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    [–] JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL cleganeboi 6 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    I honestly don’t get why people think the game is trying to make you not like Joel.

    it is, and it's so obvious to me. imo it's sad that you don't see it, see what's really going on. it's like we live in different realities, that's also why I can't really argue with you guys who like the game. we're talking about 2 completely different things.

    [–] Damn! Kojima headshotted him 🀣 cleganeboi 21 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    strong Japanese vibes from that response though. savage

    [–] All is not lost! Ellie can still play Joel’s song with only two fingers with clever guitar tuning! cleganeboi 8 points ago * (lasted edited 20 hours ago) in TheLastOfUs2

    right so essentially, the ending is another slap in the face to people with disabilities trying to still do amazing stuff - don't even bother. ya can't play the guitar with 2 fingers dummy, there's just nothing to be done, according to this game. nice message there Neil, I bet you didn't even notice since you were too busy applauding yourself for another sweet sucker punch to Joel fans. No more guitars, nice. what a stupid hamfisted "ironic" ending. f this game

    [–] I can't with these people cleganeboi 12 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    uh soap opera melodrama like that is the most boring shit ever. of course some people love that stuff, but yeah. I'm with boring

    [–] Is the last of us 2 worth playing? cleganeboi 1 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    No. Watching a stream is more than enough

    [–] I can't with these people cleganeboi 7 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    who can blame him, we're all trying to forget that god damn sex scene

    [–] Druckmann like a psikopat cleganeboi 1 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    Insanely good work with this video. Captures Druckmann's bullshit straight from his mouth, and proves the lies. and it's funny. 10/10

    [–] My problem with Manny cleganeboi 29 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in TheLastOfUs2

    It's just a classic token character. Black people have known this shitty representation for decades and pointed out how racist it is. And now other minorities get to enjoy the same "honor".

    Tokens are just there for us to say look, this movie even has a black / latino / asian / trans / gay person. Something for everyone so you can sell your product to all those people too, and call yourself inclusive. This is why they often have no personality other than stereotypes, they only exist to represent the group, you want everyone to know that he's Latino, so therefore he needs to curse in Spanglish, eat burritos and wear a sombrero.

    It's offensive, it's fake inclusivity, it's the "look I have a friend who is black" of storytelling.

    [–] My problem with Manny cleganeboi 7 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    I've seen a lot of shows and games where Spanish characters mix that language with English, so clearly some other Spanish speakers do this.


    [–] She is kinda crazy if you think about it cleganeboi 3 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    nah Abby has been reading one of Benioff's books in the game, so if anything she helped enable season 8 by buying that book back in the day

    [–] IGN is absolute trash cleganeboi 9 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    so when a small content creator has his content stolen, DMCA doesn't do shit and they ignore it. but when big corporations like Sony or Naughty Dog abuse the DMCA system, everything gets taken down immediately. nice

    [–] Shots fired cleganeboi 16 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    username checks out?

    [–] Shots fired cleganeboi 32 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    Amy Hennig. Creator of Uncharted

    [–] True story cleganeboi 5 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    how many posts on a topic make a dead zebra? because this is only my second one

    [–] Shots fired cleganeboi 84 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    you know what, the model name in the first game could have been a reference to the director, that's a pretty common easter egg developers do. which would give a strange context to Druckmann's retcon, erasing Bruce from his timeline. like a true hitchhiker

    [–] YongYea's perfect explanation why nobody wants to play as Abby cleganeboi 8 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    wait what? the game hasn't even been out for a month and you already want us to stop talking about it? lol

    [–] YongYea's perfect explanation why nobody wants to play as Abby cleganeboi 5 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    nobody wants to play Abby”. How can you speak for all of us.

    it's an expression. it means a lot of people don't want to play as Abby

    [–] YongYea's perfect explanation why nobody wants to play as Abby cleganeboi 3 points ago in TheLastOfUs2

    do you always seek out reviews of games on reddit when you're trying to not get "spoiled"? what a weird thing to do