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    [–] Fun T.Gohan and Base Vegeta sinergy chickenninja310 32 points ago in dragonballfighterz


    [–] It doesn't beat Shepard's love quarters but Alec's room is still pretty nice. chickenninja310 3 points ago in masseffect

    Seeing the under armor makes me wonder why in the hell all the casual options were so.. casual? Like. I bet that usually they’re worn in areas with no-little threat. But you’d think in an ‘unexplored.’ (Despite the fact that it’s already half explored and half full of Prothean type shit.) Galaxy. That they would have armor at the snap of their fingers or have suits that would inflate or bio-tech type stuff. (Considering Tech Armor and a lot of the advanced shit they use. Would it be too much of a stretch?) that would be fused or in place with their underarmor. Comfort at standard. Defense in combat. It amazes me how lax they are when they’re not exploring and not on the ship. Maybe I’m just being nit picky

    [–] Lady gets falcon punched for trying to suckerpunch chickenninja310 0 points ago in JusticeServed

    I agree. But on the basis of the persons argument of ‘firing at someone is ridiculous because someone’s life isn’t worth a stereo.’ I offered an alternative. But then again, it’s not the best, defense of property and defense of self should be two major rights in my opinion, when the person on the defense is imprisoned or punished for the defense of their home. It’s further encouragement for those who would steal or attack.

    [–] Lady gets falcon punched for trying to suckerpunch chickenninja310 3 points ago in JusticeServed

    I’m sorry dude. But property is property and defense of what you own should be a right. If someone mugs you or steals your hard earned wealth or property. You should have the ability to defend and keep what you’ve earned.

    Yes, someone’s life isn’t worth a stereo or something like that. But you can shoot to warn. Shoot to disable. It’s completely ridiculous that someone can be charged for defending what’s theirs.

    My grammar/punctuation isn’t the best because I’m half asleep. So sorry about that.

    [–] 6 years today the Earth DLC pack released for ME3 MP, players were very happy with the varied characters. chickenninja310 2 points ago in masseffect

    When it came out. I probably shipped more of them and joked around about it. But my friend got Demolisher and I got Devastator. We found the synergy immediately and ended up falling in love with that team up.

    Later down the line. We had a joke round where there were 3 Devastators and 1 Demolisher. All with Typhoon’s and pirhana’s. Sitting in one spot the whole game.

    [–] 6 years today the Earth DLC pack released for ME3 MP, players were very happy with the varied characters. chickenninja310 16 points ago in masseffect

    I still play it every now and then. But my old Fireteam is gone. I enjoyed it a lot more when I had my friends with me. They’ve all either moved on or stopped playing ME3 entirely.

    [–] 6 years today the Earth DLC pack released for ME3 MP, players were very happy with the varied characters. chickenninja310 117 points ago in masseffect

    I still remember the DBZ builds with the Slayer and running around like a space ninja.

    Or when you’d want to chill and play Silver with the Destroyer and Pirhana pre-nerf and be a literal and physical tank.

    The Shadow being played just for the elemental melee builds.

    Demolisher, the Grenade and ammo camper that didn’t give a fuck how heavy her weapons got.

    The combo machine Paladin could be with a competent team.

    The Fury. Holy hell there be no wrath like the wrath of a Fury with a Talon X and half a brain.

    God I miss Mass Effect 3 MP. Andromeda is okay. But ME3 felt so amazing.

    [–] Where did docs 3 hole balaclava go? chickenninja310 27 points ago in Rainbow6

    Into the trash. Where every 3 hole balaclava should go XD

    [–] Why I choose faceoff over killzone. chickenninja310 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Xcom

    Tbh having two fully specced Snipers. With every ability in both tree’s. (WoTC makes every class OP if you try hard enough.) and one equipped with Dark Claw and Dragon or Bluescreens. The other with the AH pistol with the guarantee hit and AP rounds, is enough to beat most missions by themselves. And saves you from having to use too many soldiers in one mission. Plus it’s hella fun to go Wild West on the aliens.

