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    [–] Daily Free Talk Thread | July 04, 2019 citiesandcolours 8 points ago in leafs

    3 weeks ago I was like, hockey can wait let's just enjoy summer. Now with all the moves lately i'm like come onnnn september lol. anyone else?

    [–] Christ above. citiesandcolours 1 points ago in PornhubComments

    Call me Conan

    [–] Super early 2019-20 Leafs Roster Prediction citiesandcolours -1 points ago in leafs

    We'll know soon enough! I believe his NMC kicks in July 1

    [–] Chris Selley: The Liberals' police-state impaired driving law has to go citiesandcolours 9 points ago in canada

    how about waking up by getting stabbed in the head, then going to jail for stabbing the guy who did it to death

    [–] I would like to congratulate to the Toronto Raptors who are going to the NBA finals. citiesandcolours -17 points ago in leafs

    Couldn't help thinking to myself so this is what it's like when your star player produces (I'm just still bitter)

    [–] This is wild. citiesandcolours 4 points ago in shockwaveporn

    Something takes a part of me!

    [–] [KatyaKnappe] Egor Korshkov is now a Maple Leaf citiesandcolours 34 points ago in leafs

    think that'll depend on his performance with the marlies

    [–] Amazon posts record $3.6 billion profit in first three months of 2019 citiesandcolours 2 points ago in technology

    What's up fellow electrical supply guy first time I've seen another one of you in the wild lol

    [–] [FRESH] Jay - Z Nipsey Hussle Freestyle citiesandcolours 1 points ago in hiphopheads

    And referenced nispeys song who detached us.

    [–] Car loan from dealership? citiesandcolours 1 points ago in PersonalFinanceCanada

    I have a decent credit score and have a stable job, my interest rate on my used truck was just over 5%, so yeah 7.2 isn't too crazy.