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    [–] Anon really needs to piss chrisunplugged 4 points ago in greentext

    Most 6th graders here in America are 11-12.

    [–] Anon gets disrespected chrisunplugged 8 points ago in greentext

    Turns out that Chad is really John Wick and now you've got him on your ass.

    [–] Anon makes a good point chrisunplugged 57 points ago in greentext

    This is why it should only be 1 count of murder

    [–] Anon has helpful parents chrisunplugged 11 points ago in greentext

    I think they just want to flex that their middle-aged bodies are having more sex than anon

    [–] Anon doesn’t have 4chan chrisunplugged 15 points ago in greentext

    Am karmawhore, can confirm.