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    [–] I just had a Realization Last Night about Guardians 1 foreshadowing Infinity War chickenninja310 0 points ago in marvelstudios

    Because the guy was being a condescending prick. I may be an ass. And I’ll accept that. But it’s pretty annoying when someone just acts like that because a guy had a thought or theory.

    [–] This play halted the enemies momentum and started our full 5:30 hold to win the match! chickenninja310 3 points ago in Overwatch

    Tbh that skin is insanely good looking and definitely his best looking legendary. Makes him look like a damn decepticon

    [–] Remember when Gears BR was rumored? chickenninja310 10 points ago in GearsOfWar

    It’s actually just Checkout. With a 100 players on it.

    [–] Baltimore Cop Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect Armed With Shotgun chickenninja310 7 points ago in JusticeServed

    Are you serious? His trial was the fact that he aimed a firearm at an innocent with the attempt to harm if his demands weren’t met.

    I believe criminals can be rehabilitated. I believe in the system. But I also know that in a moment like this. That officer made a decision for the safety of everyone else. Sorry it’s against your morality. But he made a decision to defend the innocents around.

    By the way. You’re the one assuming and jumping to conclusions over and over. I never said anything you accused me of believing. Stop being dramatic, and look at the situation. In a split second situation like that, the officer wasn’t going to take any chances with his own life, or the ones around them. Stop being a child. And think.

    [–] Baltimore Cop Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect Armed With Shotgun chickenninja310 10 points ago in JusticeServed

    Profit margins were never what I talked about friend. I talked about protecting others and the officers life from a man with a shotgun. Who willingly threatened someone else. How about you do yourself a favor and read my comment. Fact of the matter is. You threaten someone with a firearm, and you show that you are willing to use it. You are going to get a response. So that you don’t harm someone else.

    Sounds like an American? You sound like a privileged child who has no real understanding of the world. If the officer let the man go. And he shot someone else, robbed more people, did much worse when an officer isn’t around. What then? What happens when someone gets away knowing that they can do that without repercussion? Stop acting like the man did nothing wrong.

    [–] Baltimore Cop Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect Armed With Shotgun chickenninja310 11 points ago in JusticeServed

    ‘The man did not kill anyone.’ The fact is he had a dangerous weapon and was threatening another person. And on the chance he turned and shot the officer, or was aggravated later on and shot someone else? Then he would have taken an innocent life. He would have been the one to kill. The officer made a decision to take him down, in the same scenario where you’re That officer. It might’ve come down to the same decision.

    Also. Capitalist scum? What kind of idiotic comment is that. Capitalism, is the reason Reddit’s around, its the reason you have your phone to bitch about capitalism on. I’m sorry. But if you seriously think this was about the money end-all-be-all. You seriously need to re-think the situation. And maybe look into getting a bit more knowledge

    [–] What is your favorite skin for reaper,Soldier and sombra? chickenninja310 1 points ago in Overwatch

    Reaper. Dracula. Soldier. Golden, or Alpine. Sombra. Talon. By far.

    [–] SovCit chooses police k9, regrets choice. "I Warned you this would happen didn't I? was it worth it?" - cop chickenninja310 5 points ago in JusticeServed

    Cops feel threatened because of idiots with guns, and every move they make is scrutinized today. They say the wrong thing, make the wrong decision and it’s either the loss of their career over outcry on an event they had no control over. Or the loss of their life. Their job isn’t easy and when a Sovereign Citizen acts like they have some free card and right to act like they have no responsibility to uphold the law or listen to an officer. It makes their job 10x harder. (Not even considering, the moment that the man saw the cops moving to either side to apprehend him, he could’ve pulled a conceal carry and attempted to shoot the officer. As SovCits are known to have done in the past.)

    After enough time of refusal and the need to get back to patrolling and monitoring. They needed to take some action, and having a trained K-9 on scene who’s whole job is to immobilize perpetrators and defend their fellow officers. Was probably a clear show of what needed to happen. A thousand different scenarios could have happened. Depending on the volatility of the perpetrator. And the one where it’s safest for the officers who are just doing their job. Is the one where the trained K-9 makes the man submit. The man will be fine, and honestly. He was smart to stop there. That K-9 did the least harm it could with stopping him and let go immediately when ordered to.

    [–] SovCit chooses police k9, regrets choice. "I Warned you this would happen didn't I? was it worth it?" - cop chickenninja310 5 points ago in JusticeServed

    He was actively resisting however. By refusal to show any identification or complying with any suggestion or command the officer’s would have made. That is resisting. Look at how many chances the man was given, or even look at the longer body cam footage. They tried not to escalate the situation, or get the man to comply.

    And as a threat level. The car was currently issued to a man with a concealed carry license. They had every right to be careful and bring in the K-9 unit. ‘Sovereign Citizens’ have a history of killing and assaulting cops. So in this situation, they did everything in their power to avoid a dangerous situation, and when the person refused continuously to comply. It was the best answer to avoid harm of any of the Officer’s in the stop, as well as the K-9’s entire job is to immobilize and keep the perpetrator down. He got off when a clear order was given. And was pulled back so the perp could be cuffed.

