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    [–] Azumi Chino chetohocaf 1 points ago in JapanesePorn2

    Crikey. We’re gonna need some sauce here.

    [–] We have plenty of eggs chetohocaf 9 points ago in girllookingintofridge

    They’re like $3 per dozen and you can get them almost anywhere.

    [–] As you grow older, What are you starting to hate more and more? chetohocaf 46 points ago in AskReddit

    makes me question if the internet was a good thing or not.

    But... the porn?

    [–] Pepper Hart - We only have an hour chetohocaf 1 points ago in anal

    Alternative Sauce. Because vids often get taken down for no fucking reason.

    [–] [Serious] People who were in prison during 9/11, what was that like? chetohocaf 45 points ago in AskReddit

    Grown men eating their own shit, throw it, throw piss and other bodily fluids. Also setting their mattress on fire and getting inside it. Cutting their testicles off with a smashed battery....

    If we could just revisit that last bit for a moment...

    [–] Strong, Snapping Contractions chetohocaf 5 points ago in orgasmiccontractions

    I got you fam. Not the source per se, but a better vid from the same chick.

    See also

    [–] on the floor chetohocaf 3 points ago in JiggleFuck

    I actually commented just to throw another variation of the spelling of “source”, but I’m thankful nonetheless. Cheers.

    [–] on the floor chetohocaf 4 points ago in JiggleFuck