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    [–] When they block debugger for the 5th time :( cjoe02 14 points ago in Tekken

    More like fighting for that sweet $25/month allowance

    [–] you know what time it is cjoe02 17 points ago in Kanye

    My favorite

    [–] Shitting Pants = On cjoe02 31 points ago in Tekken

    Promotion match intros = he's speaking to the opponent

    Demotion match intros = he's speaking to the player

    [–] Update waiting thread cjoe02 6 points ago in Tekken

    The new Twilight Conflict theme is pretty hot too. Kinda reminds me of older Tekken tunes

    [–] Daily Discussion | February 21, 2019 cjoe02 3 points ago in apexlegends

    Anyone having trouble getting their twitch prime pack on ps4? I don't see any way for me to link my newly made ea account to my psn account

    [–] Why can't I ever have sex in my dreams? cjoe02 2 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Right. It's been a regular occurrence for me regardless of what's been happening in my life. I also have experienced the former of what you first mentioned, but the latter has become so common for me to a point where I'm wondering if this is also regular for others too

    [–] Practical use of java coding? cjoe02 1 points ago in computerscience

    I'm aware that C++ is obviously more than just game programming, and that Java can be used for app development (I've taken some app development courses), but I was wondering of more real world scenarios that Java specifically can be useful for, aside from app development.