    Edit. For Min-maxers and the like. Skip Death-From-Above, Steady Hands and Killzone on the darklance sniper, and skip Pistol skills on the AH pistol sniper if you wanna have one advance. One passive. Just make sure you get the superior mag and Auto-loader for maximum ‘Fuck you Alien’ capabilities.

    [–] Tips, Tricks, and Advice for an Aspiring Soldier 76 Main. (Xbox One) chickenninja310 2 points ago in Overwatch

    Honestly. Your biggest priority should be positioning. Stay on high ground and learn to aim head level and burst. Don’t full auto,

    A good set of rules i keep for comp. is to always be behind a barrier during a team fight, or on high ground. Rocket jumping is a great tool and you should look up videos for locations and ways to rocket jump here and there.

    As for target picking. Go for soft targets with general fire. Then rocket for rushing/closing in opponents, or if you’re fighting a tank. I prefer to target supports whenever I’m up high. As well as communicating your target to your team.

    Finally. Save your healing beacon for emergencies. If you have a support nearby and take about 80-120 damage. Call for healing before wasting the healing, and if you’re ever in a grav, pop it down then to try to heal your teammates. In combination with an Ana Grenade. Soldier’s biotic field can do insane healing per second .

    [–] I just had a Realization Last Night about Guardians 1 foreshadowing Infinity War chickenninja310 0 points ago in marvelstudios

    Because the guy was being a condescending prick. I may be an ass. And I’ll accept that. But it’s pretty annoying when someone just acts like that because a guy had a thought or theory.

    [–] This play halted the enemies momentum and started our full 5:30 hold to win the match! chickenninja310 4 points ago in Overwatch

    Tbh that skin is insanely good looking and definitely his best looking legendary. Makes him look like a damn decepticon

    [–] Remember when Gears BR was rumored? chickenninja310 9 points ago in GearsOfWar

    It’s actually just Checkout. With a 100 players on it.

    [–] Baltimore Cop Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect Armed With Shotgun chickenninja310 7 points ago in JusticeServed

    Are you serious? His trial was the fact that he aimed a firearm at an innocent with the attempt to harm if his demands weren’t met.

    I believe criminals can be rehabilitated. I believe in the system. But I also know that in a moment like this. That officer made a decision for the safety of everyone else. Sorry it’s against your morality. But he made a decision to defend the innocents around.

    By the way. You’re the one assuming and jumping to conclusions over and over. I never said anything you accused me of believing. Stop being dramatic, and look at the situation. In a split second situation like that, the officer wasn’t going to take any chances with his own life, or the ones around them. Stop being a child. And think.

    [–] Baltimore Cop Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect Armed With Shotgun chickenninja310 10 points ago in JusticeServed

    Profit margins were never what I talked about friend. I talked about protecting others and the officers life from a man with a shotgun. Who willingly threatened someone else. How about you do yourself a favor and read my comment. Fact of the matter is. You threaten someone with a firearm, and you show that you are willing to use it. You are going to get a response. So that you don’t harm someone else.

    Sounds like an American? You sound like a privileged child who has no real understanding of the world. If the officer let the man go. And he shot someone else, robbed more people, did much worse when an officer isn’t around. What then? What happens when someone gets away knowing that they can do that without repercussion? Stop acting like the man did nothing wrong.

    [–] Baltimore Cop Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect Armed With Shotgun chickenninja310 13 points ago in JusticeServed

    ‘The man did not kill anyone.’ The fact is he had a dangerous weapon and was threatening another person. And on the chance he turned and shot the officer, or was aggravated later on and shot someone else? Then he would have taken an innocent life. He would have been the one to kill. The officer made a decision to take him down, in the same scenario where you’re That officer. It might’ve come down to the same decision.

    Also. Capitalist scum? What kind of idiotic comment is that. Capitalism, is the reason Reddit’s around, its the reason you have your phone to bitch about capitalism on. I’m sorry. But if you seriously think this was about the money end-all-be-all. You seriously need to re-think the situation. And maybe look into getting a bit more knowledge

    [–] What is your favorite skin for reaper,Soldier and sombra? chickenninja310 1 points ago in Overwatch

    Reaper. Dracula. Soldier. Golden, or Alpine. Sombra. Talon. By far.