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    [–] Kanye West & Lil Pump - I Love It chunkymunky420 2 points ago in freshalbumart

    I Love it! Where did you get the original image?

    [–] These Nike ads are getting out of hand. chunkymunky420 3 points ago in GODZILLA

    It’s a plastic figurine. I made an Instagram for it @ryangodzilling

    [–] Sunset in a glass chunkymunky420 8 points ago in pics

    Sunset in photoshop

    [–] Madness - Our House. [Pop/Ska] chunkymunky420 2 points ago in Music

    Im playing the girl talk - all day album and the madness - our house mix just came on!

    [–] This Arctic Wolf howling chunkymunky420 1 points ago in videos

    After the third time the crowd was like ok I’ve heard enough