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    [–] MyTEAM General Discussion & Advice - January 24, 2020 chicompj 1 points ago in NBA2k

    Millsap is so nasty in MTU. Smooth animations and power dunking.

    [–] I made a 2019-nCoV (novel coronavirus) scenario in Plague Inc. While the game went way, way overboard, it can teach us how flight-specific cancellations are worth considering instead of airport screening, and that waterborne transmission is a risk real-world researchers have thought about. chicompj 5 points ago in China_Flu

    CDC on the ineffectiveness of border screening:

    Paper on how flight-specific cancellation can actually be the most effective means of stopping influenza, versus total airport closures:

    Recent Imperial College London analysis concluding: "It is likely that the Wuhan outbreak of a novel coronavirus has caused substantially more cases of moderate or severe respiratory illness than currently reported"

    And here's a brief mention of waterborne coronavirus inconclusiveness:

    [–] MyTEAM General Discussion & Advice - January 23, 2020 chicompj 1 points ago in NBA2k

    That's why you need to do the challenges immediately after getting them, and sell back asap. Can never hold those cards more than a few hours.

    [–] MyTEAM General Discussion & Advice - January 23, 2020 chicompj 6 points ago * (lasted edited 17 hours ago) in NBA2k

    I actually spent two minutes to compare them and here are the differences...

    Key differences: -15 3pt, -7 mid, -6 FT, -3 accel, -3 speed, -4 speed with ball, -2 draw foul

    SAME exact badges: HOF acrobat, HOF consistent finisher, HOF contact finisher, HOF dimer, HOF downhill, HOF floor general, HOF needle threader, HOF quick first step, HOF interceptor, HOF pick pocket, HOF trapper, Gold clamps

    So, yes, the Glitched Ben is better because the 3 for the Moments version is unusable, and the accel and swb makes a slight difference. But key badges are the same where it makes it they will play very similar, especially with HOF qfs.