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    [–] Blender's default cube has had enough. I'd start running if I were you. chrispy_wav 6 points ago in blender

    Sorry to say that isn’t the original cube but believe it or not the default cube is still in there. I actually used it to model the concrete barriers and then duplicated it a bunch. For the lols I appended a blank scene with the default cube in it to make it somewhat authentic.

    [–] Blender's default cube has had enough. I'd start running if I were you. chrispy_wav 116 points ago in blender

    You and me both. I was trying to do something with the ground but dynamics are not my specialty. Still lots to learn about that stuff.

    [–] Car Chase chrispy_wav 3 points ago in blender

    Hi, I usually post my stuff on twitter and a friend of mine said I should give reddit another shot. I will admit the first few renders I posted I made back in July. I honestly had no idea that people would really like my stuff. It inspired me to open this scene back up and work on it some more. This render is fresh and it finished rendering this morning. I have a lot more free time to work on cg projects now that I'm unemployed. I'm a nuke compositor by trade and I've really been enjoying getting back into cg and blender. I hope this clears this up for you. -Chrispy

    [–] Car Chase chrispy_wav 9 points ago in blender

    It’s a late 80s Mazda RX7 FC

    [–] Late night cruising chrispy_wav 4 points ago in blender

    Haha no I’ve been working in cg since 2013. Although this is my first year of switching to blender from maya. Blender always feels very rewarding to work in!

    [–] Late night cruising chrispy_wav 5 points ago in blender

    I used an image of a muzzle flash and plugged it into an emission material.

    [–] Late night cruising chrispy_wav 14 points ago in blender

    I have a few more of these I’m working on in this scene. Keep an eye out for a breakdown I’ll be posting soon.

    [–] Late night cruising chrispy_wav 17 points ago in blender

    I recently got an rtx card and wanted to give cycles a shot with the ai denoising. I’ve had issues with motion blur using eevee in the past but it has gotten a lot better in 2.9. I was actually able to recreate the nice bloom you get in eevee with cycles by using a glare node in the compositor. Just make sure you set the type to fog.