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    [–] What's something you didn't realize how bad it was until it finally happened to you? choofychuff 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I started getting migraines two years ago. I take Magnesium, B2, and when I feel them coming on, Tizanidine (prescribed muscle relaxer). I'm not completely cured but they are much less excruciating than before and I rarely puke now. The Tizanidine puts me to sleep which is a nice side effect. Take the magnesium and the B2 every day, you just have to keep your levels up. It's a good idea to take magnesium at nighttime, it's a natural relaxant.

    [–] What was something you noticed between the groom and bride on their wedding day that made you think "they shouldn't be getting married"? choofychuff 159 points ago in AskReddit

    She tried to apologize when she realized he was unhappy and he wouldn't accept it. He responded in violent anger, actually chasing her to punish her. That is dangerous.

    [–] Woman who chose to keep her baby instead of chemotherapy has died 3 days after delivery choofychuff 4 points ago in news

    Would you mind describing how she changed? I know someone now who survived glioblastoma and I wonder how she might have been different before.

    [–] Ok, Reddit, if we all suspended judgment for a sec, what do you want to brag about? choofychuff 4 points ago in AskReddit

    Thank you, we need more of you. Hang in there for the rough parts and enjoy the wonder that is kids. It sounds like you are going to be great.

    Depending on how by-the-book your placing agency is, an emergency placement can be just that or easily turn into a longer stay - depends on how desperate we are for "beds" or how difficult a particular kid or sibling group might be to place. Plans can change on a dime. If you're willing to do things like drive out of your way to keep a kid in a familiar school, I'm going to bet you will be very popular with your agency.

    I don't use the term hero lightly but we are desperate for good foster parents in this country. In this situation - trying and failing to find enough places for wounded children to rest and heal - a hero is truly what a good foster parent is. I wish you luck.

    [–] "Nazi America, a secret history" (2000), an overview of the rise and history of Nazism in America choofychuff 6 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Documentaries

    I used to feel similarly because my family ancestry is white but also experienced oppression. I went back to school and I have a different perspective now. Something we studied that I hadn't learned about before was that black Americans didn't have the same access to the New Deal that white Americans did because the jobs that most black Americans had weren't included in New Deal protections. That wasn't fixed till the 60s. Another thing we looked at that I hadn't realized was that white Americans benefited disproportionally post WW2, when the suburban boom began. Banks would finance mortgages in the suburbs for whites, but not for racial minorities. Whites moved out of the cities, blacks did not have the same professional, political, and educational access as whites in the late 40s and 1950s, and urban areas that had been white or mixed became lopsidedly poor, the schools went down, the value of the property that the remaining black families held onto went down. That is the parent or the grandparent generation, so their success or lack of it has a big effect on people today. And of course Jim Crow in the South. European Americans did not experience that, and it takes generations to come back from that community wide level of poverty, especially because the industrial boom is now over. Huge government social programs like the New Deal and GI Bill, that disproportionally helped whites, don't have public support now. And heavier policing in black urban neighborhoods means that when young black kids do something stupid they go to jail, lose their jobs, lose education, while young white kids in suburban neighborhoods are more likely to be grounded. This isn't everybody obviously but trends.

    That said, I understand poor white people's frustration with the term white privilege. The total implosion of the industrial economy and the middle class in much of America has impoverished white communities that had enjoyed generations of white privilege. Ironically, now that the term and idea have become popular, those communities are suffering terribly and the government has not responded in any meaningful way to that disaster.

    If you're interested I learned a lot from this documentary that I didn't know before - it wasn't something taught in history classes, not for my generation anyway. Slavery By Another Name:

    Edit: Added more info

    [–] Duke Removes Robert E. Lee Statue From Chapel Entrance choofychuff 2 points ago in news

    Even better idea. Let's put up a bunch of historical propaganda that ignores and rewrites racial history in this country . . .

    Dangit, the Daughters of the Confederacy stole my idea!

    [–] Duke Removes Robert E. Lee Statue From Chapel Entrance choofychuff 1 points ago in news

    These statues rewrote history from one narrow viewpoint - the pro-Confederacy lobby. If people want them to have educational historical value, then important figures who had other points of view should have statues erected right alongside the ones of Lee and Davis and Stonewall. There were plenty of Southerners who fought for the Union. Where are their statues? Where are the statues of the slaves who worked to build the wealth of the Confederacy? Where are the statues of the civil rights leaders who opposed the views of the Confederacy?

    Edit: Yes of course Germany removed Nazi monuments. It remains illegal to fly a Nazi flag in Germany to this day.

    [–] Duke Removes Robert E. Lee Statue From Chapel Entrance choofychuff 1 points ago in news

    Sure, that was what they inherited, literally, from their parents. Despite that, a lot of presidents and founding fathers recognized that slavery was evil and that it needed to end. Many tried to stop the spread of slavery into new states and recognized that fighting to expand or preserve slavery was evil. Think of it this way - you, like me, probably recognize that some of the products you own were made by slave labor. In that way, we've both supported slavery. That doesn't mean we agree with it. Actually, most of us would work to end it, if we were put in a position of power. Even though it's part of the system you were born into, and it benefits you because it lets you buy cheaper products, I doubt you would found a country and fight a war in defense of slavery. . . but the Confederates did exactly that.

