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    [–] Worst credit score ever... citiesandcolours 0 points ago in PersonalFinanceCanada

    Just go bankrupt. Especially don't let anyone talk you in to a consumer proposal. You're already at rock bottom trying to pay off the 10k will just hold you back. Look ahead

    [–] Line of Credit Eligibility Requirements citiesandcolours 3 points ago in PersonalFinanceCanada

    from what i've seen, basically if you need one, you can't have one

    [–] TIL butter tarts are Canadian citiesandcolours 2 points ago in canada

    I live in the area. I stay away from the area on this weekend it's crazy down there

    [–] Post Game Thread: Washington Capitals at Toronto Maple Leafs - 23 Jan 2019 citiesandcolours 29 points ago in hockey

    Actually it was the beard. He cleaned up his hair and had no improvement but this time he shaved

    [–] Tim Hortons 'very, very confident' as it prepares to start building first China stores citiesandcolours 2 points ago in canada

    i live in a town with 15,000 people and there's 3 24/7 tim're crazy if you think they're going anywhere

    [–] ANA/OTT Full OT Period citiesandcolours 1 points ago in hockey

    hey, don't take our defensive tactics