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    [–] How the heck do Canadians afford groceries? citiesandcolours 2 points ago in canada

    I'm not sure to be honest it was over 6 years ago. I think there were 16 to 20 beasts. Brine free

    [–] How the heck do Canadians afford groceries? citiesandcolours 2 points ago in canada

    used to get the frozen boxes of chicken breast there for $20 when I lived in Toronto. Good stuff

    [–] Condensed Game: Jets @ Maple Leafs - 10/27/18 citiesandcolours -5 points ago in leafs

    I get the cheesy song at the end of the game but man we need a more energizing goal song

    [–] 'NHL '94' video game has enduring popularity 25 years later citiesandcolours 5 points ago in hockey

    Was this the one where you could bounce it off the glass behind the net and score every time?

    [–] Two brothers see a woman paying for gas with pennies, and give her money from their pockets. They had no idea that her husband had just died and she was struggling. citiesandcolours 12 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    Lol buddy, no amount of exercise will stop my black lab from trying to find food in the garbage when I'm not home. I take her to the dog park every day where she exhausts herself running with other dogs. She'll never do it when I'm home so how do I even train against that?

    [–] Leafs lines at practice: citiesandcolours 2 points ago in leafs

    i actually have seen a noticeable improvement with the goat's speed the last few games compared to last year

    [–] Bought a new truck, need some help citiesandcolours 3 points ago in PersonalFinanceCanada

    have the v6 4L ranger, can confirm, uses MORE gas than my friends newer 5.0L f150

    [–] 50ft cat6 24awg ethernet cable, $7.99 (FS with Amazon Prime) reg $29.00 citiesandcolours 1 points ago in bapcsalescanada

    remind me during work hours tomorrow and i'll see if we sell it, i think we cut the direct burial rated cat5/6 and coax to length

    [–] Next Day Thread: Leafs @ Stars citiesandcolours 28 points ago in leafs

    I'm not looking forward to the first game where Matthews and Tavares don't is going to go crazy

    [–] How many #1 centres do the Leafs have? citiesandcolours 13 points ago in leafs

    lmao as soon as I saw this guy during the game I was waiting for the meme's

    [–] Montmorency Falls, Quebec City citiesandcolours 3 points ago in canada

    missed your opportunity

    [–] Office for the day citiesandcolours 5 points ago in leafs

    had to be last season