    [–] Duke Removes Robert E. Lee Statue From Chapel Entrance choofychuff 8 points ago in news

    Thanks for this quote. If communities want to keep these statues, they should be required to acknowledge the real, ugly historical context. Put this on a plaque next to Lee and see how long Lee's statues continue to be seen as noble and beautiful in our public spaces. We need honesty and better education around these issues. Public schools have whitewashed this aspect of our history ... literally.

    [–] Alcoholism epidemic: More than 1 in 8 Americans are now alcoholics. Alcoholism has risen 49% in the US in just 11 years choofychuff 9 points ago in science

    People who drink constantly but still look like they're doing ok from the outside - going to work and paying the bills - are called functional alcoholics. It's better than being an unemployed homeless drunk, but it's really not good. From what I've seen their families and relationships tend to be screwed up, even if their work performance is great.

    [–] Had a root canal on a "hot tooth" last week. Today the tooth starting hurting exactly like it did last week, when it was "hot." What's wrong? Did I have a root canal for nothing? choofychuff 1 points ago in Dentistry

    If the pulp in that tooth was still vital with a healthy vascular supply, would the endodontist doing the root canal be able to recognize that during the procedure? He seemed convinced throughout that it was an infected tooth.

    The crown I mentioned had been done years before and the tooth was not sensitive at all.

    [–] Had a root canal on a "hot tooth" last week. Today the tooth starting hurting exactly like it did last week, when it was "hot." What's wrong? Did I have a root canal for nothing? choofychuff 1 points ago in Dentistry

    Thank you for your response. My initial examining dentist said he thought that I had a gum infection due to the pain that I described, and because of the pocket that he said was there, but the endodontist did not agree - he thought that the pain I was having was due to the infected tooth, and that the pain I'm having now is due to the root canal still healing. I'm not sure what to do with this conflicting advice. I'd rather not seek out the periodontist unless necessary, my insurance limit for the year is long since gone and I was barely able to cover the cost of the root canal. I hope I'm not making a terrible mistake by giving it a day or two to see if the pain subsides with more time to heal.

    [–] Had a root canal on a "hot tooth" last week. Today the tooth starting hurting exactly like it did last week, when it was "hot." What's wrong? Did I have a root canal for nothing? choofychuff 1 points ago in Dentistry

    This was reassuring to hear. I contacted the endodontist and the fact that I grind my teeth at night came up. I also get migraines, especially after dental work, and that can run my body down - a factor that could be affecting healing, as you pointed out.

    The endodontist said that the grinding could explain the flare-up of pain, and he recommended I try to give it more time to heal. He also gave me the option of adjusting the bite on the crown. I'm going to give it a little time, avoid it as much as I can, and see if it improves. Thank you so much for your insight and advice.

    [–] What is the shittiest city you've visited only once and completely refuse to return? choofychuff 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Wondered if I'd see Gary. Broke down there on a cross-country trip in 1991. Longest week of my life.

    [–] Hi Reddit - I am Christopher Darden, Prosecutor on O.J. Simpson's Murder Trial. Ask Me Anything! choofychuff 2 points ago in IAmA

    Exactly. People don't think about the fact that prosectors' motives can be less than pure. But prosecutors are rewarded and promoted for pinning the blame - winning cases and getting tough sentences, regardless of whether it was appropriate to prosecute the individual or to take out the community's anger on that person. People ask all the time whether defense attorneys feel guilty for getting guilty people off. How about whether prosecutors feel guilty for putting innocent people in jail?

    edit: grammar

    [–] What is the "elephant in the room" for your family? choofychuff 1 points ago in AskReddit

    What was it like to detox from that level? I've had family members try and fail and I don't really understand what they're experiencing.

    [–] What's the most terrifying thing you've seen in real life? choofychuff 1 points ago in AskReddit

    No, there were no charges against her. It was twilight and a bad corner, no one's fault really. They have 4-way stop signs there now.

    I don't know anything about her, never spoke to her or received any contact at all. I know her insurance had to pay for my medical bills and bike and I'd bet her premiums went up, but that's it.

    [–] What's the most terrifying thing you've seen in real life? choofychuff 28 points ago in AskReddit

    Got hit dead on by a car when I was 13. I remember seeing the car out of the corner of my eye and realizing it was going to hit me. Then this huge force lifting me into the air, blur of trees, and the thud when I came back down and hit the road. I remember some woman screaming in hysterics, I think the driver of the car, and then the ambulance, hospital. . . spent an overnight in the hospital and had some annoying injuries, but otherwise I haven't really thought much about it since.

    Honestly I'd bet the experience was much worse for the driver and anyone watching than it was for me.

    [–] US teen birth rate drops to all time low. Gee, I wonder why?! Is it because of all that abstinence only education? Or because access to contraception is at an all time high thanks to Obamacare? My money is on the latter. choofychuff 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Then you have a lot of poor babies signed up for tax-funded programs such as: public housing, WIC and food stamps, and foster care. There's also going from foster care back to families with the assistance of public services and the family court system, with the baby and the parent assigned their own public attorneys, going to public school and getting special services there for the learning disorders and delays associated with impoverished and neglected childhoods, getting sick and going to the hospital on public insurance, getting into trouble and chased by the police for whatever, going through the criminal court system with a public defender and a judge and guards all making a living with tax payer money, and finally going to prison, the tax spendiest of all.

    [–] Loud Mouth Bully gets choked by Navy Seal choofychuff 3 points ago in videos

    It's almost like people with mental issues who don't get good care for those issues are self-medicating.