item(s) finished crafting (and clicked on after it's done) before the goals disappear to complete the goal.

    [–] WHICH ONE OF YOU GODLESS HEATHENS CHANGED MY FLAIR TEXT?!?!? chemicalxv 7 points ago in CFL

    "Was still a fetus they last time they won the Cup"

    Make it happen

    [–] Driver arrested in St. James crash that killed 31-year-old pedestrian chemicalxv -4 points ago in Winnipeg

    Over 8 months to do so? Doesn't seem like any of the details changed from when it originally happened:

    Members of the Traffic Division continued with the investigation believe that a southbound vehicle making an eastbound turn collided with a northbound vehicle. The northbound vehicle then struck the pedestrian and a traffic light pole.

    “We’ve spoken with both drivers,” said police spokesperson Const. Jay Murray. “I don’t have any information as to whether they made any kind of evasive maneuver (which caused the pedestrian to be struck).”

    That seems like an excessively long time

    [–] Found an old tape with MTN Kids Club and commercials from 1993, thought you guys might enjoy chemicalxv 2 points ago in Winnipeg

    Yeah, that wasn't related to this video at all I just said it cause they mentioned "other media" and I was like "This should bring back some memories".