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    [–] MORTAL...KALIBUR? chickenninja310 1 points ago in MortalKombat

    You mad brother?

    [–] Visible confusion chickenninja310 35 points ago in Rainbow6

    You loosened it up for me!

    [–] Mortal Kombat is just an edgy Street Fighter Clone:Change my Mind. chickenninja310 1 points ago in gaming

    I don’t know Smash so excuse my ignorance on it. But M11 is a way different beast than 9 or 10. I’m not gonna repeat your own flaw, but if you watched pro matches from around the times of release, you’d find each game has its own quirks and things that are different among each one.

    11 is weapons based, each character has some kind of range whether its Scorpion’s sword, Sub-Zero’s axes, Raiden’s staff. Each character has multiple options and abilities to select from, each Variation being different from the last.

    10 was very rush down heavy but still maintained its core mechanics, it was fun and adrenaline filled.

    9 was combo heavy and close range. It was a good return to 2D and although not the best, still remained competitive.

    [–] Mortal Kombat is just an edgy Street Fighter Clone:Change my Mind. chickenninja310 1 points ago in gaming

    ... Have you played 11? Or 9? 10 was Mix ups, rushdown and Maniac play. But 11 is way more neutral and space based without being zoned out. It’s way more methodical than you’re giving it credit for.

    9 to an extent too was based around combo-ing and working around you and your opponents abilities. With set up plays and characters like Cyrax, and Sub-Zero

    [–] Mortal Kombat is just an edgy Street Fighter Clone:Change my Mind. chickenninja310 1 points ago in gaming

    I really can’t see that. Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden? Hell, to an extent Johnny Cage’s personality has made him very memorable. As much as I love Ryu and Chun Li. I can’t see them outclass the most classic Ninja’s in gaming.

    Once again, as someone who plays both. (With the exception of 5 because PS4 exclusivity hurts my soul.) I find Mk11 fluid, but in a different way than SF. Maybe it’s just my personal tastes, but I find MK’s controls a different type of fluid, I like the different strings and specials and find all of them flow well together.

    [–] Mortal Kombat is just an edgy Street Fighter Clone:Change my Mind. chickenninja310 1 points ago in gaming

    A cinematic, visually beautiful and interesting story mode. A colorful cast of characters that not only play differently, but all have their own fully fleshed out personalities as well as appearances that are probably as iconic if not more than SF’s?

    Drab? MKX maybe, but look at Mk11 and 9, 11 has stages like the Blood Ocean stage, Kronika’s keep, and Blood Dragon Fight pit. Not to mention the brand new Tournament stage! Which is pure fanservice and excellently colored! A stage cheering you on and games of MK past in the back as you fight! Even the characters ooze personality and have multiple costumes with different sparking and popping colors. I.E Sonya’s Past costumes and the multitude of Johnny Cage’s costumes just to start.

    Even MK9 dripped color with its more bright and Arcadey art style. Rooftop, Shang Tsung’s throne room, The Soul Lair. Rain had beautiful purple and golds to match his regal designs, Kitana was bright blue and silver, her royalty shown off by her own elegant symbols across her weapons and clothes. Scorpion’s golds were bright and contracted the black of his costume well. Even Noob Saibot, the edgiest character in the series has deep purples and soft whites to contrast his dark theme.

    If you think MK feels stiff, I have to wonder if you took the time to learn the character you were playing? I can take an hour or two in the training mode and lock in most of the most casts base strings and moves and learn from there, almost nothing feels stiff when it comes to the new trilogy, my apologies but it seems like you didn’t try too much when it comes to playing if you think so.

    [–] A Question chickenninja310 2 points ago in MortalKombat

    The Kollection

    [–] Who do you think is going to be the least player character in MK11 ? chickenninja310 9 points ago in MortalKombat

    I think Sonya or Jacqui. As cool as the redesign makes Jacqui look, I wouldn’t be surprised if people still won’t be interested in her character unless she’s got some crazy ass cool gear.

    [–] Okay, cards on the table right now. Everyone name who you plan on maining as of currently. chickenninja310 5 points ago in MortalKombat


    Kitana,Kung Lao. Cassie Cage. Johnny Cage. Baraka. Sub-Zero. Erron Black. Frost. Noob Saibot. Jax. Skarlet. Kollector. Liu Kang. Scorpion. Kabal. And Shao Kahn.

    Erron was the plan from the Get-Go. But I honestly can’t really choose from how good EVERYONE looks, and how amazing and fun they all look.

    [–] With time being convoluted. What match-ups through time are you most interested in? chickenninja310 10 points ago in MortalKombat

    That’s one of the things I’m really looking forward to. Given how Scorpion has given up his need for Vengeance and warns his past version of the risk. It’ll be interesting to see how he takes on Noob and if Noob is Vengeful or greatful towards Scorpion. Given his words towards Cyber Sub-Zero in Mk9

    [–] Giving away 12 months of gold chickenninja310 1 points ago in xboxone

    I’d love it! Hope you enjoyed your destroyed inbox too XD

    [–] XBOX 1 Stress test code giveaway chickenninja310 4 points ago in MortalKombat

    Erron Black and Sub Zero. Erron Black due to just how badass he is, between his cowboy moves and voice just make him seem intimidating and actually interesting among the human fighters.

    Sub-Zero is just my favorite ninja. His demeanor of strength and honor is really cool and badass as fuck. Making him one of my favorites.

    Plus I got a back up Tv and would love to try the stress test.

    [–] Just a Bad Day (If this isn’t allowed, my bad.) chickenninja310 2 points ago in gaming

    On the bright side. There is a sale for a 32 inch smart TV for 129.99$

    [–] Who will be your day 1 main? chickenninja310 1 points ago in MortalKombat

    I’ve NEVER been a Baraka fan, I’ve never found him to be even slightly attractive in terms of gameplay, but this game. With the flag and the brutality of his moveset. Makes me want to at least try him.

    [–] Who will be your day 1 main? chickenninja310 3 points ago in MortalKombat

    I’m actually having a real first world issue where out of all the characters shown, the only ones I wouldn’t want to play are Sonya and Kano. Everyone else shown, gameplay-wise look fucking amazing, and Cassie Cage/Erron Black. (My two Mains in X before triborg.) look too good to be true. It’s ridiculous how fun most of the cast looks to play, it even makes me want to play Baraka!

    [–] Quick Question. chickenninja310 1 points ago in jumpforce

    Thank you!

    [–] Quick Question. chickenninja310 1 points ago in jumpforce

    Thank you!

    [–] Cyber Sub-Zero Needed chickenninja310 9 points ago in MortalKombat

    I think he’d make a great skin. As much as I loved him in MK9/X. Cyber Sub-Zero is pretty much dead as a character.

    Unless timelines merging means they end up back in MK9. Which wouldn’t really go-over well with fans.

    However, this new playstyle of Sub-Zero’s, would lend itself well to a C:SZ skin.