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    [–] Designated reposter gets called out on his fake gyoza chumprock 18 points ago in quityourbullshit

    There's a handful of chronic repost accounts/bots that are just recycling 3-6 month old posts daily and making the front page. I know I spend too much time here, but when I see the same stupid picture for the fifth time, posted across a pile of the same subreddits, I get annoyed and start dishing out the downvotes to get them off my page.

    Then I realize its the same accounts that keep reposting all of it, so I've just been blocking them entirely.

    [–] ☼Bi-weekly DF Questions Thread☼ chumprock 1 points ago in dwarffortress

    It could be, I'll have to try and keep a closer eye on them. Currently hauling ore up from deep levels and building stonefall traps so it's a likely possibility.

    I'll wait on the next round of traps/ore and see if it still happens I guess. Thanks!

    [–] ☼Bi-weekly DF Questions Thread☼ chumprock 1 points ago in dwarffortress

    Why are my dwarfs randomly sleeping on the floor? I have plenty of available beds and rooms but sometimes they just seem to pass out in random places on the floor. Sometimes they crash in the dorm (on the floor) when there are available beds and their personal quarters are closer!

    One of my militia commanders has a really nice room on the main floor and I just caught him crashed out in my storage area which just makes him bummed out for having to sleep on a cold cave floor..

    I've searched around here and bay12 but found no plausible explanation for their weirdness. I dont get it!

    [–] Why is our Women's Fest Hosting Pyramid Schemes? chumprock 26 points ago in Rochester

    Lights a scentsy candle and ponders which oils are best for my athsma while reading this thread

    [–] Willie is a True Hero chumprock 6 points ago in pics

    Yeah, it was posted there 10 months ago and again 2 months ago and probably will be reposted there today when this hits the front page.

    [–] The way this girl unswamps a canoe chumprock 1 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    I'll give it 3 months.

    There's a new proliferation of these spamming karma collectors, and it's making /r/all pretty shitty.

    [–] This Is Extremely Dangerous To Our Democracy chumprock 21 points ago in videos

    I dont think he's a bot, but I do have him tagged as a repost spammer.

    [–] The way this girl unswamps a canoe chumprock 19 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Oddly satisfying, be amazed, mildly interesting... When will it end?

    [–] Wrote an email to Betty Frost (who has been handling Phan mail for at least 25 years) after seeing the Trey doc, and I got a signed postcard in the mail yesterday! chumprock 6 points ago in phish

    We used to write them a ton in the mid-90's, and sent them a little home-made newsletter about me and my roommates living outside of Boulder. They wrote back a number of times, and it was always a treat to see a new postcard in the mailbox.

    I'm glad they're still replying!

    [–] Public Amenities and Rochester chumprock 17 points ago in Rochester

    hate to say it

    Yeah, right.