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    [–] A composite image of a 3D model of San Francisco in 1940. The San Francisco Model is a 42' x 38' (13m x 12m) wooden replica of San Francisco in 158 pieces at a scale of 1 inch to 100 feet. Federal Works Agency, Work Progress Administration from a 1938 aerial survey by Harrison Ryker. (MIC). chosenuserhug 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in sanfrancisco

    I see wood in a lot of places. Are those blank spots that are missing in the model? For example the area near third and mission.

    edit: From the article I see that

    the condition of the model is generally good except for the downtown and south of market portions which need restoration - many blocks there have been removed and lost, probably from the time it was used and updated as a planning tool

    [–] Local restaurant throwing shade chosenuserhug 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in sanfrancisco

    It got their name out there to people that probably aren't offended by a joke about trump. Being more recognizable and perceived as humorous is likely to help them.

    Weren't you implying that 20% of the city would likely be alienated here? This is just a casual conversation about wether this move makes good or bad business sense. It's okay to speak in vague generalities to share a different point of view.

    As the guy downvoting people and calling people who are making jokes and quiet conversation deranged, you seem a bit emotionally affected here too.

    [–] Local restaurant throwing shade chosenuserhug 16 points ago in sanfrancisco

    They just made themselves more attractive to 80% of the city relative to other restaurants in the city. And they did it with a slip of paper in a window. That's cheaper than some kind of ad campaign they might have run. I'm sure a lot of trump supporters just quietly put up with this stuff anyway.

    The restaurant probably come off on top with stuff like this.

    [–] What do I do with my current home? How do I buy another home before selling/moving out of this one? chosenuserhug 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Thanks for the confirmation. I was being too timid with the guy to ask him if that would be fraud. And now that you just said it, it seems painfully obvious that's what it is.

    Is there any other way to assure the banks that I'd definitely be able to either rent or sell my property in the next few months?

    [–] This is why everybody should be pushing for better public transportation options. Especially if you want to drive a car. chosenuserhug 8 points ago in sanfrancisco

    You still sound like a judgy kid attached to a toy.

    You do make good points before all that though. I only ever use my car to take my dogs to a dog park and to the vet would love to not need that. Kid is going to be in a new middle school next year so that's going to be an issue too.

    [–] I love seeing the sun rise across the SF skyline in the morning chosenuserhug 9 points ago in sanfrancisco

    Damn hippies with their corporate high rises and sky scrapers and appreciation of sun rises.

    [–] Tutoring or Reading Programs for kids in SF? chosenuserhug 1 points ago in sanfrancisco

    Is it the FOG reading program from the library? Looks like that would have been great. Between the wait list and the fact that he'll be in 5th grade soon, it's probably too late. I'll definitely reach out though, maybe they can point us to other resources.

    Sounds like I need to review the IEP. I'm actually very ignorant about it. I know he gets pulled out with some other kids for some specialized instruction in the day, but maybe that's not everything that's expected.

    We're ramping up the reading we're doing together. Thanks so much for the advice!

    [–] Tutoring or Reading Programs for kids in SF? chosenuserhug 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in sanfrancisco

    Thanks, Looks like a really great program. It seems to be targeted toward students with some socioeconomic difficulties. As much as I might complain about how expensive it has become in the city, we're actually doing alright.

    I've never walked into that pirate store. I'm eager to check it out now.

    [–] YouTube decided to remove annotations for good, I decided to write something to save them to the WayBackMachine, for good. chosenuserhug 74 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in programming

    They were great for educational videos that needed slight correction notes.

    Some content creators made mildly interesting choose your own adventure games out of them.

    They were cool for videos that wanted to cite their sources as you were watching them.

    If you avoided the trashy bits of youtube, annotations were great.