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    [–] Not relevant to anything but... chickenninja310 1 points ago in Xcom

    .. I don’t even know if I should justify this with a response? Since you clearly have no interest in proving what you said.

    I don’t really understand how it even comes off as passive aggressive. You’re the one aggressively replying to me and being more negative with your response, I’m disappointed but hopeful. That’s my whole stance.

    But thanks for sticking around!

    [–] Not relevant to anything but... chickenninja310 1 points ago in Xcom

    I’m not sure what I did to whine. Or even sounded whiny? That’s why I asked you to present what made it sound why specifically.

    Also if it was dead on arrival. We wouldn’t have gotten WOTC, Shen’s last gift, or Alien Hunters. The game is well loved on Console by many and I said I hoped they eventually bring it over.

    I have no idea what made you so upset, so I’m sorry.

    [–] Not relevant to anything but... chickenninja310 0 points ago in Xcom

    Please tell me in there where did I whine? I literally just shared my love for Xcom and stated that I’d hold out for an eventual console release and was excited for it.

    I’m sorry that you seem so upset over it. But I just wanted to share my thoughts on it. Because even though Xcom started as a PC game. Console players have supported and loved the franchise as well.

    [–] Not relevant to anything but... chickenninja310 12 points ago in Xcom

    Cool. Mind loaning me the money to buy a gaming laptop and or a rig that can handle Xcom 2?

    If I had that kind of cash right now. I probably wouldn’t be upset, but as a mostly broke University student. Who works part time. I don’t really have the ability to just go out and buy a gaming PC and Xcom 2/all content at ease.

    And btw, it may be a PC game mainly. But if I enjoy it on console. It isn’t dumb to me. u^

    [–] Not relevant to anything but... chickenninja310 11 points ago in Xcom

    ‘When you support the game since EU and buy every dlc along the way up to WOTC but you’re on console so go fuck yourself.’

    Tbh though. I love the XCOM series and have played it since I was little. Sitting in my dads old Garage after school and playing UFO defense on a shitty old desktop.

    I had long forgotten about Xcom when I first saw UFO defense on the 360. But was completely ensnared back in it after playing the demo and using chore and birthday money. Even managing to have enough for EW when it came out. Loving every second of it.

    I felt the same way I do now about Xcom 2 when it was announced to be PC only. But without the muns spare to purchase a rig strong enough to run it. And elated later on when it was being ported to console along with a WOTC release.

    I have strong enough faith that eventually we’ll get the content. And I wouldn’t even mind paying for it. But I can’t help but feel burned. Firaxis released WOTC at similar times on console and PC. I’m curious as to what changed? There are many PS4/Xbone fans out there, and it shows from the reddit and Twitter.

    [–] (I2 spoilers) Question about kryptonite chickenninja310 1 points ago in INJUSTICE

    I think firestorm has to have materials/resources to make kryptonite, Because it seemed. That in the scene where they’re all at the table, he was sending firestorm to get whatever he needed for the gold kryptonite.

    And those materials are probably few and far between. Even with Bruce’s resources, he only had enough time/ability to make one knife? Because why not make everything in his arsenal different kinds of kryptonite? Why just a single knife? Or whatever was necessary through the assistance of Firestorm’s ability.

    (Sorry if my grammars off. Just got off work.)

    [–] Cooler/17 Available on East Coast US Xbox One! chickenninja310 2 points ago in dragonballfighterz

    I don’t own a PS4. Sorry brother. But I’d assume it’s not far behind

    [–] So I can spend my credits on whatever charact.. wait a second 🤔 chickenninja310 5 points ago in GearsOfWar

    Wasn’t it 10$ per Map Pack (which usually contained 2-3 maps and 2-3 characters.) in Gears 3? Lol

    [–] Fun T.Gohan and Base Vegeta sinergy chickenninja310 32 points ago in dragonballfighterz


    [–] It doesn't beat Shepard's love quarters but Alec's room is still pretty nice. chickenninja310 3 points ago in masseffect

    Seeing the under armor makes me wonder why in the hell all the casual options were so.. casual? Like. I bet that usually they’re worn in areas with no-little threat. But you’d think in an ‘unexplored.’ (Despite the fact that it’s already half explored and half full of Prothean type shit.) Galaxy. That they would have armor at the snap of their fingers or have suits that would inflate or bio-tech type stuff. (Considering Tech Armor and a lot of the advanced shit they use. Would it be too much of a stretch?) that would be fused or in place with their underarmor. Comfort at standard. Defense in combat. It amazes me how lax they are when they’re not exploring and not on the ship. Maybe I’m just being nit picky

    [–] Lady gets falcon punched for trying to suckerpunch chickenninja310 0 points ago in JusticeServed

    I agree. But on the basis of the persons argument of ‘firing at someone is ridiculous because someone’s life isn’t worth a stereo.’ I offered an alternative. But then again, it’s not the best, defense of property and defense of self should be two major rights in my opinion, when the person on the defense is imprisoned or punished for the defense of their home. It’s further encouragement for those who would steal or attack.

    [–] Lady gets falcon punched for trying to suckerpunch chickenninja310 6 points ago in JusticeServed

    I’m sorry dude. But property is property and defense of what you own should be a right. If someone mugs you or steals your hard earned wealth or property. You should have the ability to defend and keep what you’ve earned.

    Yes, someone’s life isn’t worth a stereo or something like that. But you can shoot to warn. Shoot to disable. It’s completely ridiculous that someone can be charged for defending what’s theirs.

    My grammar/punctuation isn’t the best because I’m half asleep. So sorry about that.

    [–] 6 years today the Earth DLC pack released for ME3 MP, players were very happy with the varied characters. chickenninja310 2 points ago in masseffect

    When it came out. I probably shipped more of them and joked around about it. But my friend got Demolisher and I got Devastator. We found the synergy immediately and ended up falling in love with that team up.

    Later down the line. We had a joke round where there were 3 Devastators and 1 Demolisher. All with Typhoon’s and pirhana’s. Sitting in one spot the whole game.

    [–] 6 years today the Earth DLC pack released for ME3 MP, players were very happy with the varied characters. chickenninja310 16 points ago in masseffect

    I still play it every now and then. But my old Fireteam is gone. I enjoyed it a lot more when I had my friends with me. They’ve all either moved on or stopped playing ME3 entirely.

    [–] 6 years today the Earth DLC pack released for ME3 MP, players were very happy with the varied characters. chickenninja310 117 points ago in masseffect

    I still remember the DBZ builds with the Slayer and running around like a space ninja.

    Or when you’d want to chill and play Silver with the Destroyer and Pirhana pre-nerf and be a literal and physical tank.

    The Shadow being played just for the elemental melee builds.

    Demolisher, the Grenade and ammo camper that didn’t give a fuck how heavy her weapons got.

    The combo machine Paladin could be with a competent team.

    The Fury. Holy hell there be no wrath like the wrath of a Fury with a Talon X and half a brain.

    God I miss Mass Effect 3 MP. Andromeda is okay. But ME3 felt so amazing.