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    [–] Real footage of Jacqui’s fatal blow cjoe02 330 points ago in MortalKombat

    Lmao I always wondered why this was never the case with this fatal blow. Good job

    [–] honestly, what happened to the stage quality? cjoe02 9 points ago in Tekken

    My personal gripe with most T7 stages is that there isn't much moving parts to give the stages expression/dynamicity. I've always liked fighting in foregrounds that involved things like fluttering flowers, swaying pieces of paper, pulsing water fountains, etc. While the same criticism goes for the stage backgrounds as well, I also think most of T7's stages lack any dramatic lighting effects to contribute to the settings. I loved the ambience that came from the lighting of previous games' stages (like Moonlight Wilderness and T5 Cathedral) and was sad to see none of it demonstrated in most of the stages now. My favorite T7 stage is the floor level in Geese's stage because of how beautiful and active the setting is there -- it's a shame that you have to go through a few wall breaks and a balcony break to get there.

    I'm sure a lot of effort has actually been put into these stages, and I'm guessing this might have been done for esports reasons, like having less obstructions in the way of gameplay (just a guess though).

    [–] When they block debugger for the 5th time :( cjoe02 13 points ago in Tekken

    More like fighting for that sweet $25/month allowance

    [–] you know what time it is cjoe02 17 points ago in Kanye

    My favorite

    [–] Shitting Pants = On cjoe02 31 points ago in Tekken

    Promotion match intros = he's speaking to the opponent

    Demotion match intros = he's speaking to the player

    [–] Update waiting thread cjoe02 6 points ago in Tekken

    The new Twilight Conflict theme is pretty hot too. Kinda reminds me of older Tekken tunes

    [–] Daily Discussion | February 21, 2019 cjoe02 3 points ago in apexlegends

    Anyone having trouble getting their twitch prime pack on ps4? I don't see any way for me to link my newly made ea account to my psn account

    [–] Why can't I ever have sex in my dreams? cjoe02 2 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Right. It's been a regular occurrence for me regardless of what's been happening in my life. I also have experienced the former of what you first mentioned, but the latter has become so common for me to a point where I'm wondering if this is also regular for others too