    [–] With Solo’s downfall, has Marvel overtaken Star Wars is the King of pop culture? chickenninja310 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    Then what would be the reception that should be taken in hand? When Critical reception differs so heavily from audience and long and short time fan receptions. Evident by the heavy slew of those who were anti-TLJ

    [–] With Solo’s downfall, has Marvel overtaken Star Wars is the King of pop culture? chickenninja310 -1 points ago in marvelstudios

    Fun, Pulpy movies? Have you seen Infinity War? Or Winter Soldier? Or Civil War? The movies keep the humor close on hand. But these movies have all been dark and sad in their own right.

    Technical skill? Look at Thanos. Look how wonderfully acted and crafted his character is for a CG character, look at how detailed he is and how amazing he looks. Look at the effects in Ragnarok and both the GOTG, let alone Infinity War. These movies are all extremely beautiful. Extremely well done and acted. Look at every performance that got gasps and amazed reactions from audiences across the globe. Maybe I’m not right of what you mean there, and if I am. Please explain.

    But Marvel has had a huge impact. Look at the critical reception each movie has received. Look at the spike in popularity across the world of Comic Book movies, of Superhero movies. And the actors in them.

    And finally, yes, they cater to a huge audience they’ve earned, through the hard work and time every actor, producer, director, and crew member has put into every movie.

    [–] With Solo’s downfall, has Marvel overtaken Star Wars is the King of pop culture? chickenninja310 -1 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in marvelstudios

    Yes please. Tell me to ‘gtfo’ despite the fact that Solo is currently bombing and series trust is at an all time low, yes. Both TLJ and TFW made lots of money off a family and brand name that has a long and trusted legacy. Look at the EDIT: Audience reception of TLJ and Solo and look at the direction the movies are heading. It’ll be interesting SW 9 and the follow-up stand-alone will be good. But currently the series is taking a turn for the worse in the eyes of many of the fans.

    [–] With Solo’s downfall, has Marvel overtaken Star Wars is the King of pop culture? chickenninja310 -1 points ago in marvelstudios

    Probably not my best description. But I still stand with the idea that Marvel has created a phenomenon and made comic books and superhero’s mainstream. Which is kind of strange considering how many movies had tried before to bring series’ into the limelight. Nolan’s Batman trilogy has been the closest thing, but on a smaller scale.

    The film industry has been shaken by the MCU and its extremely evident. It would be ridiculous to say they haven’t had a huge impact on the industry as a whole

    [–] With Solo’s downfall, has Marvel overtaken Star Wars is the King of pop culture? chickenninja310 -5 points ago in marvelstudios

    I think that question would take another 10-15 years to be properly answered. The O.G Star Wars and even the prequels had their time and place in becoming extremely influential and world-shaking. But their legacy is currently tainted by a disastrous lead producer? I don’t know her actual title.

    While Marvel/MCU in particular has made a somewhat of a Renaissance of the film industry. With somehow creating a 22-film connected storyline with only 1-2 not very good film(s). We still haven’t seen the end of the current Avengers Chapter. As well as what comes after. We have to see if this quality keeps up.

    [–] The aftermath of Infinity War chickenninja310 286 points ago in marvelstudios

    Tbh whoever made this, should make another one of Tony going to Aunt May.

    [–] The Avengers power rankings chickenninja310 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    I really wish we got the black and gold space armor. Or maybe a stealth suit of Iron Man

    [–] What I really want to see from a new expansion/dlc is close air support. chickenninja310 4 points ago in Xcom

    Tbh I love your idea of the sky ranger support. But I’d tilt it a little. Maybe if the Skyranger is damaged. You’d be force to hold out even longer. And if the mission is time-sensitive for escape. The enemy ramps up significantly. Causing extra pods to fly in. Or maybe a payday 2 style RNG chase, where there’s a chance that the Skyranger crashes and you have to struggle with limited gear for Evac.

    (Also about the Hack PCS. Imagine how insane it could get stacked with the PCS modifying tactic and a high level specialist. Although it could be used on a reaper for hilarious effect.)

    [–] Best Marvel movie to watch while stoned? chickenninja310 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    Ant-Man. GoTG 2. The First Avenger.

    However. Cap would be disappointed in you.

    [–] We don't need to use the spoiler tag anymore chickenninja310 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in marvelstudios

    You know you seem like a huge piece of shit right? I hope you never get in that kind of scenario where you don’t get the chance to watch a movie you love or enjoy something you’ve been a part of for years. This world is spontaneous and random, you can save yourself 5 seconds and tag a spoiler, that way those who haven’t had the chance, or been literally unable to, are able to enjoy the movie the same way you did in theaters, the least you can do is wait til the movie is out on blu/dvd/digital, and not be an apathetic asshat.

    Edit. The only reason I’m so annoyed by this. Is because I’ve been in a similar situation many-a-time. Ever since I’ve gotten the income and ability to see these by myself and had the luxury of going to theaters or seeing it early. I’ve always had respect for those who can’t. It’s easy to tag spoilers guys.